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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Central States WEATHER: Severe Storm Risk Sunday Includes K.C. MetroRegion

A cool front making it's way south from Canada and the Northern States of America will enter the Central States Sunday- bringing a chance of severe thunderstorms and "isolated" tornadoes.

Image 1 shows the forecast area of severe weather and includes all of MetroRegion and Metro Kansas City- as well as large parts of Kansas- Missouri- southeastern Nebraska and most of Iowa.

Image 2 shows the risk of "any" severe weather in the given forecast area- and that's fairly high for Metro K.C. at the 30-percentile range.

In addition to the severe weather risk will be torrential rains associated with any thunderstorms later Sunday- possibly producing flash flooding.

More on this weather situation over the next 24-36 hours here at commercial-free CSW.

Saturday Morning- KC-MO Police Chase- Assist and Swim

t was another busy weekend pre-dawn around Metro Kansas City- particularily in Kansas City Missouri- where "black-outs" indicated there were no officers available to answer calls in some areas.

Around 12:45 a.m.- police ground units- assisted by the helicopter- pursued a silver S.U.V. through downtown streets into KC-KS..

It was reported that an officer had tried to remove a male driver from the vehicle prior to the chase when the driver sped off- "almost" dragging the officer along.

The chase went downtown along Broadway- along Southwest Boulevard where there was possibly a minor wreck involving the suspect vehicle- then south on I-35 into Kansas.

At 12:54 a.m.- the driver went up Rosedale Drive near 10th Street- abandoned the silver S.U.V. and ran.

Two minutes later- KC-MO officers caught-up with the driver and arrested him.

Shortly after 1 a.m.- Center Zone patrol officers were surrounding Penn Valley Lake- where a person wanted for an unknown offense had jumped into the water trying to elude arrest.

Fire and EMS crews were called in- the police helicopter flew in from the pursuit- and for more than 30 minutes the man eluded police in the water- "among the cattails" as one officer put it.

By 1:30 a.m.- the fire department finally ordered one of their rescue boats- but wouldn't put into the lake "unless an officer came along."

At 1:40 a.m.- the man finally gave up- and suffering form mild hypothermia- was taken to Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill for treatment in police custody. 

With KC-MO's police busy with the above and other calls- the Grandview police department needed assistance around 1: 30 a.m..

The "assist-the-officer" call was in the 12000 block of Blue Ridge and the GPD dispatcher "couldn't reach one of thier officers" by radio at the scene of "a large disturbance."

At 1:34 a.m.- that GPD officer is heard from- and it's reported "5" people were "detained- one" person was "Tasered-" there was "a large crowd" and he wanted KC-MO cars to continue to the scene.

The assist was officially cancelled at 1:37 a.m. and at least 1 injured person went to a hospital by private vehicle.

Since midnight- there were also 2 shooting incidents- but none of the victim's injuries are reported life-threatening.

One shooting was at 39th Street and Brooklyn just after 3 a.m..

The 50-year-old female victim had been shot in the leg- and taken to a hospital while police investigated.

The next shooting was reported at 3:15 a.m. in the 3800 block of East 69th Street.

This victim was driven by someone else to nearby Research Med Center where his condition was stabilized.

No suspect information was available in either incident.


Car Crash in Kansas City KS Kills One

fatality accident occurred on Parallel Parkway near 24th Street Saturday morning.

The 1-vehicle crash was reported to KC-KS emergency services at 1:10 a.m. and when fire crews arrived- they found the vehicle upside-down in a ditch with power lines down.

The male driver required extrication from the mangled vehicle- and when that extrication was completed at 1:25 a.m. the occupant was reported dead-at-the-scene by paramedics.

No identity yet on the deceased person as police are investigating the crash.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 a.m.- 5 and 10 p.m. for more details.


Grandview MO House Heavily Damaged by Fire

A fire early Saturday morning has left a Grandview MO family homeless.

The alarm sounded at 12:37 a.m. for the address in the 8000 block of East Southview Drive and when firefighters arrived 3 minutes later- fire could be seen coming from the rear of the "1-story" structure.

Until 1:03 a.m.- it was not known if anyone was inside the house until that time when the "owner" arrived- confirming the home was empty.

The Belton and KC-MO fire departments responded either to the scene or to fill empty GFD stations..

The fire was out by 1:15 a.m.- with no reports of injuries.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 a.m.- 5 and 10 p.m. for more details.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

U.S. 36 Now Divided 4-Lane Highway Across Missouri

he recent completion of a stretch of U.S. 36 in northeast Missouri now has that roadway as a 4-lane divided roadway from Hannibal all the way west to St. Joseph.

The CHILLICOTHE (MO) TRIBUNE-CONSTITUTION reports that this Saturday there will be a formal dedication and ribbon-cutting of the new U.S. 36- first built as a 2-lane road in the 1920's.

Central States NEWS: Wichita KS-area Home Foreclosures Rise 44-Percent Above 2009

gain- what about America's touted "economic recovery" reportedly underway?

Reported this morning from the WICHITA (KS) EAGLE is that home foreclosures in the Wichita-Sedgwick county-area are UP 44% from the same time period in 2009.

