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Saturday, May 12, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Gunshot Victim Reported in Raytown MO

What Raytown EMS estimated to be "an early-20's male" suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound in central Raytown early Saturday moning.

Emergency services were called at 12:52 a.m. to the 6300 block of Raytown Road where the victim was located in a car near the Irish Pub House.

Shot in "the upper left chest-" the young man's condition was very critical as he was enroute to a Metro hospital.

The KC-MO police helicopter was sent to search the area of the old railroad tracks "between 59th and 63rd Street" to search for "two black males-" possible suspects who "bailed-out from a car" relating to this incident.

Police also have a residence under surveillance in the 6600 block of Hardy- also possibly relating to this shooting.

CSW BREAKING: Latest Dead By Gunfire in Kansas City MO

The scene is at the "6902 Club" at 6902 Prospect in south-central Kansas City MO..

Fire and EMS crews were called to the address by police at 12:15 a.m.- and the person shot- a male- was declared dead at the scene by a fire department paramedic.

By 3 am- police detectives were issuing a pick-up for "a black- 4-door BMW- possibly a 700-series" car in relation to the latest KC-MO homicide.

Unrelated to the homicide- KC-MO Police also conducted an investigation regarding a "car with bullet holes in it" found at 16th Street and Grand to McGee around 2:45 am Saturday morning.

This is very near the Power & Light entertainment district.

Police didn't report any gunshot victims.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rare and Recent TV Interview With (Former) Overnight Talker Rick Barber

While pining for the days of middle-of-the-road- thoughtful and considerate talk show hosts I decided to Google Rick Barber- the former overnight talk show host on a 50000-watt Denver AM station.

Found a video of KDVR-TV interviewer Ron Zappolo talking on-air to Rick about two months ago- good to see and hear my all-time fave radio talker again....

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When A Ticker-Tape Parade Comes All At Once

Actually- it's when a "4600 pound roll of paper" rolls into another 4600 pound roll of paper- and you happen to be standing in between the two...

It happened Tuesday morning around 10:15 a.m. and the Burd & Fletcher printing facility in the GeoSpace caves in Independence MO..

The AMR-EMS unit taking the male patient/victim to Centerpoint Medical Center told the hospital that the man was standing between the two massive rolls of paper when one started rollingtoward the man and the other paper roll.

The man became trapped between the two rolls- but according to the AMR paramedic the man's injuries weren't at all severe.

Otherwise- we wouldn't have make light of this incident with the headline....

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Johnson County Ks Emergency Management: Tornado On The Ground at I-35 South of 151st Street" in Olathe

This is from a spotter- awaiting further...

Well- absolutely no reports of damage as of 7:20 pm Sunday evening- there was a pretty-pronounced wall and funnel cloud as shown by KSHB-41 Action News SkyTracker- but the funnel never touched the ground.

Now- the focus across Johnson County KS is torrential rains and flash flooding.

At least 3-inches of rain an hour continues to fall along the Tomahawk and Indian Creek basins in Johnson County KS as thunderstorms continue to virtually sit over the same areas.


Tornado Reported in Cass County MO- But No Damage Found Yet

Torrential rain and large hail has been wrapping an apparent small tornado in northern Cass County MO..

The tornado was reported in southern Raymore near 195th Street and Old School Road - moving north-northeast toward the Raintree area of south Lee's Summit.

I've been monitoring all the police- fire- EMS and sheriff radio frequencies from these areas- and no damage has been located by anyone yet.