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Friday, May 07, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Shooting in Northeastern Kansas City KS

C-KS Police are investigating a shooting in the 2000 block of North 10th Street.

The incident was reported at 1:53 p.m. behind the Heathwood Oil Company property at 10th Street and Parallel Parkway.

Officers arrived a few minutes later and confirmed a man had been shot- then they received information about the suspect: a named black male driving a black- 1998 Ford Taurus.

KC-KS FD-EMS Unit 5 took the "31-year-old male shot twice- in the left foot and right (leg)" non-emergency to a Metro hospital.

The shooter remains on the loose.

Kansas Pollys Approve Sales Tax Increase- $17-Million Tax Deduction For Business

f the Kansas House goes along with it's Senate- Kansans will soon be paying a 6.3-percent sales tax on food and most other items.

That's on top of what your Kansas city and/or county charges on THEIR sales tax.

Meanwhile- Kansas businesses will get a $17-million tax "DEDUCTION" if the House says okay.

Lemme see- Republicrats control Kansas politics- and they want to raise taxes on the people but reduce them for business.

I guess all the corporate welfare for areas around the Kansas Speedway wasn't enough....

Serious Injuries in Northland Kansas City MO Wreck

female in her 20's is in serious to critical condition after rolling her car numerous times on Missouri (M)-152 west of North Indiana about 12:10 a.m. Friday morning.

It took fire crews about 30 minutes to extricate the woman- the lone occupant of the vehicle.

She was taken to a Northland hospital while police investigate the crash.

CSW Weather UPDATE: Severe Storm Watch Cancelled South of River- Still Remains North

t 1 a.m.- the NWS office in Plesant Hill has removed the southern Metro K.C. counties of Jackson- Johnson & Cass in MO- and Johnson and Miami in KS from Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 142 that was to run until 5 a.m.

However- Metro K.C. counties of Leavenworth and Wyandotte in Kansas- and Platte- Clay and Ray counties in Missouri and those counties northward remain under the watch until the NWS says they're not.

Right now- no storms threaten Metro K.C.- and storms to the west are forecast to clip the Northland beginning in about an hour.

CSW BREAKING: Highway Patrol Pursuit Results in Serious Crash in Holden MO

t 12:22 a.m. Friday morning- Johnson County MO emergency services along with Holden fire & EMS were sent to a crash with extrication on that southwestern JoCo city's southeast side.

It has been reported that the crash was "the result of a high speed pursuit by (the MO Highway Patrol)" and that "2" people- apparently in the vehicle being chased- were trapped.

At 12:36 a.m.- the scene commander reports "a 20-30 minute extrication" of the 2 people trapped in the wreckage- but no report on those people's condition.

At 1:05 a.m.- an EMS unit reports being enroute emergency to a Metro K.C. medical trauma center with "1 patient."

No transport of the reported 2nd patient is heard- and as of yet- no official reason for the MHP pursuit.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

CSW Weather; SEVERE T-STORM WATCH No. 142 Until 5 A.M. Friday- KS-MO-IA-NE

This watch includes all of Metro Kansas City- as well as Kansas cities such as Lawrence- Paola- Ottawa- Atchison- Emporia- Topeka- Seneca and Hiawatha.

Missouri cities included are Harrisonville- Warrensburg- Sedalia- Marshall- Lexington- Richmond- Plattsburg- St. Joseph- Tarkio-Chillicothe- Carrollton- Maryville- Bethany and Trenton.

Storms have fired-up in east and central Kansas and extreme northeast KS into northwest and north Missouri- moving east- northeast around 35 mph.

We'll be here awhile to bring you the latest....


CSW BREAKING: Police Tactical Operation in Southeastern Kansas City MO

early 100 police officers (hence the name "Operation 100") have converged in the neighborhood of 8900 Stark at this time.

They're surrounding a house reportedly occupied by a suicidal male with a knife in the 8900 block of Stark.

No reports of anybody held hostage by the knife-guy- but reports were that if he "heard sirens he was going to kill" himself.

From around 4 to 4:15 p.m. about 1.5 miles west of this incident- I heard nothing BUT sirens...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Possible Suspect Arrested for Kansas City MO Waldo-area Rapes

The KC-MO police are reporting arresting a male "person of interest" in the Waldo-area rapes of late 2009-early 2010.

The arrest reportedly occurred after "a short foot chase in the area of the 3200 block of Thompson around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR reports- from "sources" that the unidentified man is a paroled convict- with one count of rape on his rapsheet.

