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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Videos of Saturday Morning South Kansas City Flash Flooding

he pump is primed for serious flash flooding across Metro Kansas City as thunderstorms Saturday morning have dropped more than 2-inches an hour in parts of the area.

These CSW YouTube videos are of flash flooding this morning in the Loma Vista area of southeastern Kansas City MO..

If your property is subject to high water problems- we suggest you act today to prepare for possible serious flooding issues later today and overnight into Sunday morning.

Severe Storm- Flash Flood Risk For Metro Kansas City and Central States

The one instance of severe flash flood in southwestern Arkansas that has killed many is in the news- but virtually unreported is the almost nightly thunderstorms drenching parts of Kansas- Nebraska and Iowa.

Overnight NWS radar-indicated precipitation totals of more than 10-inches were indicated in western north-central Kansas northeast of Colby to near Phillipsburg.

Other areas in Nebraska from near North Platte south and eastward saw heavy rains overnight on top of up to 8-inch amounts Friday morning.

Flash-flood warnings are in effect in Iowa this morning as thunderstorms from Nebraska moved eastward.

Web camera photos of Saturday morning storms north of downtown Omaha NE.

Gulf coast-like humidity levels and warm temperatures today will again bring thunderstorms- possibly severe but certainly with torrential rains- in a Storm Prediction Center forecasted area from the Texas Panhandle across much of Kansas and Missouri- including Metro Kansas City- north into parts of Nebraska and Iowa.

Large hail- wind gusts 60 m.p.h. or greater and maybe an isolated tornado are the usual  severe suspects- with a heightened risk of deadly flash flooding just about anywhere in the Central States generally along and north of Interstate 70.

The "slight" severe risk continues over the Central States through Monday- according to the SPC.

The latest 5-Day precipitation total amount for our area is also not promising if you wanted drier weather.

This morning's scattered shower and thunderstorm activity in Metro Kansas City is just priming the pump as far as saturating already moist soils.

More showers and storms will form anytime after about 6 p.m. this evening- with off and on activity expected through Monday morning.

CSW will post any bad weather watches here later today.

Vacant Apartment Building Burns in Northeast Kansas City- Firefighter Slightly Injured

ive companies of the KC-MO Fire department rolled out at 2:35 a.m. Saturday morning to a reported apartment building on fire at 3512 Independence Avenue in old Northeast part of the city.

Flames could be seen in the rear of the 2-story structure by the first-arriving fire companies at 2:37 a.m. and they called for help.

By the time the flames had been brought under control at 3:05 a.m.- at least 10 KC-MO fire companies were at the scene- the equivalent of a 2-alarm fire.

During overhaul of the vacant structure- a firefighter suffered a "minor injury" as reported at 3:32 a.m.- and that firefighter was taken by chief's car to a Metro hospital.

No other injuries were reported- and the "suspicious" origin fire is under investigation.

Critical Injury to Victim of Kansas City River Market-area Shooting

A male thought by paramedics to be in his early-20's clings to life early Saturday morning after being shot near Kansas City MO's River Market area.

Police report tracing the cell phone call received around 3:05 a.m. to the area of 3rd Street and Locust- where the man was located.

The man had a gunshot to his inner right thigh- according to a Fire department paramedic- had lost a considerable amount of blood- and was in very critical condition when he was transported to a Metro hospital.

Police were investigating and had no suspect information yet.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC ActionNews 'This Weekend' at 7 a.m. for the latest on this story.

CSW BREAKING: Homicide in South-Central Kansas City MO

Around 12:08 a.m. Saturday morning- KC-MO emergency services received the report of a shooting at the intersection of 73rd Street and Indiana.

Police said somebody in a "black (Dodge) Charger was shooting at" the occupant of "a gray pickup truck" there.  Minutes later- police reported that " a witness saw" the Charger return and "removed something" from the shot-up pickup truck.

Officers arrived by 12:14 a.m. and confirmed the driver of the gray pickup truck dead.

