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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Central States WEATHER: Severe Storm Risk Sunday Includes K.C. MetroRegion

A cool front making it's way south from Canada and the Northern States of America will enter the Central States Sunday- bringing a chance of severe thunderstorms and "isolated" tornadoes.

Image 1 shows the forecast area of severe weather and includes all of MetroRegion and Metro Kansas City- as well as large parts of Kansas- Missouri- southeastern Nebraska and most of Iowa.

Image 2 shows the risk of "any" severe weather in the given forecast area- and that's fairly high for Metro K.C. at the 30-percentile range.

In addition to the severe weather risk will be torrential rains associated with any thunderstorms later Sunday- possibly producing flash flooding.

More on this weather situation over the next 24-36 hours here at commercial-free CSW.

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