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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BREAKING: Triple-Victim Shooting in Kansas City MO near Raytown

The incident is in the 6800 block of Manchester and it occurred around 9:25 pm Tuesday night.

It was reported as a shooting with the victim's vehicle crashing after the gunshots.

PD on-scene at 9:30 pm says there's 2- then 3 victims- "one critical with a GSW (gunshot wound) to the head" and another victim "serious... shot in the back."

FD dispatches the 3rd ambulance at 9:39 pm.

Police are saying at least two of the shooting victims are teens ... one "15" the other "16" year-old males.

Only suspect info heard as of 9:45 was "a black male with dreds" left the scene in "a black sedan southbound on Manchester."

At 9:51 pm- the first EMS unit- "Medic 537" is enroute to the closest trauma hospital with a gravely-injured ("GCS maybe 5 at best) 17-18-year-old male" with the GSW to his head.

The 15 and 16-year-olds are transported to different hospitals just before 10 pm- both in serious but not immediately life-threatening condition like the first transport.

The have already been 112 homicides in KC this year.

More details as they become available....

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