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Sunday, April 06, 2014

MetroRegion Kansas City Overnight News Headlines for 05-06 April 2014

It was a very busy late Saturday night and Sunday morning and here are the news stories that KSHB-41 received in my 6 am report...

KC-MO - Homicide - 12:30 am Sunday - Metro Zone police- Raytown Fire and KC-MO EMS went to 8401 East 55th Street on a reported assault.

There- they found a middle-age male who had been fatally stabbed by another male.  There had apparently been a fight over a female.

The suspect was taken into police custody at the scene.

KC-KS - "Unknown" medical call for an infant - 1:05 am - Police- Fire and EMS responded to an apartment at 629 South 71st Terrace where there was an unresponsive male infant with "CPR in-progress."

The child was apparently near-death- for the fire department's pumper crew left their truck alone at the scene and rode with the ambulance to the nearest medical center- Providence.

The infant was declared dead at the hospital.

I didn't hear if anyone at the apartment was arrested or of any possible suspect(s).

GRANDVIEW MO - Vehicle crash - 2:11 am - a single-car- going at high-speed- crashes into a utility pole- then rolled into the Western Sizzler Steakhouse at 12300 Blue Ridge Extention.

According to various police- fire and EMS reports pieced together- a portion of the restaurant building was "heavily-damaged-" and also "collapsed."

The "highly-intoxicated- 33-year-old male driver" was reportedly was not that badly hurt as he was transported to Research Med Center with a police car following behind the ambulance..

Warrensburg MO - Stabbing - 2:45 am - that Johnson county community's emergency services were called to Sharpe's Auto Sales at 300 East Russell where- according to various compiled reports- a "21-year-old male was stabbed in the back with a 5-inch blade."

It was reported that "CPR" was being performed on the victim before emergency crews arrived.

I was surprised a medical helicopter wasn't summoned to the scene- as a ground ambulance transported the critically-injured victim to Centerpoint Med Center in Independence.

No word on any suspect information.

Miami county KS - House fire - 2:48 am - fire crews from Drexel MO and MiCo responded to 35715 Metcalf- where a residence was heavily-involved in flames- according to a MiCo sheriff's deputy on the scene.

Didn't hear of anyone hurt or much else on this incident that occurred in the far southeastern part of that county.

KC-MO - Pedestrian struck - 2:51 am - this happened at 2805 Southwest Boulevard when- according to compiled emergency services reports- a "23-year-old male was struck by a car going 54 MPH."

The victim was "thrown over the hood" the ambulance's paramedic told Truman Med Center/West's emergency room and I guess to some degree of fortunately- the victim was "intoxicated" as his injuries were surprisingly not that severe.

The striking driver did stop at the scene.

KC-KS - House fire - 4:51 am - there was a reported "fire in the basement" of "a single-story" residence at 2424 Greeley.

The unknown-number of occupants escaped uninjured- and that fire was reported "out" at 5:06 am.

An investigation into the cause of this fairly-minor blaze was conducted.

Leavenworth county KS - Garage fire - 5:31 am - several LvCo fire departments as well as "Eudora" from Douglas county responded to that incident at 22580 Golden Road.

The structure was "heavily" involved in flames and there was reported to be vehicles inside and near the structure that were also burning.

At 5:35 am- EMS was sent to the scene on the report of a person "burned-"  but there wasn't any word on that person's condition when I went off duty at 6 am..

So if someone tells you that there isn't much that goes on overnights on weekends- you have my consent since 1991 to call them a liar....

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Severe Weather Information on Facebook

I am following and posting information on severe weather on my Facebook page- Groucho K. Marx.

It is a LOT faster than this blog and immediately gets that info to the people.

Feel free to log in there and "friend" me.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

CSW BREAKING: Possible Tornado Damage in Northern Missouri

Live police and fire scanner radio traffic reports "possible tornado damage" near Jameson and Pattonsburg MO..

These locations are 60-70 miles north-northeast of Downtown Kansas City MO..

A county dispatcher reported "power poles down along (Missouri) 13 Highway- a trailer house rolled over" and "possible tornado damage in Jameson."  

