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Saturday, October 08, 2011

CSW Commentary: Latest News Media Overkill- The Lisa Irwin Disappearance

Leading off every local newscast since Tuesday is the disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa Irwin from her KC-MO Northland home.

Although the alleged abduction/kidnapping occurred more than 4 days ago and there have been no new developments in the Lisa Irwin case- one local tv station devoted nearly 6 minutes to the story on their Saturday night 10 o'clock newscast- completely overlooking fatality car and ATV crashes and other local news that occurred today.

Another one of the nice things about Internet news sites (like this one) is that you can completely ignore the story until a significant new development arises and you can actually read about the OTHER news that occurred.

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Police Pursuit Ends in Crash in Old Northeast Area

A vehicle that KC-MO Police were pursuing for reason(s) yet unknown has crashed into another vehicle at Independence Avenue and Hardesty in the Old Northeast area.

The crash occurred at 7:42 p.m. when the police helicopter reported the suspect vehicle "T-Boned" and innocent party's vehicle travelling westbound on Independence.

Police reported injuries in the vehicle struck by the suspect were "minor" at 7:44 p.m..

At 7:47 p.,. Two fire department EMS and other units were dispatched with "extrication" reported necessary on a occupant in one of the vehicles.

More here if and when received....

All-Terrain Vehicle Operator Found Dead in Douglas County KS

The body of a male was found east of Baldwin City in Douglas county- apparently after his ATV crashed at an unknown time earlier Saturday morning.

The tragic discovery was made in the 500 block of East 2300 road- near the Franklin-Johnson county lines in the far southeastern part of Douglas county.

Late Saturday- the Douglas County Sheriff's office released the identity of the deceased man: "21-year-old Preston Scheibler."

Sheriff's deputies believe the accident could have happened at early as late Friday night and there was an unconfirmed report that possibly another vehicle was involved in the crash.

CSW BREAKING: Prairie Village KS House Fire

A reportedly "vacant" house is burning in Prairie Village...

At 4:17 a.m. Saturday morning- 5 companies of the JoCo-KS District 2 and Leawood fire departments responded to a house fire in the 3400 block of West 77th Terrace.

The first truck from District 2 pulls-up to the scene at 4:21 a.m. and reported "a 1-story structure- fully-involved" in flames.

A minute later- FD orders were to fight the fire from outside and it was 4:40 a.m. before firefighters went inside.

The fire was declared under control at 4:37 a.m..

No injuries as of this report and an investigation as to the cause of the fire was underway.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Crash in Overland Park KS

Johnson County KS MEDACT-EMS-1141 took a "mid-20's Hispanic male" to a JoCo medical trauma center in very critical condition after a 1-vehicle crash in western Overland Park early Saturday morning.

At 2:18 a.m.- Overland Park fire- MEDACT and police responded to the 8700 block of West 79th Street- where they found a vehicle partially-wrapped around a power pole.

It took OPFD crews about 20 minutes to extricate the critically-injured man who had a severe head and arm injury- and was being transported to OPR/MC at 2:47 a.m..

Paramedics also performed CPR on the young man on the way to the hospital- where he later died of his injuries.

MEDACT-EMS also transported "an 18-25-year-old Hispanic male" with moderate injuries to the same hospital- and MEDACT reported he had been using alcohol.

Two other crash victims were later found at a nearby location- their injuries were said to be non life-threatening.

One of the later victims was the vehicle's driver- who had run after the crash.

He was located by a resident of an apartment complex at 79th Street and Grant around 2:50 a.m. and taken into police custody- then a hospital.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Mother of Missing Lisa Irwin Says "Police Blaming Her" For Child's Disappearance

The mother of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin has told the news media that KC-MO Police are blaming her for the child's disappearance. 

In this ASSOCIATED PRESS story- Deborah Bradley- mother of Lisa- says that police had determined that everyone else close to the family had "alibis" on the night and early morning hours when Lisa was discovered missing from her KC-MO Northland home.

Probably due to continuous police questioning- Bradley and her husband Jeremy Irwin have quit talking to detectives.

Police have also discontinued the area searches for the missing infant and continue to seek the public's help in locating the child.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Where is Lisa Irwin?

Although the "Amber Alert" has been cancelled- 10-month-old Lisa Irwin is still missing after someone took her from her crib in her Kansas City MO Northland home late Monday night or early  Tuesday morning.

Police and concerned civilians have conducted house and area searches for the little girl- but their efforts have located nothing.

The abduction/kidnapping has garnered national news media attention as well- an example being this ASSOCIATED PRESS story.

We're ALL looking for little Lisa- she's a blond- blue-eyed child with 2 bottom teeth and pray to God the little angel is found alive and well.... 

Sneak Peak of a South Kansas City MO Autumn 2011

The nearly 20 days of dry weather- assisted by sunny- warm days and cool pleasant nights have started the 2011 edition of The Changing of The Trees- as documented digitally at one of our favorite places for fall colours here in South Kansas City.

Double-click on each imageto enjoy it's full resolution- and hope you enjoy the photos....

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fires Damage a House in Liberty- A Duplex in Lee's Summit

Residential structure fires in two of Kansas City MO's suburbs that start with 'L' have brought heavy damage to the properties.

The first was a house fire in Liberty MO in the 500 block of Melissa- dispatched at 3:57 p.m..

Smoke was showing from the story and a half structure when the first LFD unit arrived at 4:01 p.m..

Three Liberty FD units were assisted by 5 more from the KCFD- as both city's crews took about 20 minutes to bring the flames under control.

Two adults who reportedly "worked the 3 to 11 (pm) shift" were thus not home at the time the fire was reported.