CSW BREAKING: Southbound U.S. 71 Re-Opening South of Kansas City in Raymore

At this moment- law enforcement in Cass county MO are re-opening U.S. 71 south of M-58 after two- multiple-vehicle crashes there Wednesday afternoon.

The clear and warm weather can be ruled out as a contributing factor in the two crashes just after 2:45 p.m. in the southbound lanes south of Belton- reported on first in Kansas City here at CSW.

At least 2 people suffered serious injuries in the second of the 2 wrecks.

CSW BREAKING: Southbound U.S. 71 Closed South of Kansas City Due to Multiple-Vehicle Crash in Raymore

Two crashes- both involving "multiple-vehicles- semi trucks with hazardous materials" and "extrications" of vehicle occupants has closed southbound U.S. 71 south of M-58 in Raymore.

The first crash- reportedly in the "new bridge" construction zone south of Missouri (M) 58 was reported to South Metro Fire dispatchers at 2:49 p.m..

When the first emergency unit arrived about 5 minutes later- it was confirmed there were "multiple vehicles including a semi with non-hazardous materials involved" with "all occupants" of the vehicles involved "out" of those vehicles.

Within 2 minutes of that report- a "second" crash is reported just north of the original one.

This 2nd wreck is worse- also involving "multiple-vehicles- semi-trucks with (hazardous materials) and extrications" of occupants.

All available northern Cass county EMS units have been sent- and 3 medical helicopters are enroute. 

Two seriously-injured people were transported to a south KC-MO trauma center- a female and a "29-year-old male" whose small car was struck from behind while waiting in stopped traffic by a semi-truck.

Only 1 medical helicopter was needed- they transported the 29-year-old male.

There were no other patient transports heard- although a 3rd serious to critical injury was reported- and there were "numerous patient refusals" of people involved in both wrecks.

Cass County Sheriff's department and the MO Highway Patrol are investigating the scene..


Live Coverage of Oil Refinery Fire in San Antonio Texas

here is a large fire at this hour in an oil refinery on the south side of San Antonio.

A tanker truck that was off-loading a petroleum product exploded around 11:30 a.m. this morning- injuring 2 people- including the tanker's driver- to an unknown extent.

An area of a mile raduis of the refinery has been evacuated as more than 25 companies of the SAFD battle the flames.

The incident is being broadcast live on the Web from WOAI-TV in San Antonio.

CSW BREAKING: Severe Storms Possible in K.C. Metro-MetroRegion Late Thursday

ccording to the National Weather Service's (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC)- much of the Kansas City MetroRegion- including the Metro- is inside of a "slight risk" forecast area for possible severe thunderstorms later tomorrow.

The tornado risk at this time is fairly small and the SPC expects "large hail" to be the primary severe threat- but another SPC graphic indicates a "30%" probability for  ANY severe storms from the Kansas City Metro westward along Interstate 70 into Kansas.

Bear in mind- a severe thunderstorm CAN produce a tornado at any given time if conditions are appropriate.

I'll keep you posted here at CSW on this severe weather threat for later Thursday....

CSW BREAKING: Critical Injuries in KC-MO Shooting

he shooting is in the 5700 block of Askew- where KC-MO Police report a man was shot "3 times" by a female suspect.

The incident was reported at 9:55 a.m. Wednesday morning and when police arrived- they found the victim lying on the ground unconscious.

The female suspect- reported as "a black female wearing a blue shirt" had "left on foot" from the shooting scene.

Police- with the aid of tracking dogs and the police helicopter- are trying to locate the suspect in the area.

The victim was taken by FD-EMS Unit 37 to a Metro hospital in critical condition.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Historic Flooding" Creates State of Emergency in Nashville TN

s a thunderstorm squall line continues to sit and drench Nashville and vicinity- a "state of emergency" has been declared in that north-central Tennessee city.

At Least 7 people have died in flash flooding that has swept through that state Satuday and again today.

Here is a live broadcast from WTVF Channel 5 covering what their newspeople are calling "historic flooding" in Nashville..

Yesterday- flooding swept over Nashville Interstate highways- trapping and flooding hundreds of cars and trucks while their occupants required rescue.

A Nashville traffic camera caught that flooding:  images show a large building that had broken loose from it's foundation and floated onto flooded I-24 near Bell Road in Nashville before the force of the floodwaters broke the building into pieces.

As of late Sunday afternoon- the National Weather Service reports that "13 inches of rain has fallen in Nashville TN since early Saturday-"  a new record.

Rain is forecast to continue through at least Monday morning.