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Sunday, April 07, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Multiple Shooting Victims at KC-MO Power and Light Entertainment District

KC-MO Police are trying to sort-out a shooting that wounded a male and a female at 13th Street and Grand early Sunday morning.

Police working the Power and Light detail reported hearing shots fired at 2:48 am..

Within a minute- one victim- a "28-year-old female-" is located.

She was shot in a thigh and was in serious condition.

About ten minutes later another victim- "a 38-year-old male-" appears.

His wound is to a shoulder- condition stable and not life-threatening.

At 3:39 am- police reported a 3rd victim had arrived at a Metro hospital.

This victim was reported by police to have been "shot in the arm."

Minutes after the shots were fired- a police officer saw- and gave chase to a gray-colored Ford Excursion that was speeding south from the area of the Power and Light.

At speeds reported as high as 70 MPH- the chase went as far south as 41st Street and U.S. 71- then on to the East side of KC-MO where- at 2:58 am- police "lost sight" of the Excursion in the area of Cleveland and Linwood.


Superdave said...

Capt. from other reports I am reading guess there was a huge crowd of blacks on the Plaza last night with over 40 personal being used to control the crowd. 41 news was suppose to have had units in the area filming.

Groucho K. Marx said...

That "huge crowd" consisted of several dozen youths and police coralled them east of the Plaza.

No one was hurt- so I didn't mention it- like most news media outlets today are careful not to mention "the Power & Light entertainment district" where this shooting occurred.