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Saturday, October 15, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Man Has Serious Injuries After KC-MO Shooting

At  1:28 a.m. Saturday morning- KC-MO emergency services responded to the 3800 block of East Truman Road on a reported shooting.

Police found the male victim in the rear of the address.

That victim was reported by EMS as "a 31-year-old- shot twice in the abdomen."

He was taken to a KC-MO medical trauma center in serious condition.

The victim didn't provide the police any suspect information.

CSW BREAKING: Critical Injuries in KC-KS Motorcycle Crash

A woman that a KC-KS EMS crew estimated to be in her "mid 40's" is in critical condition at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KU/MC) after the motorcycle she was riding on crashed in central KC-KS Saturday morning.

The call was first dispatched by emergency services at 1:17 a.m. to the incident in the 5300 block of State Avenue.

The female passenger was reported among other unknown injuries to have a fractured arm and a partial amputation of one of her legs.

The driver of the cycle- reported by another EMS crew as "a 51-year-old male-" was also taken to KU/MC.

EMS didn't see "any visible injuries-" but reported the man appeared to be "highly-intoxicated."

No other vehicles appeared to be involved in this crash and police were investigating.

KC-St. Joseph Catholic Bishop- Diocese- Indicted in Child Sexual Abuse Case

A Jackson County MO grand jury has indicted the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and it's leader Bishop Joseph Finn on "misdemeanor charges of failure to report child abuse-" according to this story in The KANSAS CITY STAR.

The indicment- announced Friday-  is in regard to the case of Father Shawn Ratigan- who is facing county and Federal trials regarding child pornography charges.

Diocese attorneys have entered a "not guilty" plea for Finn and the diocese.

Many people have alleged that Bishop Finn and the diocese engaged in a cover-up of Father Ratigan's crimes. 

Note too that The STAR- in keeping with it's stature as a representative of the American Free Press and a (non) advocate of free speech did NOT allow reader comments on the story.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Former Kansas Prison Parolee Shot and Killed By JoCo Deputy in Olathe

The Johnson County Sheriff's department has identified the man shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in Olathe Thursday night.

Forty-six year-old Matthew L. White was killed around 7: 30 p.m. in the 200 block of South Keeler by the deputy after he had run from another deputy on nearby Buchanan Street after that deputy attempted to question White in relation to a vehicle improperly parked on Buchanan.

The incident is under investigation by the JoCo SO and Olathe Police.

White had reportedly been paroled from a Kansas prison in 2010 after a 2001 assault with a knife on a prison guard.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Six Months Later- Holly Bobo of Tennesee Still Missing

Since we're on the subject of missing/abducted/kidnapped Human Beings this October morning- the following is regarding the case of Holly Bobo from Decatur County TN...

Ms. Bobo- then 20 years old- was last seen April 13 2011 a little after 8 a.m. being walked into a wooded area behind her family's home by a man dressed in camouflage clothing.

Police arrived- as well as other family- friends- and concerned citizens and the search for Holly began almost immediately after the young woman's disappearance into those woods.

Now on her 21st birthday and 6 months after the day she was taken away- Holly Bobo's  family is criticizing law enforcement's efforts immediately after her disappearance was reported- according to this story in The JACKSON (TN) SUN.

Status of Missing Infant Lisa Irwin

If I thought for one second that constant coverage of the disappearance of 10-month old Lisa Irwin would miraculously produce the child- Capt. Spaulding's World would assault you- like TV news- with lead-off sidebar/non-stories on this subject on every page of this blog.

However we live in the Real World- so Ms. Rittenhouse and I instead say daily prayers for the return of this dear child and avoid publicizing the seeming daily new ring added to the increasing circus of this sad case.

So rather than the constant assault- I'll post the occasional update:

UPDATE: Baby Lisa Irwin has NOT been located- and there has NOT as of this post been any arrests in this case.

CSW urges whoever is guilty of taking the child to come forward- or at least leave the child at a safe place.

CSW will immediately post on this case if little Lisa Irwin is located or if any arrests are actually made.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CSW Weather: Showers- Thundershowers Developing in Metro Kansas City

A few showers and thundershowers have developed in and around the Metro during the past hour- and this trend should continue for the next few hours.

Although some of the stronger cells could produce isolated hail- no severe weather watch is anticipated to be issued for the Metro- according to the Storm Prediction  Center's latest "Mesoscale Discussion No. 2252.

