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Thursday, April 11, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Unknown Fluid Spill Causes Evacuations at the University of Kansas Medical Center

A KC-KS Fire department crew announced at 3:34 pm that they had "some unidentified liquid spilled on the 4th-floor" of a building at the K.U. Medical Center at 39th Street and Rainbow.

That fire crew requested "Haz-Mat" and was "evacuating" that area where the spill was located.

In fact- at 3:39 pm- that FD crew said it was "evacuating the structure" where that spill of the yet "unknown" substance occurred..

This incident is reported to be in "Wahl Hall-" and does not appear to affect the main K.U. Med Center building(s).

More as received...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Some Metro Kansas City Rainfall- Storm Totals

Here are some storm-total rainfalls- ending at 1 pm Wednesday afternoon- across Metro KC- courtesy of the Overland Park 'Stormwatch' Web site.

Note that the heaviest amounts are in the Northland- with the lightest amounts in the southwest Metro in Johnson county KS..

Around another half-inch max is expected before the precip moves out late tonight.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Slight to Moderate Risk of Severe Storms Across the US Central States

Nearly 20-million people in eight states- including Metro Kansas City- will be under a risk of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes later this Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning.

The risk is slight except from northeast and northern Oklahoma into extreme west North Texas- where a "moderate risk" of severe storms and tornadoes currently exists- according to the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

Some of the tornadoes could be strong ones says the SPC- and Oklahoma City is in the moderate risk area.

For the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion- it appears right now most of us will be encroached upon by at least one line of strong to severe thunderstorms any time after 6 pm.

There could be portions of the line that produce hurricane-force straight-line winds and perhaps a weak tornado.

Damaging large hail- greater than 2-inches in diameter- are also a threat- along with deadly lightning and torrential rain.

Be watching come late afternoon on folks.....

Sunday, April 07, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storm Watch South of Metro Kansas City

A Severe Thunderstorm (Tstm) Watch (STW) is in effect for southeastern Kansas and southwest and a small part of west-central Missouri until 9 pm this Sunday night.

The watch includes Kansas cities such as El Dorado- Chanute- Iola and Pittsburg.

Some Missouri cities in STW-83 are Joplin- Carthage- Neosho and Springfield.

Metro KC is NOT included in STW-83.

However- recent radar echoes have popped up near Emporia KS and if this trend continues- showers and tstms could move into at least southern portions of Metro Kansas City after 5 pm..

CSW WEATHER: "Slight Risk" of Severe Thunderstorms Later Today for Metro-Western MetroRegion Kansas City

The National Weather Service's (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) latest "convective (thunderstorm) outlook" has Metro- and the western portions of the Kansas City MetroRegion in an area with a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms forecasted today through early Monday morning.

The main severe weather threat in Metro KC should be possible large hail and damaging winds- as well as heavy rainfall- but an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

Severe weather shouldn't arrive in the KC area until after 4pm. 

On Monday- the current SPC severe storm outlook is for areas west of Metro KC- but the delineation of severe comes as close as Lawrence KS..

Severe storms are still outlooked over most of MetroRegion KC on Tuesday- and the SPC has mentioned the possibility of upgrading the severe risk to moderate.

Tuesday's severe weather will be of all hazards- including tornadoes.

On the cold side of this large- slow-moving storm- travel in the west and northwest Central States will become increasingly difficult beginning later Monday.

Winter Storm Watches are already in effect from southern South Dakota southwestward into Colorado.

If you're heading west on Interstates 70 or 80 toward Denver or Cheyenne- best to be there by midday Monday.

Also- the storm-total rainfall forecasts remain steady.

Two to 3.5-inches of rain are forecast by the NWS Hydro Prediction Center (HPC) over much of MetroRegion Kansas City by the time the storm system exits the area on Wednesday.

CSW BREAKING: Gunshot Murder in KC-MO

KC-MO Police are investigating the city's latest homicide...

It occurred around 3:30 am Sunday morning at 26th Street and Monroe.

About thirty minutes later- police reported another victim from this incident showed-up at a local hospital with "serious" GSW injuries.

Police haven't released any possible suspect or any other information on the latest killing.

CSW BREAKING: Multiple Shooting Victims at KC-MO Power and Light Entertainment District

KC-MO Police are trying to sort-out a shooting that wounded a male and a female at 13th Street and Grand early Sunday morning.

Police working the Power and Light detail reported hearing shots fired at 2:48 am..

Within a minute- one victim- a "28-year-old female-" is located.

She was shot in a thigh and was in serious condition.

About ten minutes later another victim- "a 38-year-old male-" appears.

His wound is to a shoulder- condition stable and not life-threatening.

At 3:39 am- police reported a 3rd victim had arrived at a Metro hospital.

This victim was reported by police to have been "shot in the arm."

Minutes after the shots were fired- a police officer saw- and gave chase to a gray-colored Ford Excursion that was speeding south from the area of the Power and Light.

At speeds reported as high as 70 MPH- the chase went as far south as 41st Street and U.S. 71- then on to the East side of KC-MO where- at 2:58 am- police "lost sight" of the Excursion in the area of Cleveland and Linwood.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Hit and Run Crash in South Kansas City MO

According to police reports a male driving a pickup truck westbound on Bannister Road ran a red light and crashed into a man driving a motorcycle southbound on Wornall Road.

The man driving the cycle died at the scene at 12:25 am Sunday morning.

The person who was driving the pickup ran away from the scene- police scoured the area by ground and air for more than an hour- but did not locate that driver. 

Bannister Road- as well as Wornall- has been closed by police for the accident investigation.

Both roadways reopened more than three hours later.

Police say the man killed was a "57-year-old Belton MO resident."