I imagine the situation will be similar in Des Moines after the announcement of 1000 well-paying jobs leaving in 2011.

President Obama Visits Kansas City Today

The President will visit an electric vehicle plant near K.C.I. airport then whisk downtown for a fund raiser for Missouri's Robin Carnahan.

Screwed up will be traffic when the President moves from the Northland to downtown- then back to K.C.I. around 4 p.m..

Consult KC Scout traffic for exact delays.

The REAL reason Mr. Obama is here I believe is to eat some Oklahoma Joe's BBQ as Kansas City IS the BBQ Capital of America.

Bon Appetit and avoid those crazies on the Kansas side!

Central States NEWS: Wells Fargo Cuts 1000 Jobs in Des Moines

ut- but- b- b- we're in an economic recovery aren't we?

Not happening- and today's DES MOINES (IA) REGISTER reports that banking giant Wells Fargo is closing down it's consumer finance division office there- putting 1000 employees out of work in 2011.

I'm sure the reason for the closing (broke consumers?) was in the article- but when corporate type start putting their spin on things- my eyes glass over and I become semi-conscious.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Another Stolen Car Pursuit in KC-MO

KC-MO police are involved in another pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the same area as yesterday's chase that resulted in a spectacular crash at 55th Street and U.S. 71.

The police helicopter-led pursuit has traversed an area from Prospect and Swope Parkway from 39th Street south to 63rd Street.

So far- no reports of any crashes as the result of today's chase- but the suspect did strike a police car earlier in the incident.

The chase is currently around 31st Street and Prospect heading east and south.

UPDATE - 1441 CDT- The pursuit of the stolen SUV has ended at 2:34 p.m. with the black male driver "in custody" at 28th Street and Brooklyn.

There were no reports of any crashes or any injuries as the result of this "pursuit-"  called that even though it appeared that ground police units weren't actually chasing the suspect.

Officers remained in the area based on reports from the police helicopter that followed the suspect from above- and occasionally deployed road spikes that flattened all but one of the suspect's tires- slowing him.

CSW BREAKING: Flash Flooding Possible in NW Cass- SW Jackson Counties MO and SE JoCo KS

Tropical-type rainshowers with a few taller thunderstorms continue to rain down and re-develop from southern KC-MO and eastern JoCo KS south-southwestward across Cass and Bates counties in MO and Miami- NW Linn- SE Franklin and Anderson counties in KS..

We are particularily focusing on NW Cass county around Belton- where radar-indicated rainfalls of more than 1-inch have fallen during the past hour.

At the very least- local flash flooding is likely over the next several hours from southern and southwestern KC- Grandview- Lee's Summit- Raymore and Belton MO across the state line into Leawood and central through southern Overland Park.

Central States WEATHER: "Slight Risk" of Excessive Rains Includes Metro K.C.

here's a forecasted "slight risk" of excessive rainfalls over about the next 12 hours that includes all of Metro Kansas City.

As you can see by the accompanying NWS-HPC image- the excessive rainfall forecast area stretches from Iowa into Oklahoma- with the Kansas City MetroRegion about in the middle.

Weather radar indicates that scattered small but torrential rainshowers have developed in and around Metro Kansas City.

This activity is moving slowly from south to north.

Central States NEWS: Abducted Missouri Girl Found Alive

he Louisiana MO girl that was reportedly taken from her yard Monday while playing with her brother was found alive and apparently unharmed at a car wash in a St. Louis suburb.

Four-year-old Alisa Maier was found wandering around a Fenton MO car wash late Tuesday- and she has been returned to her grateful family.

Thank you Great Spirit!

Commentary: Wishing Kansas' Political Races Would Stay There

Nothing so irritating as to be pummeled with the TV ads of these 2 Kansas Republicrat birds running for the U.S. Senate.

They are 50-times worse than infomercials.

These 2 guys must have a campaign reserve that would not only balance Kansas' budget- but Missouri's too!

And it's like which candidate is more backward- more obstructionist than the other- like they're actually proud of running America into the ground. 

It's too bad too that there aren't time restrictions on political ads- like how SOON before an election these career pollys can run their corporately-sponsored trash.

If you want REAL change in Washington D.C.- vote for independent- unbeholden political candidates- not the same 2-party liar system.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

BP's Unchecked Oil Gusher Reaches Galveston Island Texas

Now it's 5 states whose Gulf shores are being ruined by British Petroleum's continued deep-sea oil well gusher- reports the Assocated Press.

CSW BREAKING: Ten Fire Companies Respond to Downtown High-Rise Fire

t 9:38 a.m.- ten KC-MO fire companies were sent to the old Federal building at 909 Walnut on a reported "fire on the 9th floor."

The structure has been renovated into condominiums- and as firefighters make their way to the fire floor- they're reporting only "a light haze- possible electrical" fire at a yet unknown location on the 9th-floor.

Since this incident appears to be very minor- no injuries have been reported- but if this changes I'll be right back here to report on it.

Central States NEWS: Amber Alert- Child Kidnapped From Yard in Louisiana MO

our-year-old Alisa Maier was playing in the yard with her 6-year-old brother late Monday evening when a car stopped and the driver snatched Alisa and drove away with her.