The activity should be completely clear of the Metro area by 8 p.m.- and more very pleasant but dry autumn weather is expected through this weekend throughout the Kansas City MetroRegion.

Driver Charged in Weekend Fatality Overland Park Crash

Other Kansas City news media is reporting today that the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a utility pole last Saturday morning- killing a passenger- has been charged with "involuntary manslaughter."

The story was reported first in Kansas City here at CSW...

The driver- "45-year-old Franklin Arita of Shawnee KS- was reportedly driving while intoxicated when he struck the pole.

Arita and another passenger ran from the crash that had critically-injured another passenger- 26-year-old Elder Padilla-Salvator- who later died at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

Arita and the other passenger was located and taken into custody by police about 20 minutes after the crash.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CSW BREAKING: "Possible Head Injury" on Raymore-Peculiar High School Football Field

At 6:33 p.m.- a fire and EMS unit from the West Peculiar Fire Protection District was sent to the Ray-Pec High school at 20801 South School Road.

There was reportedly a patient on the football field there with a possible head injury.

WPFPD-EMS transported "a 14-year-old male football player who took a hit to his head with his helmet on" in generally good condition to Children's Mercy hospital in KC-MO.

CSW BREAKING: Teenage Male Shot in KC-MO

Police are looking for an unknown year Pontiac G-6 with a missing headlight and body damage to the passenger side and driven by a black male after a shooting near 44th Street and Highland in Midtown KC-MO within the past half-hour.

The victim was also in a car.

A 19-year-old male has been rushed to a hospital with a single gunshot wound to his right side in serious condition.

CSW BREAKING: Working House Fire in Lee's Summit MO

Around 5:20 p.m. this Tuesday afternoon- 4 Lee's Summit Fire companies were dispatched on a house fire in the 300 block of Southwest Lakeview Boulevard- just west of the downtown area.

More fire companies were requested about 5 minutes later when the first-arriving fire crews reported considerable fire coming from the rear of a 1-story house.

The occupants reportedly escaped unharmed- but the firefight continues as of this post as the fire has also spread to the attic of the structure.

CSW Weather: Slight Risk of Severe Storms Tomorrow

Monday's rain was negligible- let's hope Wednesday's amounts are more substantial- but don't count on it...

At any rate- the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has Metro Kansas City- a large part of Missouri and smaller portions of Kansas- Oklahoma and Arkansas outlooked for a "slight" chance of possible severe thunderstorms tomorrow.

That risk is marginal- and if any severe weather does develop it would consist of large hail and severe-criteria wind gusts (58 mph or greater).

Also- not a whole lot of rain is forecast unless you get under one of the stronger storms.

A quarter-inch or less is outlooked in Metro Kansas City.

MetroRegion Kansas City News: Chillicothe MO Loses Manufacturing Plant ... To Mexico

This news is actually a week old- but news nonetheless...

The CHILLICOTHE (MO) CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE announced on October 4 that HanesBrands is closing it's "Gear For Sports" plant and moving the product line produced there to Mexico (the country- not Missouri).

At least 125 people will be losing their jobs at the plant that opened in 2001.

A HanesBrand spokesperson- Craig Peterson- told the CC-T “We regret the loss of jobs for our Chillicothe employees ... the Chillicothe plant is a well-run operation with a tremendous workforce. This decision is not a reflection on the capabilities and dedication of our employees. We would like to thank them for their contributions over the years.”

 Yeah- right un-American- greedy- Corporate you-know-whats....

From The Brains of Moronic Politicians: Prison Inmates Could Staff Georgia Fire Stations

Reason 897 for politicians to take pre-oath-of-office drug tests:

According to a story from The ASSOCIATED PRESS via The KANSAS CITY STAR- a southeastern Georgia county- Camden county- is actually considering getting jail/prison inmates to staff county fire stations.

Okay- from an incident I witnessed first-hand at a KC-MO fire many years ago- it MIGHT be hard to tell who's the inmates and who the actual firemen are....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hyatt-Regency Crown Center To Change to A Sheraton Hotel

The Hyatt-Regency hotel is slated to change names and operators- according to a story in the KANSAS CITY (MO) BUSINESS JOURNAL.

The Hyatt- built in 1980- is infamously known for the lobby skywalk collapse on July 17-1981 that killed 114 people.

The KCBJ say that 337 jobs are in the lurch as the hotel switches affiliations on November 30.

The KCBJ story also states that the change will mean that Hyatt Hotels won't have any presence in Kansas City- but goes on to say how the chain is awaiting putting their name on a proposed (and likely heavily-taxpayer-subsidized) 1000-room convention hotel.

