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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Homicide at Kansas City's Plaza Library Garage

This is at 4801 Main Street and it occurred around 2 pm Thursday afternoon as a shooting.

No victim ident yet- but police are seeking 2 suspect vehicles- driven and/or occupied by black males.

As of 3 pm- KCPD still has the library parking garage as well as the immediate area cordoned off. 

More as learned....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kansas City MO Shooting Leaves 1 Dead- Others Injured

The shooting took place in the 500 block of Booth Avenue around 10:50 pm Tuesday night.

Details are few- but it was "a drive-by" and two teen-age victims- a male and a female- were transported to area trauma centers.

The male had "multiple" gunshot wounds and was in serious to critical condition.

The female had been shot in a leg.

The two teens may have been sitting in a car "using a WI-FI near the Quik Trip" when they were shot.

The dead person was found in the street "in front of 524 Booth" police sources said.

The crimes are being investigated by the Kansas City MO Police department.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

BREAKING: Boy Hit By Car in Shawnee KS

The incident occurred in the 14500 block of West 67th Street around 2:08 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Reportedly- a motorist had stuck a child pedestrian- and had stopped at the scene with the injured child.

MED-ACT-1132 transported the victim- reported as "an 11-year-old male-" to Children's Mercy.

The boy had "a head laceration-" but no reported breaks or fractures and was in good condition while enroute to CMH.

The driver of the striking vehicle was not injured- unknown if that driver was cited for any infraction. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

BREAKING: Building Collapse Reported in Kansas City MO

Five KC-MO Fire companies and EMS was sent to "12th Street and Indiana" on a reported "building collapse" at 12:56 pm..

Arriving companies have found a portion of "a 3-story vacant building" collapsed- and there are initially no reports of anyone hurt.

More here as received....

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BREAKING: Shooting at Attempted Carjacking on Independence-Kansas City MO Border

Numerous police from KC- Independence and Jackson County Sheriff are working a crime scene in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot at 11900 East U.S. 40 Hwy..

Occurring around 10:30 pm Wednesday night- an Independence police source says it's "an attempted carjacking" with the targeted victim- a female- "shot in the chest-" managing to drive a short distance away- getting the attention of a passing JaCo Sheriff deputy.

There's a large manhunt for 3 black males in their late-teens to 20's with clothing descriptions who left the scene on foot.

The victim- a female in her 30's- was transported by AMR-EMS to an area medical trauma center- condition unknown.

Monday, December 19, 2016

BREAKING: Injuries Reported at Liberty MO Apartment Building Fire

Fire broke out in one of the buildings of the Wilshire Apartments complex just before 10 pm Monday night and at least 3 people have been injured- one seriously.

The fire was at the 111 Brentwood Drive building and Liberty Fire requested 2 KCFD-EMS units to that scene "for 3 injuries" by 10:10 pm..

Medic-14 transported a serious to critically-injured "approximately 30-40-year-old female" to Liberty Hospital.

That victim had suffered smoke inhalation. 

Medic-34 transported "a 56-year-old male" to that facility as well.  No medical report was heard- but the transport was non-emergency.

At 10:45 pm- a woman in her 80's was also being transported in good condition to LH with "minor" smoke inhalation.

As of 10:47 pm- and with the help of at least 5 KCFD companies now on-scene- the fire is believed to be under control.

At 10:55 pm- the LFD chief requests "the Red Cross for up to 24" persons made temporarily homeless by the fire..


Charles Gray- Longtime Kansas City Broadcaster- Dead

This just in via a Tweet from KSHB ...

Charles Gray during the 50-year anniversary commemoration of the Southwest Boulevard Gasoline Tank Fire of August 18 1959.
Charles was with a KMBC-9 photographer at the scene when a gas storage tank blew up- killing 7.


BREAKING: Townhome on Fire in Grandview MO

The alarm sounded at 3:49 pm Monday afternoon on a report of "flames coming from a 2nd-story window" at a complex of townhomes in the 6600 block of East 128th St..

All of Grandview's in-service fire companies were called to the scene- as well as units from Belton Fire.

A GPD unit at 3:51 pm reported "heavy smoke coming from a broken 2nd-floor window" with GFD units arriving within 2 minutes.

A working fire is underway- reportedly the occupant escaped uninjured.

The fire is believed to be under control by 4:15 pm- at 4:14 pm the GFD chief requested Red Cross for "2 adults and 1 child" displaced by the fire.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kansas City MO House Fires in Zero-Degree Weather

As temperatures in KC struggle to reach double-digits- several house fires have kept KCMO fire crews busy....

At 12:49 pm Sunday afternoon- a 3-story house was heavily-damaged in a fire witnessed and reported by motorists on nearby I-70 approaching the Benton Curve.

