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Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Historic Flooding" Creates State of Emergency in Nashville TN

s a thunderstorm squall line continues to sit and drench Nashville and vicinity- a "state of emergency" has been declared in that north-central Tennessee city.

At Least 7 people have died in flash flooding that has swept through that state Satuday and again today.

Here is a live broadcast from WTVF Channel 5 covering what their newspeople are calling "historic flooding" in Nashville..

Yesterday- flooding swept over Nashville Interstate highways- trapping and flooding hundreds of cars and trucks while their occupants required rescue.

A Nashville traffic camera caught that flooding:  images show a large building that had broken loose from it's foundation and floated onto flooded I-24 near Bell Road in Nashville before the force of the floodwaters broke the building into pieces.

As of late Sunday afternoon- the National Weather Service reports that "13 inches of rain has fallen in Nashville TN since early Saturday-"  a new record.

Rain is forecast to continue through at least Monday morning.


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