According to the ST. LOUIS (MO) POST-DISPATCH- the abductor was a "thin white male, possibly in his late teens or 20s with dark, curly hair. He was driving a black or dark-colored four-door sedan with possible front end damage."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now involved in this case- should you spot this little girl and/or her abductor- please call 9-1-1 immediately.

Central States NEWS: Tragedy During Iowa Town's July 4th Parade

ellevue Iowa- a town of around 2300 people- sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River about 20 miles south-southeast of Dubuque.

On Sunday during Bellevue's annual Independence Day parade- two horses attached to and pulling a passenger carriage- somehow got spooked and went running wild along the parade route packed with children and adults.

(Photos courtesy of the CEDAR RAPIDS (IA) GAZETTE)

After several blocks the horses were finally stopped- but not before 25 children and adults were trampled- several critically- and a woman in the out-of-control carriage was killed- according to the CEDAR RAPIDS (IA) GAZETTE.

Monday, July 05, 2010

CSW WEATHER: NWS Says "High Risk" For Excessive Rainfall in Kansas City MetroRegion

he Hydrological Prediction Center (HPC) of the National Weather Service (NWS) has the southern portions of Metro Kansas City and adjacent areas south through west in a "high risk" of excessive rainfalls later today into tonight.

Rainfall totals have varied widely throughout the MetroRegion with the heaviest rains generally west through north of the Metro.

However- even the lesser amounts have re-saturated the ground that had a chance to dry out some last week- and the NWS-HPC excessive rain forecast notes an "enhanced" or higher risk of flash flooding should any areas of heavy rain move over an area.

The current weather radar doesn't show any concentrated areas of heavy rain yet threatening the Metro- and- except during initial precipitation development- very little or no severe weather is expected with any activity.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Man Dies After Northland KC-MO Stabbing

he call was received by KC-MO Fire department EMS dispatch at 6:47 a.m.- the report of a male stabbed at an apartment complex in the 500 block of Northwest 55th Terrace.

When police arrived shortly before 7 a.m.- they found a fire department and EMS crew doing C.P.R. on the "approximately 25-year-old" victim.

The victim had gone to a neighbor's apartment for help after he had been stabbed and collapsed in the doorway when the neighbor answered the door- a paramedic said to CSW.

He was taken to a Northland medical trauma center in very critical condition and died a short time later.

Police disclosed suspect information by 7:03 a.m.: "a black female in her mid-20's about 5-foot-six-inches tall and seen walking with 2 children- possible ages 4 and 5."

Police caught up with the suspect with the children around 7:10 a.m. at a convenience store on N.W. Englewood near North Broadway and arrested her.

The children were taken into temporary protective custody.

(Updated at 9:10 a.m. 04Jul2010)

One Dead- At Least 4 Injured in Metro K.C. Shootings Stabbing

very newsy Fourth of July holiday weekend continued Sunday morning the 4th with 2 shooting incidents in KC-MO and a KC-KS stabbing...

A shooting that killed one male and inflicted injuries at least 2 others occurred just before 3 a.m. near 10th Street and The Paseo.

KC-MO emergency services got the call at 2:57 a.m. to a shooting in a fourth floor apartment in the 900 block of Paseo.

Police found a "20-something (year-old)" male outside in the 1400 block of East 10th Street- riddled with "multiple" gunshot wounds.

A male teenager- also with multiple gunshot wounds- was taken to a trauma hospital by Fire department EMS in very critical condition.

The possible 3rd victim had been driven by someone to another hospital and "dropped off-" their condition unknown.

Police had no suspect information available.

The second shooting occurred around 3:30 a.m. in the 6400 block of Manchester.

Two males in their 20's had been shot- one critically-injured with a gunshot to the abdomen- in an apartment there- possibly as the result of a robbery.

The other man was shot in a thigh and ankle but was in good condition.

Police were investigating and issued no suspect information yet.

The KC-KS stabbing happened around 12:13 a.m. Sunday morning in a room of the regency Inn motel in the 4700 block of State Avenue.

A 45-year-old male was stabbed on an arm and in his back lower chest by an unknown assailant- and taken to a Metro hospital in serious to critical condition.

Police had nothing official released on this incident.

Fireworks Injures At Least 2 Northland Metro Kansas City Children

t least 2 Metro children are at Children's Mercy Hospital in KC-MO after suffering fireworks injuries.

The most seriously-injured child was a 10 to 11-year-old female who reportedly had fireworks blow up in her face at a Platte City MO home.

The call started at 12:25 a.m. to an address in the 1100 block of Fox Run Trail near I-29 and M-92 highways.

A medical helicopter based in St. Joseph flew the child with burns to her face- hands and chest as well as breathing problems and a possible eye injury to Children's in critical condition.

While the Platte City child was being treated- an Excelsior Springs MO EMS unit was transfering another child from their medical center's E-R to Children's Mercy.

That child was "a 5-year-old male who had fireworks explode in his face."

His injuries were less extensive than the girl's- and his condition was non life-threatening.