That fire was in the 1200 block of Benton- and at least 2 hose lines were used and brought that fire under control- without reported injuries- at 1:04 pm.

Another house fire broke out in the 11400 block of Corrington in the Ruskin Heights area around 1:41 pm.

Two handlines were used on a possible attic fire- that one brought under control without injuries at 1:51 pm..

The latest fire was in the 3200 block of North Troost- a working fire in a reported "vacant" house.

That fire was reported under control at 4:40 pm with no reports of injuries as of this post at 4:44 pm..

Thursday, December 15, 2016

BREAKING: Large Home in Exclusive Loch Lloyd Burns

Around 1:30 am Thursday morning- Belton MO fire crews were called to a reported house fire in Loch Lloyd at 1625 Eden Bridge.

Loch Lloyd is a private lake community in extreme NW Cass county- west of Belton.

The BFD needed help- and at 1:44 am- 3 pumpers- a truck and a battalion chief from Kansas City responded- most of those crews arriving by 2 am.

Smoke from this fire reported visible from nearly 1/2-mile away by responding KC companies.

Narrow streets and the supply of water were issues.

Fire crews from both cities made an interior attack through 2:15 am- but there was talk of pulling inside crews out.

There are no reports of injuries- or anything else on this fire as of this report.

The home was heavily damaged- but no further info was publicly available..

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BREAKING: Building Fire in Lenexa KS Industrial Park

Reported initially at 4:45 pm Wednesday afternoon- Lenexa Police said that "there was a fire on the roof but the construction crew couldn't get (the fire) out."

The address was 10951 Lakeview- and GOOGLE street view showed that to be a Sprint building.

Lenexa Fire sent a full fire response- which was upgraded to a 2nd-alarm with an Olathe Haz-Mat crew at 5:03 pm.


The fire was restricted to a portion of the roof area with no reported injuries.

Grandview MO Tweets of Shooting There Tuesday Night

Posted Friday by KSHB News:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lee Dickerson was shot on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016 in the area of 80th Street and James A. Reed in Kansas City, Missouri. 
In the early hours of Dec. 14, Kansas City police were called to the area to meet Grandview police.
Grandview police said a shooting victim was found in their city, but they believed he had been shot in Kansas City, Missouri.
Grandview police said they received a call in Grandview on a suspicious person in the area of 119th and Newton hours earlier. When officers arrived, they found Dickerson with a gunshot wound. He was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.
Grandview and Kansas City police found a crime scene in the area of 80th St. and James A. Reed. Based on evidence from crime scene investigators, Dickerson was shot in KC before being found in Grandview.
Dickerson died of his injuries on Dec. 15, 2016. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BREAKING: Crash With Critical Injuries in North-central Olathe KS

The incident was reported at 4:30 pm- an injury crash at the intersection of Woodland and Northgate.

A few minutes later- an Olathe PD unit on scene reports at least "3" critical injuries.

Numerous fire and EMS units are on-scene as well as of this post.

Only medical transport heard was "the 30-year-old female driver of a car who struck another car making a left turn in front of her...."

The woman's condition was non life-threatening.

EMS also reports 2 children- ages "6 and 9-"  were also involved in this crash but had only minor injuries.

In fact- none of the injured injuries sounded to be life-threatening (probably just a lot of blood) as the various patients were transported by MED-ACT.

Monday, December 12, 2016

BREAKING: Wing of KC-MO Elderly Care Center Evacuated Due to Possible Electrical Fire

Beginning at 10:53 pm Monday night- 10 Kansas City MO Fire department companies responded to the report of "smoke filling the wing" of an elderly care center at the site of the old Glennon High school at 128 North Hardesty.

The occupants of that wing affected were moved into an unaffected wing of the building rather than into sub-freezing outside temperatures.

Fire crews were searching for the source of "a heavy electrical smell-"  but as of 11:13 pm- no reports of any fire located and "little smoke."

Also no reported injuries at that time.

This incident has resulted to be very minor.

However- Kansas City KS fire crews have reportedly pulled a victim from a burning house in the 2500 block of South 46th Street.

That person was rushed to an area medical trauma center where the victim- reportedly a female- died..
Updates on this post as received.....

Sunday, December 11, 2016

BREAKING: High-Speed Independence MO Police Pursuit Ends With Serious Injury Crash

The chase was underway at 10:37 pm..

An Independence MO police officer was chasing "a black (Chevrolet) Monte Carlo with temporary Kansas tags" for "a traffic violation" in East Kansas City and the border with Blue Summit on 23rd Street.

Speeds were reported by the pursuing officer as high as "105" MPH as the chase continued rapidly west into Kansas City.

At 10:39 pm- the suspect car went south on Kensington and- at the intersection with 24th Street- rammed into a vehicle with 2 occupants.

Two EMS/ambulances are dispatched here at 10:42 pm- but only one person transported.