There were no reported injuries.

The latest fire- involving at least 6 Lee's Summit fire companies is in a duplex in the 800 block of Northeast Banner Drive.

The first-arriving fire companies reported smoke and flames showing from a 1-story structure.

This fire was intially dispatched by to the LSFD at 4:45 p.m.- with additional companies sent to the scene about ten minutes later.

There have been no reports of injuries as of this post.

Monday, October 03, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Serious Injury Crash on I-435 and Front Street in KC-MO

Significant traffic delays are occurring- and should continue for at least the next hour in the 2500 block of East Front Street- between I-35 and Chouteau Trafficway- in Kansas City MO's East Bottoms and around I-435 and Front.

The crash reportedly involves a tractor-trailer truck with an extrication of a crash victim in progress.

There is also a crash reported at I-435 & Front that also involves patient extrication.

More details as/if they become available....

Raytown MO Copper Thief Caught In The Act

According to Raytown Police reports- a realtor who arrived with a potential buyer of a vacant house in the 9000 block of East 87th Street caught a man inside in the act of trying to steal the copper from the structure.

Police dispatched on the call at 10:11 a.m. Monday morning.

The suspect- described as "a black male-" ran from the house and was chased by vehicle by the realtor- while they relayed the suspect's location to dispatchers by cell phone.

Police arrived quickly- and by 10:22 a.m.- they take would-be thief into custody in the parking lot of a church at 87th Street and Lane. 

CSW BREAKING: Chemical Plant Burns Near Dallas Texas

A multi-alarm fire in a chemical plant in Waxahatchie TX- a suburb at the I-35 junctions in the southern portion of the large Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex- has forced evacuations of area residents and schools- and has burned at least one fire apparatus- a ladder truck (see Image 1).

The evacuations are forced because of toxic chemical smoke emitting from the fire and further explosions of tanks at the "Magnablend Corporation" plant- and the toxic smoke plume extends and/or is visible from as far as 25 miles away.

So far- no injuries have been reported.

Children Killed In Kansas Metro Fires Indentified

Two residence fires- one Saturday morning in KC-KS and another Saturday night in Overland Park- snuffed out the lives of two young people- and their names have been made public by those fire agencies' people.

As reported exclusively here at CSW Saturday morning- a fire at 351 North 31st Street in Kansas City Kansas killed "3-year-old Yair Ramos."

The fire was in a 1-1/2-story structure-originally a single-family residence that was now divided up into apartments- with 12 occupants.

All but young Ramos made it out alive.

Sometime around 5:30 a.m.- the residence/apartments caught fire- and KC-KS Fire dispatchers sent 5 companies and EMS at 5:38 a.m.- an within 3 minutes Pumper 11 arrives seeing smoke and fire coming from the structure from down the street.

Fire fighters then find a woman- "42-year-old Claudia Gonzales-" crumpled outside on the front lawn- burned.

Later reports were that Ms. Gonzales discovered the fire- and risked the smoke and painful heat to rescue her 3 children.

The mother suffered burns on nearly half her body before collapsing in the front yard- unable to rescue her son Yair.

She's still in the intensive care unit according to a source at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

As tragic as that fire- CSW would sadly report another in Overland Park KS late Saturday night.

Sometime after 10:45 p.m. a fire broke out in a bedroom of a 2-family duplex in the 10200 block of West 86th Terrrace.

Around 10:55 p.m. fire companies from OP and Lenexa got the call.

"Eight-year-old Taylor Jackson-" visiting a friend who lived there on a "sleep-over" and in that bedroom- was overcome by smoke and burned by the heat before OPFD firefighters could reach her within minutes of their arrival around 11 p.m..

One adult and another child had managed to escape- with the child treated at the scene by MEDACT-EMS people for minor smoke inhalation.

Young Jackson- however- later passed away from her injuries at the hospital where a MEDACT crew took her.


The really tragic part of both of these fires was that in both instances- there were no working smoke or heat detectors.
At any rate- CSW offers our sincere condolences to the family and friens of both of these young fire victims from the first weekend of October 2011.

Raytown MO Vacant House Heavily-Damaged By Fire

Two Raytown engine (pumper) companies were assisted by 4 KC-MO fire companies in battling a house fire Monday morning.

The fire- first dispatched by Raytown FD at 6:36 a.m.- was on "60th Terrace east of Woodson-" or in the 11700 block of East 60th Terrace.

When a Raytown police officer arrived on the scene at 6:37 a.m.- she reported smoke and flames coming from the back of what was later to be determined to be a "vacant" house there.

Reportedly- an active power line was down and the back deck of the house was on fire.

KC-MO fire companies were first dispatched at 6:42 a.m.- and by the time they arrived the fire had spread into "the attic" of the structure.

After alternating interior and exterior attacks- the fire was brought under control by 7:20 a.m..

No firefighter injuries were heard- the is yet no official cause or dollar damage amount attributed by Raytown fire officials.

CSW BREAKING: Many KC-MO Fire Companies Respond to Possible Plaza-area High-Rise Fire

Ten KC-MO Fire department companies were called to a report of "smoke on the 12th-floor" of a Plaza-area apartment "high-rise" at 10:24 a.m. Monday morning.

The building is at 4550 Warwick- near the intersection of Emmanual Cleaver II Boulevard and Oak street.

At 10:27 a.m.- the report was that there was burned "food-on-the-stove-" what I call a "FOTS" fire- that was contained to one apartment on the 12th floor.

Many of the companies sent on the original alarm have been returned to their stations/prior activities- and no injuries have been reported- if you happened to hear/witness a lot of siren activity in that area east of The Plaza in the past 15 minutes.