There is as of yet no clear suspect information other than they were in the black Charger.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC ActionNews 'This Weekend' at 7 a.m. for the latest on this story.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Dozens" of People Could Have Died in Arkansas Campground Flash Floods

ccording to FOX-16 in Little Rock- there are now a confirmed "16 dead" and "dozens" of people missing after torrential rain in the lush but mountainous country of southwestern Arkansas sent a wall of water down two rivers and into a campground.

This story was reported earlier today here at CSW and other media outlets- and it's just now becoming apparent this is a significant national news story.

At least 7-inches of rain fell during the early morning hours today- sending one river nearly 2 dozen feet above it's banks- washing into and away the Albert Pike Campground where many of the deaths and missing are reported.

There'll be continuous updates to this story here throughout today and Saturday- along with other stories of flooding rains falling throughout the Central States into this weekend.


UPDATE- 11JUN10-1602CDT- The Associated Press now reports "20 dead" in the flash flood.


CSW BREAKING: Critical-Injury Crash on M-7 Highway in Cass County MO

he 1:27 p.m. report to Garden City MO Fire and EMS was of a vehicle crash with a person ejected- and the vehicle on top of them on northbound Missouri (M) 7 south of T highway.

At 1:31 p.m.- the GCFD dispatch says "bystanders have gotten the vehicle off" of the victim- and a medical helicopter was dispatched.

At 1:36 p.m.- there are reported to be "2" injuries at this scene with EMS just having arrived there.

What happened- according to a report from a Lifeflight-Eagle helicopter paramedic- was that "a car rear-ended a large tractor that was going down the side of the road."

The "56-year-old male" tractor driver was ejected by the force of the crash- then had the tractor land on top of him.

That man was flown to a Metro Kansas City medical trauma center in critical condition.

The car driver that rear-ended the tractor got non life-threatening injuries.

The accident is being investigated by the Missouri Highway Patrol- Troop A with current traffic delays on M-7 in the crash area.

At Least 12 Campers Die in Arkansas Flash Flooding

NOTE:  More information on this developing story can be found by clicking HERE...

ne of the rules of setting up a campsite is to check the surrounding topography- proximity to waterways- etc..

Then another rule is keeping tabs on the weather.

Apparently at least 12 campers along the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers in southwestern Arkansas failed to heed those two rules- and died when a "20 foot" rise in those streams caused by at least 7-inches of rain in a short time swept campers and their campsites away near Caddo Gap AR- according to this latest update from the FORT SMITH (AR) TIMES-RECORD.

Authorities started receiving the flood reports about 5:30 a.m. this morning- and a search and rescue of stranded campers continues at this hour.

CSW BREAKING: Critical Injuries in Grandview MO Apartment Fire

A fire broke out just after midnight in an apartment building in the 6200 block of East 129th Street in Grandview and the Grandview Fire department called for help from Kansas City.

The GFD arrived to find a working fire in the Greenfield Village townhomes around 12:10 a.m. and- at 12:14 a.m.- a child fire victim is located.

Two KC-MO EMS units are called as well as the 5 KC-MO Fire companies and a second burn victim is reported outside the building.

The child was described as a "2-year-old female-" her condition was very critical as she was being transported to Children's Mercy hospital.

This child later died at Children's Mercy.

The burn victim was the child's mother and she had suffered burns to her hands and minor smoke inhalation.

At 12:37 a.m.- there is reportedly an additional "4 children" who suffered (non life-threatening) smoke inhalation" in the fire- and 2 additional KC-MO EMS units were sent.

Also- at least three Grandview police officers and firefighters experienced minor smoke inhalation trying to rescue the infant girl.

The fire was under control as of this post- and the state fire marshal's report on the cause of the fire is pending.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Impeach The Entire KC-MO City Council (Clowncil) NOW

n light of continued decreases in city revenues and increases in services needed but are cut- our KC-MO City Council approved a quarter-million dollar expendature today- FOR THAT BLASTED 1000-ROOM CONVENTION HOTEL!!!