The "male" driver of the Monte Carlo was taken into custody after a short footchase after the crash..  

Friday, December 09, 2016

Kansas City MO Murder Total Tops 120 So Far in 2016

December 2016 isn't yet half over- but the homicide count continues to increase...

Friday afternoon- a man was reportedly shot dead in the 8100 block of Troost in south-central around 1:30 pm..

Police report having a suspect in custody- and the killing reportedly was the result of a family dispute.

The last year Kansas City murders reached the 120 mark was in 2008 at 126 killings..

BREAKING: Apartment Building Fire in Kansas City MO's North End

At 3:38 am Thursday morning- 3 pumpers- a rescue squad and ladder company with EMS were dispatched to "an apartment" building fire in the 1100 block of East Missouri Avenue (see GOOGLE image below).

This is in KC's famous North End- home to many original Italian immigrants more than 100 years ago.

One company from Station 10 reported seeing flames "from (Independence Ave.) and Paseo" while enroute at 3:40 am..

When companies pull-up less than two minutes later- fire is shooting through the roof and- at 3:46 am- fire crews are pulled from their interior attack.

As of 4:35 am- no victims have been reported or found and no injuries reported.

Firefighters only able to do a cursory search of the 1st-floor as the firefight continued.

Temperatures are in the middle-teens with light northwest wind..

There had been a minor electrical fire at this address Thursday evening.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Kansas City's First Snow of Winter 2016-17

Most areas have seen one-half inch or less- but many roadways are wet and with temperatures just below freezing- you KNOW what that means.

Here's what it looked like minutes ago on the lawn of WDAF FOX-4 at 31st Street and Southwest Trafficway ....

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

BREAKING: Homicide on Kansas City's East Side

Shortly after 8 pm Tuesday night- East Zone Kansas City MO Police got the call of a shooting at the Bluebird Motel at 8920 East U.S. 40 highway.

At 8:08 pm- Fire and EMS are also enroute.

By 8:16 pm- an officer on the shooting scene reports one "confirmed" dead.

Reported suspect info was only "a black male in a black vest- left on foot westbound."

No other info available on this breaking news.


Annual Corporate News Media Fake News Coming

At least one if not all of your 'network' news stations will air fake news in about two and a-half weeks.

Guaranteed.  Perhaps with the US Government involved.

It's known as those Christmas Eve 'Santa sightings-'  for years "tracked" by NORAD (the North American Defense Command).

Your local news station will replace a fluff- celebrity and/or Internet pop-culture story or two with more hard-hitting news of a fictional character being transported in a fictional conveyance to your doorstep (or rooftop if you will- if you won't...forget it ;) ).

Why worry about "fake news" on the Internet when commercial TV has been providing such for years? 

BREAKING: House Fire With Victim in East Kansas City MO

At least seven fire companies from Kansas City and Raytown MO were called to a "house fire" in the 4600 block of Norwood Court at 8:35 am Tuesday morning.

Units from KCFD Station 39- located about 6 blocks from the address- reported a fire in the attic of the structure after they arrived minutes later.

At 8:44 am- a victim is reportedly found inside and a 2nd EMS/ambulance is ordered.

At 9:09 am- KCFD EMS "Medic-521" transported this victim- "an approximately 50-year-old male-" non-emergency and in what sounds good condition to a hospital.

The fire itself was declared "under control" at 8:56 am.

Cause and damage determinations pending.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Kansas City News Censors

Kansas City is not only blessed with increasingly-fluff news- but with news censoring as well.

Images from a news helicopter over a multi-fatality fire in Oakland CA were carefully edited by KCTV-5 so people were not offended by the sight of body bags still inside the burned structure.

The station of their Facebook page stated they did so because showing the images would have been "disrespectful."

What seems to me as TV news "disrespectful" is editorializing on news stories and censoring news content- but hey- this is the new- bizarro America.  

BTW- the fire was in an old warehouse converted to some-sort of artists' colony and there was reportedly some sort of concert in progress.

The death toll was 9 as of 1 pm Kansas City time with a growing list of those reported missing that can be found HERE.  

Thursday, December 01, 2016

BREAKING: Working Fire at Longtime Raytown Business

At 10 pm Wednesday night- all of Raytown's and at least 3 fire companies from Kansas City MO responded to the report of a fire at "Clark's Appliances at 63rd St. and Raytown (Trafficway)."

First-arriving units minutes later report "heavy smoke showing" and call for "a working fire response."

The incident is underway at this time and thus far- no injuries reported.

Clark's Appliance store has been at this location for more than 50 years.

According to Clark's Website- the business opened the same year of the Ruskin Heights Tornado- 1957.

At 10:44 pm- this fire was declared under control.

The extent of damage to Clark's is unknown at this time- but will likely be extensive.