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Friday, May 06, 2016

CSW BREAKING: Homicide in South-Central KC-MO

At least 2 were shot with one dead in the past hour in the 5300 block of Brooklyn in south-central Kansas City MO..

A short time ago- a 2nd death was reported regarding this incident.
No other details....

'This is as Bad as it Gets': Super 8 Motel Burns in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

This is in Fort McMurray- a city of just under 90000 people in the oil-shale rich area of northern Alberta province Canada.

A huge out-of-control wildfire has forced the evacuation of virtually the area's entire population and has burned thousands of structures in and around Fort Mac.

Smoke from this very fire caused a midday haze in the skies over Metro Kansas City on Thursday.

Metro KC Severe Storm Chances on the Increase in Upcoming Week

The upcoming week will bring thunderstorms and the attending threat of severe weather to the Kansas City MetroRegion.
The following is the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) "Day 3" prediction is for the time frame of 7 am Sunday (Mother's Day) May 8 to 7 am Monday May 9.
At this time- it appears any severe weather in Metro KC proper will come late Monday into Tuesday morning- about 12 hours beyond the scope of the Day 3 forecast shown in the graphics here.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

2-Alarm Apartment Fire in KC-MO Near Old Northeast KC-MO

A 2nd-alarm has been requested for a fire in a 2-story apartment building at St. John and Brooklyn in near Old Northeast KC-MO.

The initial alarm was sounded around 11:30 pm with a 2nd-alarm ordered by the first-arriving fire company who reported "heavy fire showing" at 11:34 pm..

Three EMS units have responded to this incident- but no reports of any injuries as of this posing at 11:44 pm.

The fire has been declared under control at this time as well.

Refresh this post for updates......

At 11:47 pm- the 2nd-alarm fire companies as well as one of the EMS units had been "cancelled."

Still no injuries reported and searches have revealed no victims as of yet.


Kansas City International Airport New Terminal Plan Shelved

Just announced this Tuesday afternoon...

Kansas City's appropriately-named mayor "Sly" James says the city will not submit plans for a single airport terminal to voters this year.

Millions have already been spent on studies to consolidate KCI's 3 terminals into one-  against the wishes of many travelers who like the convenience of the present layout.

A grass-roots organization then mounted a petition drive to force the terminal issue to a public vote- which in itself actually killed the mayor and council's grandiose and costly plan.  

This comes on the heels of revelations of police officer shortages- fire station closings and exorbitant water/sewer bill increases.

Over 100 KC-MO Police Officer Jobs Eliminated

Imagine how many cops we'd have lost if the sacred "earnings tax" hadn't been renewed?

Remember- we're paying $10-15-million yearly for the Power and Light entertainment district.

Enjoy your high-priced meal and drink....

Over 100 KCMO Police Officer Jobs Eliminated: Concern is growing in communities tonight where police officers' jobs are being cut.