In addition- "a red pickup truck was blown into a ditch" but the driver is reportedly not injured according to a law officer on the scene.

There have been at least three reports of barns damaged in those areas as of 4 pm...

Around 4:10 pm- a public safety radio transmission from Trenton reports "the roof blown off a house at 470 NW 5th Avenue" in the northern part of Trenton.

At 4:19pm- a radio unit on that scene reports "very heavy damage to a house- all the occupants are out of the house" and apparently uninjured.

As of 4:25 pm- there have been no reports of anyone hurt in Daviess or Grundy counties.

CSW WEATHER: Tornado Watch Includes Metro Kansas City Until 8 PM Thursday Night

Tornado Watch No. 33 includes about the eastern quarter of Kansas and about the western third of Missouri- including Lawrence- Topeka and Emporia in Kansas and St. Joseph to Joplin in Missouri....

Shown is the latest weather radar image.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Report of Law Officer Shot Prompts Extensive Clay County MO Police Tactical Operation

Right now- about a mile-square area straddling the KC-MO corporate limits in Clay county is crawling with law officers looking for a gunman that initially thought to have shot a female law enforcement officer.

It reportedly all started before 1:30 am Sunday morning during a vehicle pursuit northwest of Liberty.

Near Northeast 115th and Fishing River Road- the male driver of the black GMC Tahoe being pursued allegedly shot at the chasing officer.

For more than 15 minutes- it was reported the female deputy had been shot in the head.

Later examination by a paramedic and doctors at a hospital did not located any gunshot wound- and the patient had reportedly been up walking around after the reported shooting. 

The suspect drove away- but was spotted at 1:40 am on M-291 approaching North Eastern.

The lone deputy kept his distance as the suspect turned north on North Eastern and drove north- as the suspect doused the Tahoe's lights.

At 1:43 am- the suspect stops near Northeast 127th Street- gets out and runs west into farm fields and wooded areas in the area of the WHB radio towers.

As he runs- the suspect- "a white male about 5-foot 11-inches tall- 200 pounds- wearing a black leather coat with a white stripe and blue jeans-" turns and fires two shots that missed the nearby deputy.  

At 2:29 am- KC-MO Police- one of more than a half-dozen law agencies who rushed to assist that officer- calls a tactical "Operation-100."

Roadways along the edges of the perimeter (see red lines on map) were closed to traffic through 6 am Sunday morning as the suspect remained at-large.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality House Fire in South-Central Kansas City MO

At 3:30 am Sunday morning- five companies of the KC-MO Fire department plus an EMS unit was sent to a house fire in the 7200 block of Park Avenue.

Within four minutes the first fire truck arrives to find the 1-story house fully-engulfed in fire.

There was also an initial report of people still inside.

Fire consumed that house and spread to the house next door.

It was 3:50 am before a crew could get back inside and find "a body" of a female resident who didn't get out.

With the fire now out- a complete official investigation is underway.

No other injuries- fatalities- or information as of this post.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Friday-Saturday- Jan. 31-Feb. 01, 2014

Surprisingly few vehicle crashes considering the sleet-storm overnight- but there were some incidents- chiefly a shooting homicide in central Lee's Summit MO...

The shooting was dispatched to LSPD and LSFD employees at 2:02 am Saturday morning for the 600 block of Northeast Meadow Lane.

A female across-the-street neighbor is said to have called the police screaming and saying a man was shot at the incident address.

Police arrived by 2:08 am- a man surrenders to officers and find the victim- a male in his 30's.

EMS is sent in- the paramedic announces the victim is "Code Blue" or not breathing at 2:12 am- but not until around 2:25 am was the victim transported to a nearby hospital.

That hospital- not recognized as a medical trauma center- is where the victim died.

The surrendering man is in custody and charges await him.

Independence MO police are investigating an incident of unknown nature that caused serious to critical injuries to a male in the area of 40th Street and Milton.

The injured man reportedly "covered in blood" was reported in the 16300 block of East 40th Street South at 3:25 am. and he ended up at an eastern Metro KC medical trauma center.

