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Thursday, October 06, 2016

BREAKING: KC MO Fire Truck in Crash Responding To Same

A KCFD truck was involved in a crash with yet-unknown injuries at Bannister Road and Blue Ridge Blvd. around 7:35 pm Thursday evening.

The FD and EMS had been sent to another crash at the same location.  Additional fire and EMS units were sent to the FD-involved wreck.

There was a light thundershower in progress at the time of both crashes.

More details as received ...

Tornado Watch No. 493 - IA-KS-MO-NE Until 9 PM CDT

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center has issues a tornado watch that includes area W to N of Metro Kansas City- including Topeka KS and St. Joseph MO areas.

TW #493 runs till 9 PM- note that additional weather watches are likely to be issued downstream- or in Metro KC- later this Thursday afternoon and/or evening.

Flash-flooding rainfalls are also likely- especially in areas that received heavy rain late Wednesday night and early this morning.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Tornado Watch No. 490 - KS-NE - Until 9 PM CDT

Metro Kansas City is NOT included in this watch- but it does include a large part of Kansas from northeast to south-central.

Monday, October 03, 2016

BREAKING: Victim Critical in South Kansas City MO Shooting

The incident occurred around 2 pm Monday afternoon in the 9300 block of Bales at an apartment complex.

Reportedly- a male shot another male there. The immediate aftermath may have been witnessed by a nearby KC MO Water department crew.

The police took a possible suspect into custody near the scene within 15 minutes after the crime occurred.

The victim was reported by KCFD "Medic-41" as "a 20's-something male with a gunshot to his left chest."

"CPR" was "in progress" on the victim as he was taken to a nearby medical trauma center in grave condition.

UPDATE:  The male victim died at Research Med Center within an hour of his arrival.

He possibly is the city's 91st homicide in the city so far this year..