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Saturday, October 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: One-Third of KC-MO Fire Department Sent On High-Rise Fire

hat's 11 companies- 4 pumpers- 5 aerials and 2 rescue squads- sent to a reported apartment fire at 910 Pennslyvania at 9:07 pm.

At 9:16 pm- the source of the enhanced fire department response is found to be "food-on-the-stove" in a 2nd floor apartment of the 10-story plus building in the downtown West Bluff area.

At 9:19 pm- "a civilian" is reported to need medical attention with the fire under control and smoke removal underway.

15-Year-Old Is Suspect In Missouri Girl's Death

y now- most everyone has heard that the missing 9-year-old girl from Cole County-MO- Elizabeth Olten- has been found dead.

The (not-so) shocker is that the person accused of killing Elizabeth is also a juvenile: a 15-year-old female.

Murder victims are getting younger- and- it seems- so are the murder suspects.

Lord help us all....


BREAKING NEWS: Police Tactical Operation In Midtown KC-MO

here is little information yet available- but police have commenced an "Operation 100" in the 3800 block of Indiana a little after 2:30 pm..

An Operation 100 involves around 100 police officers- and is usually put into effect by police when a person of interest that police want to interview barricades themselves or possibly with hostages inside a structure.

Police report homes surrounding the target house in the 3800 block of Indiana have either been evacuated of their occupants or are already empty.


UPDATE - 1520 CDT- According to updated information and KSHB-41 NBC Action News- this Operation-100 is due to a "shots fired" call in the areas of 37th to 38th Streets- Benton to Indiana.

NBC Action News reports "2" ambulances were sent for possible shooting victims in those areas. AT 3:12pm- KC-MO police reported another- possibly 3rd shooting victim- had showed-up at a hospital and "was in surgery" at that time for their gunshot wounds.

The "Op-100" continues as of 3:20 pm...


UPDATE - 1600 CDT - As of 3:37 pm- police report taking at least "3" occupants of the target house into custody- and are about to perform a cursory search of the home at "3812 Indiana" for possible further suspects and/or evidence.

No injuries have been reported during the "Operation-100"- about to be officially concluded.


MetroRegion Kansas City Overnight News - Saturday - October 24- 2009

hile generally a clear-cool and calm post-midnight both weather and news-wise- there were a few incidents of note:

Around 1:25 am- a passing motorist on U.S. 59 near Garnett-KS came upon a vehicle that had reportedly hit and "speared" a guardrail.

Anderson County Sheriff reported the callers said the female driver apparently had been ejected during the crash- but the Good Samaritans couldn't immediately find the "yelling" crash victim.

The driver was soon located- "waist deep" in the cold water of a drainage ditch- missing most of one leg and suffering other injuries.

After transport by a ground ambulance- the woman was flown to a Metro K.C. medical trauma center in serious condition.


Just after 2 am- Belton-MO police made a traffic stop on a vehicle "driving erradically" on Missouri (m-) 50 near Mott street.

Inside the stopped vehicle- police found "a male stabbed in the back."

EMS was called for the guy- he's whisked to a hospital in potentially serious condition.

Grandview police say they "may" have the suspect who stabbed the male found in Belton already in custody in their city.


Law enforcement agencies from the entire Metro are looking for a reported "suspect" in a "sexual battery of a child" that occurred just after 5 am in Spring Hill-in extreme southern Johnson County-KS..

Police are looking for a "Dan McCoy- last seen northbound from Spring Hill in a blue Ford Taurus" that had Missouri license plates.

The Ford Taurus reportedly had body damage on one side of the vehicle and suspect McCoy was "believed headed back to Missouri."


Before the midnight hour- a driver of a vehicle at a police traffic stop at 31st Street and West pennway in KC-MO suddenly rammed the police car behind him and led officers on a chase into KC-KS..

The suspect and vehicle were stopped and apprehended about 10 minutes later at 20th Street and Central in KC-KS.. No one got hurt.

<<< >>>

For more information on these and other news stories- please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 am- 5 & 10 p.m..

Friday, October 23, 2009

KC-KS' Casino Planned Revenue Doesn't Add Up

ome casino consultant says a new Kansas casino located at the Kansas Speedway will bring in almost a third of a billion dollars annually- according to this story from the KANSAS CITY (KS)KANSAN.

Also- according to the KANSAN piece- KC-MO has acquired 2 more Missouri casinos- Argosy and Harrah's- located in Riverside and NORTH KC-MO respectively.

KC-MO's TWO casinos remain as the Ameristar (not even listed in The KANSAN story) and the Isle of Capri.

First of all- we have historically found that 'consultant's estimates' of damn-near ANYTHING a consultant estimates is way- way 'pie-in-the-sky' too high.

