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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yes- it's that nasty 4-letter word most of us are sick and tired of- as seen in this screen capture of an Overland Park traffic camera at 75th Street & Metcalf.

Only slight accumulations on grassy areas expected- no roadway problems- and the precipitation will be out of the Metro by noon.

Temperatures will hang in the 40's today and Sunday.

Monday- the NWS' Storm Prediction Center has the K.C. Metro southward into south-central Texas in a "slight risk" for severe thunderstorms and their accompanying weather.

More on that tomorrow and Monday...

Kansas City-MO MUST Find New Revenue Sources

So says Mark Forsythe's The Kansas City Post blog.

Kansas City-MO builds and funds all the Metro's major attractions and most of it's transportation system with little or no help from surburban municipalities. Time to shut those attactions down if those entities won't help much more than they are- KC-MO can no longer afford to carry the entire load.

One suggestion is to sell the KC Zoo to private interests or to close it altogether. I'd go further- sell the adults' sports stadiums to the respective teams using them.

I suggested this before that stadium tax was voted on by area residents who obviously thought they weren't paying enough taxes to support billionare team owners and their millionaire employees.

I know these are officially owned by Jackson County- but KC-MO funnels about $2-million we don't have anymore into those corporate sports palaces. Proceeds from any sale should be generously shared with the host city (KC-MO).

Since the Chief's management- and to a lesser-extent the Royals- have pissed off so many fans in the past few years with piss-poor teams and raises in ticket prices- Now's the time to spring this one on the sheeple.

Another novel idea is a complete moratorium on ANY tax breaks for developers- let's do it like the OLD DAYS for awhile.

If a developer thinks their project is so damn attractive- let them pay for building it WITHOUT tax breaks. And let them pay FULL property taxes like the rest of us poor- and getting poorer- smucks do.

A Few Observations Of Atlanta-GA "Possible Tornado"

By the Grace of The Great Spirit- 2 Atlanta arenas- filled with fans watching basketball games- were spared a major disaster.

No thanks to those events' officials- mind you.

The NWS in Atlanta issued a tornado warning 5-10 minutes prior to the strike.

Yet- according to numerous interviews of fans attending the Atlanta Hawks NBA game in Philips Arena and the college SEC region championships in the Georgia Dome down the street report NO WARNINGS WERE BROADCAST over the 2 facilities' public address systems.

It was only when damage was being done to the 2 arenas that people started "to panic and (started) running out" from their seats- according to several witness interviews. There has yet been no reports of people injured in the "stampede" to exit the arenas.

Wouldn't it be better to notify the crowd of a warning- and allow people to CALMLY seek safer areas- than say nothing and have what happened in Atlanta occur?

This sort of thing goes on at many venues in America during severe weather. I've been at events where warnings were issued- but not broadcast to the event's crowd. Maybe a few fatalities and/or attorneys' lawsuits will change things.

Also- CNN's headquarters were struck and damaged- but it took CNN more than 30 minutes to get any live pictures on the air.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Live Coverage Of Possible Atlanta-GA Tornado

Enter the following URL into your Windows Media Player to view live coverage from Atlanta TV-

"Seven to 10 injured have been transported" to hospitals- according to the AFD Public Information Officer- with "injuries in other areas of the city" of Atlanta as well.

Severity of injuries not yet known....

BREAKING NEWS: High Winds- Possible Tornado- Strikes Georgia Dome During SEC Basketball Tournament

This happened within the past hour- TV stations in Atlanta reported "damage to the roof" of the Georgia Dome- where the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament was taking place.

Damage was also reported to a nearby arena and a high-rise hotel. Injuries have been reported- though the extent and number of injuries are not yet known.

The game in progress- which was in an overtime period- has been suspended UFN by officials.

Metro Atlanta was under a tornado warning at the time the winds struck- but as of yet- no confirmation as to whether this was a tornado.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is Southwest Airlines Safe

One HAS to wonder after the FAA had to force Southwest to ground over 40 airplanes- due to cracks found in the fuselage of those airplanes.

I haven't flown SW in a few years- looks like I won't be in any hurry to do business with them anytime soon either.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Western Kansas Woman Sat On Toilet For 2 Years

The Associated Press link HERE has the story from Ness City of the 35-year-old woman whose feat surely must be a world record.

CAUTION: Some of the story's details may be a wee-bit graphic for snack 'n readers.

Price Of Barrel Of Oil Hits $110 Briefly

The gouge continues....


77-Degrees In Southeastern KC-MO

Yep- the official NewsOvernight temperature right now.

It looks like some cirrus clouds moving in will limit any further heating- but hey- we're not complaining!

Rain- possibly mixed with obscene 4-letter-word that begins with 'S'- looks to happen late Friday into early Saturday with a storm/frontal system passing through.

A more dynamic system set to pounce on Monday- which is also St. Paddy's Day. Monday's system could bring some severe thunderstorm weather close if not to us.

The GOOD news is-for the next week- NO COLD (colder than 25-30-degree lows anyway) AIR!!!

77 degrees? Hell- I'm out of here for awhile! g

There's ALWAYS News...

If it's not some discontented bozo capping off on some innocents- it's the anti-smoking Nazis trying to make use of a legal product illegal anywhere or some rich-ass- hypocritical politician getting caught with his pants down- etc.- etc.- etc..

It's rarely a boring day in the newsroom....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pump ME $200-Billion And Watch MY Stocks Rise

Hey Feds- what about myself- and/or 300+-million OTHER Americans get a $200-billion boost?

We all have it Sooooooo wrong- we need to all become BANKERS so the government can ship US money when bad decisions cause our ships to list.

Oops- forgot- we're getting $600 checks in da mail.

Rock And Roll "Hall Of Fame" is BOGUS

Again- America's 2nd-biggest recording seller of all-time- the band Chicago- is passed up by obviously seriously-deluded/intoxicated nominators.

And- again- this proves that the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" is bogus.