A number of fires overnight...

Minor damage and no injuries were reported in a Shawnee KS house fire in the 5500 block of Barton Lane at 1:28 am Saturday morning.

KC-MO crews had a "worker" in the 3200 block of College at 3:16 am..

No one was home- but the lived-in 2-story house had considerable damage when the fire was reported under control at 3:28 am..

Northland KC-MO fire companies were bunked-out at 5:58 am to respond to a house fire in the 7100 block of North Winchester.

It was reported an "off-duty EMS" person called in the fire- and a 2nd "off-duty firefighter" had also arrived there before the first unit arrived.

The two tended to a 53-year-old male resident who suffered what paramedics would describe as "considerable smoke inhalation."

He would later be taken to a Northland medical trauma center in fair condition.

The fire was under control exactly 20 minutes after the alarm was dispatched- but the house was rendered at least temporarily unlivable for the other of the two adult occupants.

Eastside KC-MO companies rolled at 6:27 am to a house fire in the 1800 block of Hardesty.

Smoke was showing from that 2-story house- and that fire was knocked out by 6:33 am..

No one hurt- the suspicious cause being investigated.

Friday, January 31, 2014

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Police Closing Missouri-150 Between Holmes and I-49/U.S. 71

The reason is "an icy roadway" and "gridlock" after several vehicles have spun off the road between those two locations- according to KC-MO South-Zone police radio.

Further snow with possible sleet and/or freezing rain expected in Metro KC through midday Saturday.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Saturday-Sunday Jan. 25-26, 2014

Three shooting scenes in Kansas City MO Sunday morning left one dead- another with critical injuries- and two others with recoverable wounds...

East-Zone Patrol police responded to a report of shots fired at 1:20 am to a nightclub at 39th Street and Jackson on the city's East Side.

Police didn't locate the victim- who was already enroute to a hospital in a friend's vehicle.

Police learned the male victim had been shot twice in the stomach- and was in critical condition.

Broadcast suspect info was "a light-skinned black male who left" the scene in a "2004 white Chevy Impala.

Two men in their early 30's were shot in a leg around 2:30 am in the 1800 block of Vine in KC-MO's Jazz District.

The men were shot at or near a nightclub- and police questioned patrons about the incident with few results.

While KC-MO Police were sorting out the details of the prior two shootings- another victim- a male- is brought to the emergency room of Truman Med Center downtown around 3:30 am.

After awhile- police determine this victim was shot outside a nightclub very near the Power and Light District in the 1500 block of McGee by unknown suspect or suspects.

This victim died at Truman of his wounds.

As the big citys' violence was being attended to- seven companies of Raytown and KC-MO firefighters were battling a house fire at 67th Street and Ralston..

A family dog was killed in the 2:14 am fire that was believed to have started in the home's kitchen.

There were no human injuries- and the house was virtually destroyed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Friday-Saturday- Jan. 24-25, 2014

As usual during the cold months- not a whole lot of calls- but there were some 'headliners:'

A two-vehicle crash in western KC-KS...

It happened around 11:40 pm Friday night on North 78th Street near Armstrong Avenue.

A fire department extrication of at least one of the 4 injured persons was performed.

Two serious to critically-injured males were taken by EMS to KU Med Center.

One was reported to be 18-years-old- the other an "approximately 20-year-old."

Two of the injured were also taken to Overland Park Regional Med Center.

Their conditions- and the cause of the crash- was unknown as of this writing.

A house fire in KC-MO's Platte county Northland...

The alarm notifying five KCFD companies was dispatched at 11:52 pm Friday night and they were sent to 8650 North Oregon.

As several companies ask the dispatcher where the address is located (hmmm)- a Platte county sheriff's deputy arrives at the  house and confirms a fire in progress.

The fire is showing from the rear of the structure- when FD arrives they report the occupants outside and uninjured and asks for more help to fight the fire.

As 3 more fire companies are enroute- firefighters try to keep the flames- driven by gusty southwest winds- off of a neighboring house at 8646 N. Oregon.