Secondly- these 'estimates' apparently take into account the American economy recovers- which isn't going to happen anytime soon (2 years or more).

Thirdly- people- especially gamblers- are creatures of habit. Sure- Missouri gamblers will probably check-out a new Kansas casino- but whether those gamblers RETURN on a regular basis is another huge question.

Developers are notorious for pushing what they see as positive aspects of a development while the after-facts don't in any way shape or form resemble the original rosy outlook.

These days- the American taxpayer is increasingly on-the-hook when the rosy forecasts don't pan out.

Watch your wallets Wyandotte County!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Colours 2009 - Part 2

A few more pix of the autumn foliage around Metro Kansas City...

The colors have really turned stunning this week- can't wait for some sunshine!


Missouri I-435 Open Again Between 87th Street and Gregory

he wreck was cleared more than an hour ago- and as you can see from these latest K.C. Scout traffic camera images- traffic is flowing freely again.

MAST-EMS reported NO serious injuries in the crash that happened around 11 am.


Sept. 12 Double-Fatality K-10 Crash Victims Were Way Over Alcohol Limit

'll admit it.

When I was around the age of the K-10 crash victims- 20-year-old Eric Sill and 26-year-old Kara Morgan- I drove intoxicated more than a couple of times.

I was both focused when I drove that way- and damn lucky I didn't get stopped.

I haven't driven that way for more than 25 years now.

The Lawrence (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD reports today that both drivers had alcohol in their bodies around 3 TIMES the legal limit of .08.

Sill- the driver going the wrong way that fateful morning on K-10 near Morning Star Road had a blood-alcohol reading of .252.

Morgan- operating the car Sill crashed head-on into- had an alcohol level of .232.

My young friends: PLEASE- PLEASE- PLEASE don't drive drunk or high!

BREAKING NEWS: Missouri I-435 Closed Between Gregory and 87th Street

There is a serious crash on I-435 approximately Oldham Road- and the crash is on both directions: northbound and southbound.

The KC-MO fire department reports extrication on at least one person in a vehicle that "ran into the back of a semi-truck"- and also reports at least "3" injuries.

Northbound I-435 is closed north of 87th Street- and southbound I-435 is also being closed south of Gregory Boulevard for this serious injury crash.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Colours 2009 - Part 1

Monday was one of the few warm- sunny days so far this October 2009.

We got out to enjoy and photograph some of the fall colors that are now shared with you...


BREAKING NEWS: Kansas I-70 Closed Near 110th Street

t's a wreck there on the westbound lanes and a medical helicopter is going to land on the closed highway for one of the crash's patients- so good luck travelling that way for about the next hour.


NWS' National 30-Day Weather Outlook For November 2009

ccording to the graphics- Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City SHOULD enjoy temperatures near to slightly-above averages and precipitiation near the average amount for November.


The "Weather Channel" Moves Even Further Away From It's Mission

t USED to be THE source for weather information via TV- and The Weather Channel has been steadily going downhill with that mission since the mid 1990's.

Now it is announced TWC will begin showing- of all things- MOVIES!

No matter that it's decreasing information and increasing commercial content has been driving away us weather aficionados- soon The Weather Channel will have to change it's title to "Another Barely to Unwatchable Cable TV Channel.

Hell- even local weather casts are getting unwatchable too....

Another News Media Beat-Down: Anna Nicole Smith

ood God PMSNBC and CNN- kill the Smith stories.

The woman's been dead for more than a year now- and anyway there's probably 0.001% of your viewers who GIVE A DAMN about recent Smith drug-habit revelations.

"NEWS" organizations: Quit focusing so much on overrated "celebrities" and start covering (researching) the stories that affect MANY Americans.

Part of the blame for America being in the mess it's in now is irresponsible news media coverage of the issues that REALLY should have the media spotlight ON THEM!

Give as a damn break with the Michael Jacksons- Anna Nicole Smiths and Colorado balloon boys of the world...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WEATHER: Lots of Rain Coming...

his morning's loud thunderstorms were just the vanguard of what appears to be a significant rain event in store for both Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- as well as America's Central States.

The NWS' Hydro Prediction Center (HPC) in the first graphic paints general rainfalls of around 1-inch to more than 3-inches in around the Kansas City MetroRegion.

On the next graphic- "excessive" rainfall is indicated for areas in the northern Metro and northeast MetroRegion.

Another rainfall maxima is indicated in southern Oklahoma.

Scattered showers and a few storms are around now- expect thunderstorms in west Texas to be around here by sunrise Wednesday with the main energy not even getting close to us until Thursday.

This is a dynamic situation as always- with Mama Nature calling her final shots- and we'll try to keep up with her and let you know here at CSW....


