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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Friday-Saturday- Jan. 24-25, 2014

As usual during the cold months- not a whole lot of calls- but there were some 'headliners:'

A two-vehicle crash in western KC-KS...

It happened around 11:40 pm Friday night on North 78th Street near Armstrong Avenue.

A fire department extrication of at least one of the 4 injured persons was performed.

Two serious to critically-injured males were taken by EMS to KU Med Center.

One was reported to be 18-years-old- the other an "approximately 20-year-old."

Two of the injured were also taken to Overland Park Regional Med Center.

Their conditions- and the cause of the crash- was unknown as of this writing.

A house fire in KC-MO's Platte county Northland...

The alarm notifying five KCFD companies was dispatched at 11:52 pm Friday night and they were sent to 8650 North Oregon.

As several companies ask the dispatcher where the address is located (hmmm)- a Platte county sheriff's deputy arrives at the  house and confirms a fire in progress.

The fire is showing from the rear of the structure- when FD arrives they report the occupants outside and uninjured and asks for more help to fight the fire.

As 3 more fire companies are enroute- firefighters try to keep the flames- driven by gusty southwest winds- off of a neighboring house at 8646 N. Oregon.

That house suffers some damage- but the house where the fire began is heavily-damaged.

The fire's declared under control at 12:29 am Saturday morning.

No one is hurt- and a fire investigation was conducted.

Police from several agencies gathered around 163rd Street and Ward Road in extreme northern Cass county MO just before 1:45 am Saturday to search for a male who reportedly fired a gun.

The suspect had left a nearby residence on foot with "a long-gun- possibly an AK-47-" and the male reportedly fired a shot in the air as he walked away.

The cops gathered in the area looking for him- and a KC-MO Police helicopter was even sent to assist.

The KCPD chopper thinks they spot the man hiding near a mobile home at 163rd St and Jerry just before 2 am- but my attention is drawn to the next story...

KC-MO Police are chasing a "dark-colored Jeep with unknown (number of) suspects of an armed robbery" at 1:55 am..

At that time- the chase is going northbound on Prospect approaching 39th Street- speeds reported by PD of "80 MPH."

The chase continues north on Prospect to 35th Street- then generally east in zig-zag fashion for a couple of miles as speeds continue to be reported as 60 mph or greater.

At 2:01 am- the suspects lost control of the Jeep as it rolls on it's side on 40th Street near Topping Avenue.

Police surround the vehicle waiting for the suspects to emerge- which they do at 2:05 am and "3" are taken into custody.

The fire department and EMS are summoned (they respond to a wrong dispatched address of "5724 Topping" instead of the correct "5724 East 40th St..") and those agencies make it on-scene about 20 minutes later (one of the suspects has "back pain").

The last noteworthy incident is a house fire at Lake Louisburg in Miami county KS...

Louisburg firefighters get the alarm at 2:16 am and are sent to "307 Shoreline Drive" where a fireplace fire has filled the house with smoke.

Fire crews from Osawatomie and southern Johnson county respond as "an active flue fire" is reported by arriving crews.

This fire is finally declared "under control" at 3:12 am.

There are no reports of anyone hurt nor the extent of damage from the fire.

We'll see how the Saturday night- Sunday morning watch pans out. 

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