That house suffers some damage- but the house where the fire began is heavily-damaged.

The fire's declared under control at 12:29 am Saturday morning.

No one is hurt- and a fire investigation was conducted.

Police from several agencies gathered around 163rd Street and Ward Road in extreme northern Cass county MO just before 1:45 am Saturday to search for a male who reportedly fired a gun.

The suspect had left a nearby residence on foot with "a long-gun- possibly an AK-47-" and the male reportedly fired a shot in the air as he walked away.

The cops gathered in the area looking for him- and a KC-MO Police helicopter was even sent to assist.

The KCPD chopper thinks they spot the man hiding near a mobile home at 163rd St and Jerry just before 2 am- but my attention is drawn to the next story...

KC-MO Police are chasing a "dark-colored Jeep with unknown (number of) suspects of an armed robbery" at 1:55 am..

At that time- the chase is going northbound on Prospect approaching 39th Street- speeds reported by PD of "80 MPH."

The chase continues north on Prospect to 35th Street- then generally east in zig-zag fashion for a couple of miles as speeds continue to be reported as 60 mph or greater.

At 2:01 am- the suspects lost control of the Jeep as it rolls on it's side on 40th Street near Topping Avenue.

Police surround the vehicle waiting for the suspects to emerge- which they do at 2:05 am and "3" are taken into custody.

The fire department and EMS are summoned (they respond to a wrong dispatched address of "5724 Topping" instead of the correct "5724 East 40th St..") and those agencies make it on-scene about 20 minutes later (one of the suspects has "back pain").

The last noteworthy incident is a house fire at Lake Louisburg in Miami county KS...

Louisburg firefighters get the alarm at 2:16 am and are sent to "307 Shoreline Drive" where a fireplace fire has filled the house with smoke.

Fire crews from Osawatomie and southern Johnson county respond as "an active flue fire" is reported by arriving crews.

This fire is finally declared "under control" at 3:12 am.

There are no reports of anyone hurt nor the extent of damage from the fire.

We'll see how the Saturday night- Sunday morning watch pans out. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two Dead- 3 Injured in Early Weekend Shootings

Two men died in Kansas City KS in 2 different shooting scenes...

The first was around 9 pm Friday night in the 2500 block of Minnesota.

Near there- KCK Police found a car containing a 19-year-old male who was dead of a gunshot wound.

Then around 1:15 am Saturday morning- emergency services were called to the 1900 block of North 5th Street.

There police found a man in his 40's who had been shot in the head.

EMS transported the gravely-injured man to a hospital- where he died of his wound.

Authorities were seeking three black male suspects in this shooting.

In Kansas City MO- East Zone police officers- fire and EMS were called to the 2800 block of East 11th Street around 3 am Saturday morning on a reported shooting.

No victims were found at the 11th Street house- but 3 shooting victims had arrived by private vehicle at Truman Medical Center on Hospital Hill (TMC/West).

Police reported one of the victims had "critical injuries."

There was no suspect information of the KC-MO shooting.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three Teens Among 6 Injured in Overnight Shootings

The two shootings early Sunday morning were in Kansas City KS and south Kansas City MO...

The KCK incident began just before 1 am at a dance at the National Guard Armory at 18th Street and Ridge Avenue..

Two carloads of mostly teens took off- one car containing three injured teens takes off toward the 1100 block of Ella.

The second vehicle is chased into KCM- where several are taken into custody around 3rd Street and Grand in the River Market area.

On Ella- 3 teen males are taken to a hospital- a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old have been shot- but their injuries are quite survivable.

The third male- also 16-years-old- was reportedly hurt by flying glass.

KCK Police had their hands full all morning with the expansive crime scene...

Then around 3:30 am- another shooting was reported in a house in the well-known Ruskin Heights subdivision.

Two of the people shot at the house took off- a 19-year-old male was found by emergency services about a block or two away.

The second departing victim- an unknown-age male- later arrived at a KC hospital.

A 23-year-old female who was shot in an arm was transported from the house where the shooting occurred.

Police were also investigating that incident.