Some Missouri and Kansas Republicrat Senators Apparently Approve Gang Rapes

just got through watching the film "Elmer Gantry" this morning with Ms. Rittenhouse- then I read the following story:

First- I'll set the table... According to past Associated Press archives and here at the Web site Think in 2005- Hallilburton employee "Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by her co-workers while she was working for Halliburton/KBR in Baghdad.

In an apparent attempt to cover up the incident, the company then put her in a shipping container for at least 24 hours without food, water, or a bed, and “warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she’d be out of a job.”

Even more insultingly, the DOJ resisted bringing any criminal charges in the matter. KBR argued that Jones’ employment contract warranted her claims being heard in private arbitration — without jury, judge, public record, or transcript of the proceedings.

After 15 months in arbitration, Jones and her lawyers went to court to fight the KBR claims. Yesterday, a court ruled in favor of Jones.”"

Fast forward to 2009 and Senator Al Franken who introduces a bill that specifically prohibits government contracts going to employers like that so corrupt outfit Halliburton who make employees sign pre-employment "contracts" that absolves that company from reprisals from employees who suffer crimes such as Jones' gang rape.

That bill passed- but was voted AGAINST by Missouri Senator "Kit" Bond and the Republicrat wanks from Kansas- Brownback and Roberts.

Do these 3 gentlemen (using term loosely) actually APPROVE of gang rapes and other similar crimes?

Are Senators Bond- Brownback and Roberts closet fans of Roman Polanski and perhaps thought the film 'Deliverance' should get an Oscar for best documentary?

Burt Lancaster played a religious con-man in 'Elmer Gantry.'

Senators Bond- Brownback and Roberts are apparently real-life political con-men with their votes approving corporate gang rapes.

Then again- these 3 and most politicians have been gang-raping the American people in back rooms since I've been old enough to read....


hunderstorms broke out in eastern Kansas during the 3 AM hour and had moved into Metro Kansas City by late in the 4 AM hour.

Here are some radar images of the activity as it moved into and through the Metro this morning.

The last image shown is the latest radar picture..

Nothing severe- and most of the heavier activity is now east and northeast of the Metro.

Look for another warm day today (70) and more rain Wednesday into Thursday with a potent storm system approaching.

Monday, October 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Motorist Plunges Into Indian Creek in South KC-MO

Around 3:55 pm- the KC-MO Fire department responded to 1014 West 103rd Street on the report of a pickup truck that had driven into Indian Creek.

When the first company arrived at the scene just before 4 pm- they reported the pickup truck had "submerged" into the creek

At 4:04 pm- firefighters report rescuing a male from the truck and was doing CPR on that apparently non-breathing victim.

At this posting- yet no other victims reported.

Colorado Balloon Hoax Couple Get Their TV Reality Show

he WRONG show that is...


Inside The CSW News Center

kay- some shameless self-promotion here

Some of you have wondered how I can scoop all the local news outlets when news and weather breaks.

For the first time- I'm posting a view of the CSW newsroom. This operation has been providing breaking news and weather information to the Kansas City news media since 1991.

Can't get everything in one photo- but this gives you some idea of what our little listening post on the Metro looks like.

Not only can we monitor multiple incidents here- but there's also the capability to audio record the incident- either analog or digitally.

We can also go live with audio and video on the Web to anywhere locally or worldwide.

Sure- you can wait for commercial radio or TV news and weather and wade through insufferable commercials to GET the information...

OR- save your valuable time and log into CSW for the very latest when news and weather goes bad.

Scanner Programming For BCD-396T

f you have this model scanner- I can program it cheaper than anyone else in Kansas City.

Trunked or conventional frequencies?

No problem- I have ALL the programming for about 50 counties surrounding Kansas City with complete alpha tagging that clearly shows on the scanner's display what you're listening to.

I'm also happy to help you with ANY radio scanner questions or frequencies in MetroRegion K.C..

Get your own window on breaking news and follow along incidents yourself as I post them here.

Contact me at or enter that email on Yahoo chat to reach me live....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Large Building Fire In Excelsior Springs-MO

xcelsior Springs firefighters- along with fire people from at least 4 other fire departments- is battling a fire in what was reported as "a large commercial building" in the 1300 block of North Jesse James Road.

The initial alarm sounded at 1:14 am- and when the first fire unit arrived 3 minutes later they already had "heavy smoke" showing "from the rear" of the building.

Soon the call went out for mutual aid assistance- and so far Kearney. Liberty- Lawson and Woods Heights have answered with help to fight the fire- reported to be at the "Meet The Need Flea Market.

There also appears to be issues with water supply and/or pressure to fight the fire.

So far- no injuries have been reported.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 am- 5 and 10 pm for video and more information on this story....