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Saturday, April 06, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storm Chances Increase for Late Weekend- Early Next Week

Thank you- yes- I'm happy to use the warm weather logo again...

Just posting to remind you and yours that severe thunderstorm (t-storm) and tornado season is here- and that there is a chance of severe storms in Metro Kansas City in a few days.

Right now- it appears next Tuesday is the best shot for severe t-storms and possible tornadoes here in Metro Kansas City.

There are slight chances of strong to severe storms beginning as early as tonight over parts of the western Central States and that chance continues Sunday night and again later Monday.

Even if there's no severe weather- rain- possibly up to 3-inch (or more?) totals- could accumulate in the Kansas City MetroRegion by late Tuesday.

There could well be some flooding issues by the middle of the coming week.

Meanwhile- enjoy this first actual spring-weather weekend and let's be careful out there.

Friday, April 05, 2013

What? No Citizen Vote to Spend A Billion-Plus on A New KC-MO Airport?

Without a citizen vote- the Ruling Class of KC-MO (RCKC) is attempting to shove a costly remake of flyer-economical Kansas City International airport down taxpayer's throats.

That's right- KC's glitz-struck pollys want to rebuild one of the most passenger-convenient airports in America.

Just a little review- the price tag to BUILD KCI in the late 1960's-early 1970's was around $250-million.

Because of cost overruns and union difficulties- that price was $100-million higher than the $150-million in airport bonds KC-MO voters approved in 1966.

A complete renovation of the three circular terminals and new parking structures completed in 2004 cost $258-million- all figures courtesy of WikiPedia.

Total cost to build KCI and the subsequent renovations: $508-million.

Current cost estimate to demolish the three circular terminals and replace it with a single- huge terminal: $1.2-BILLION.

The main RCKC reasons cited for spending more than a billion dollars on a single airport (while city infrastructure crumbles)  terminal are:

1) The individual boarding gates in the three terminals each require their own security (TSA Gestapos-TSAG) and-

2) Passengers awaiting their flights have to leave secured areas to obtain food- drink- or shop for touristy frou-frou- then re-enter the TSAG checkpoints.

Let's do some simple math and employ some very inexpensive logic on both of the above RCKS selling points.

1) Security (TSAG) cost. Currently- one can get to KCI no less than 30 minutes before their flight departs- go through the TSAG checkpoints- and still have anywhere from 10-20 minutes before the plane leaves.

There are 90 gates at KCI- maybe 70 of those are currently in use.

For the sake of generosity however- let's use all 90 gates with five TSAG agents assigned to each gate (450 agents- I'll add 50 more to make it 500). 

Let's make the average pay for an agent $40K per year (current starting wages are about $33K yearly).

That's a $2-million annual payroll for TSAG agents- it would take 50 years to reach just $100-million in TSAG costs- 500 years to reach one billion dollars.

2) KCI is not a hub airport- so we don't have many passengers waiting around for connecting flights. Most of us who use KCI do so as it's intended purpose- AN AIRPORT- not a shopping or dining experience (with inflated prices).

Proponents of a 'new' KCI say that various airport fees will pay for the $1.2 ($2.5B after overruns)-billion cost- claiming "no taxpayer dollars will be used."

This is pure- unadulterated BS.

Who pays those added fees (taxpayers-goodbye cheap airfares)?

I say the RCKC put this VERY expensive proposal to a vote by the CITIZENS of KC-MO.

Otherwise- put that $1.2-billion toward INFRASTRUCTURE (roadwork- curbs- sidewalks- water mains- sewers- public safety- etc.) and TRULY make this city livable.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Independence MO House Fire- Possible Person Still Inside

Six companies of the IFD are currently working a house fire in the 1400 block of Franklin Drive.

The alarm was first dispatched at 5:36 pm and when the first fire company arrived two minutes later- they reported "heavy smoke showing from a 2-story" house.

There was also mentioned the possibility someone was still inside the burning house- but at 5:45 pm- that person was already outside and uninjured.

At 5:47 pm- a pumper crew inside the house reports "the fire is out."

More as received...

Monday, April 01, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Aircraft in Trouble Enroute to KCI Airport

At 12:20 pm Monday afternoon- an emergency has been declared by an in-flight "American" Airlines "MD-80" with "137" passengers and crew on board.

The problem is reported as a "pressurization" issue.

At 12:30 pm- KC-MO airport fire/rescue (ARFF) crews report the plane "has landed safely."