Central States News: Maryville MO Can't Completely Fill New Water Towers

Imagine your town spending beaucoup $$$ for two new 750000-gallon water towers and then finding out that you can only fill them to the 70% mark...

That's the deal in Maryville where- according to this story in the MARYVILLE (MO) DAILY FORUM- the issue appears to be "an engineering problem" due to the lower elevation of a 3rd existing water tower in that northwest Missouri town.

A Kansas City engineering firm- Olsson Associates- is reportedly working with the City of Maryville to rectify the problem. 

CSW BREAKING: Students- Teacher Overcome By Fumes at Grandview MO School

Grandview Fire and EMS were called around 11:45 a.m. Monday morning to the Grandview Alternative school at 1001 Main on the report of some type of chemical fumes- "possibly propane-" in the building.

By noon- Grandview FD reports "3 students and 1 teacher" are needing medical treatment and possible transport to a hospital.

A KCFD-EMS unit has responded there "mutual-aid."

None of those affected are said to have any life-threatening injuries and the school has been evacuated.

At 12:04 p.m.- additional patients have been reported and additional emergency resources have been requested.

As of 12:30 p.m.- Kansas City MO's elite Hazmat-71 has been sent to the school- as well as additional EMS units.

An EMS unit from Belton was enroute as well.

So far- one student transport to "Children's Mercy" hospital has been reported by Grandview authorities.

Central States News: Towns Await Announcement of Post Office Closings

In small towns in Rural America- often the meeting-place for the townfolk is the local post office.

With severe budgetary issues facing the USPS- many of these small towns face closure of these meeting places.

The MARYSVILLE (KS) ADVOCATE covers this issue in a story- and lists the communities in north and northeast Kansas- southeast Nebraska and one in Iowa that could lose their post offices. 

CSW BREAKING: Crashes in the KC-MO Northland

KC-MO emergency services have been called-out to a crash "on southbound U.S. 169 and the Missouri (M) 9 exit.

This is south of Briarcliff and north of the Downtown airport.

Please use caution in this area as traffic will be considerably slowed and/or stopped in this area while the wreck is worked.

In the past minute or so- another crash has been reported "on southbound I-29 and M-152."

The crashed vehicle there is reportedly "off the roadway into the trees."

CSW Weather: Rainshowers Will Produce Slick Roadways This Morning

It seems like a very long time since I've posted any weather information here...

Finally- that narrow band of rainshowers that has been moving south to north to our west for several days is moving into and through Metro Kansas City this Monday morning.

The much-needed rain will mix with the accumulated oil and dirt on the Metro's roadway to produce- at least initially- slick roadways.

Please bear this in mind and reduce speeds- distances between other vehicles- as you travel around Metro Kansas City through mid-afternoon.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Violence in KC-KS Sunday Morning

A stabbing and a shooting in Kansas City KS have left their respective victims in serious to critical condition.

The stabbing occurred around 12:35 a.m. in the 3100 block of Coronado Road.

According to EMS reports- a 20-year-old female suffered "many" cuts and stab wounds all over her body.

She was taken to a Metro medical trauma center in serious condition.

The wounds were reportedly inflicted by a male- with no description of the suspect available.

At 3:12 a.m.- a male shooting victim was reported to be "in the street" in the 2100 block of North Tremont.

There- an "approximately 40-year-old male" was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

The man was taken to a hospital in very critical condition.

Police didn't have any suspect information regarding this incident.

Man Falls "4 Flights" in KC-MO Plaza Area

A "20-year-old male" is in critical condition at a KC-MO hospital after reportedly falling "4 flights (stories) at an apartment complex near the Plaza.

The incident happened around 12:15 a.m. at a building in the 4700 block of Oak Street.

EMS told the hospital while enroute that the patient had "a massive head injury."

Police said Monday that the man fell from "a 3rd-story balcony" after attempting to leave an apartment after a dispute with the victim's father.

CSW BREAKING: Vehicles- Structure Damaged in Lawrence KS Fire

Lawrence KS fire crews were sent to the 3700 block of Franklin Park Circle several minutes after 2 a.m. Sunday morning on the report of a fire.

Reportedly- at least 6 vehicles were on fire in the lot of "Hillcrest Wrecker and Garage" at the address- and the fire reportedly spread to a structure there.

Several large streams were used on the flames that were brought under control at 2:26 a.m..

No injuries were reported and the fire was under investigation.