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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Kansas City News Censors

Kansas City is not only blessed with increasingly-fluff news- but with news censoring as well.

Images from a news helicopter over a multi-fatality fire in Oakland CA were carefully edited by KCTV-5 so people were not offended by the sight of body bags still inside the burned structure.

The station of their Facebook page stated they did so because showing the images would have been "disrespectful."

What seems to me as TV news "disrespectful" is editorializing on news stories and censoring news content- but hey- this is the new- bizarro America.  

BTW- the fire was in an old warehouse converted to some-sort of artists' colony and there was reportedly some sort of concert in progress.

The death toll was 9 as of 1 pm Kansas City time with a growing list of those reported missing that can be found HERE.  

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