By a 12 yea to 1 nay (Mayor Funkhouser was the LONE sane person)- the collective "clowncil" approved MORE MONEY for this whitest of elephants.

Folks- that's 3/4 of a million dollars this clowncil has spend on this idiotic convention hotel without ONE SPADE OF EARTH being turned.

This calls for an IMMEDIATE impeachment- by the residents- of the City Council.

At least vote out EVERY clowncil member next election for approving this 3/4-million dollar drain for corporate interests.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kansas City's National Weather Service Radio Station Back On The Air- Sort Of

any of you that rely on NWS weather radio for severe weather warnings- particularly after yesterday's tornado watch and flash flooding- will be happy to know that KC's weather radio station KID-77 is back on-the-air- at least until NWS technicians finish tinkering around with the transmitter.

Per this statement issued by KC's NWS office:


111 PM CDT WED JUN 9 2010




Kansas City MO Politicians Apparently Have Broken The Law Regarding Tax Increment Financing (TIF- i.e.- Corporate Welfare)

ccording to a story in today's KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL- it appears Kansas City MO is in violation of the law.

In the KCBJ's story regarding the KC-MO TIF Commission hiring an independent auditor- it appears that "five-year statutory reviews of each TIF plan are required by law."

However in that story- a person the KCBJ identified as a Jackson County TIF Commission board member- Calvin Williford- said "he had never seen..." such a required review- and this man sits ON the TIF board!

So I called City Hall within the hour- attempting to see for myself if I could look at such a "5-year statutory review."

After finally getting steered to the correct agency- the Community Development Corporation (CDC)- a Jessica Middleton told CSW that I would "have to file a Sunshine request-" which is basically a Freedom of Information form in order to view those documents- if they exist at all.

I'll leave that up to the PAID NEWS MEDIA in this city- to find out about "the mess" that the KCBJ story says about Kansas City MO's TIF accounting procedures.

Maybe the KANSAS CITY STAR would do it's readers/fellow taxpayers n actual service by attempting to see if these "5-year statutory reviews" of this city's many corporate welfare (TIF) handouts really do exist.

If not- maybe The STAR can find out why those who were responsible for those reviews that are required by law did not provide them- and why those individuals have not been talked to by law enforcement officials for breaking this law.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Without NWS Weather Radio- Thunderstorms Bring High Water and Lightning Damages to Southern Metro Kansas City

s reported here first in Kansas City Tuesday afternoon- strong thunderstorms brought torrential rainfall and flash flooding to parts of Johnson county Kansas- and extreme southern Jackson and Cass counties in Missouri.

Water rescues were reported from about 4:45 p.m until after 8 p.m. from Overland Park and Leawood into  Cass county.

More than 3-inches of rain fell in less than an hour from southern Overland Park and Leawood into Belton- Raymore and Peculiar.

As of 10 p.m.- more than 4-inches of rain total have fallen since this morning in a swath generally along and east of Metcalf and south of 103rd Street- stretching into northern and central Cass county.

There were several water rescues by West Peculiar- Belton and the Harrisonville MO fire departments Tuesday evening- and a number of roads in the county remain closed due to high water.

The KC-MO Fire department ordered the closing of a small strip mall on 103rd Street west of Wornall Tuesday evening because of rapidly-rising Indian Creek.

No injuries or missing persons have yet been reported.

Lightning struck at least a half-dozen homes and buildings thoughout the southern Metro during the storms.

One lightning-ignited fire in northern Overland Park caused heavy damage to a home near 54th Street and Newton- but no one was hurt.

Through it all- the Kansas City/Pleasant Hill National Weather Service office's VHF weather radio channel- KID-77 on 162.550mhz was off the air.

Residents in this metropolitan area of more than 2-million people had no way their weather radios could alert them of the flash flood and severe thunderstorm- but thankfully not tornado- warnings that were issued today.

More storms are looking on radar to be headed for the southern Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion- from Johnson and Miami counties Kansas and Cass county southward in Missouri during the next hour or so.


CSW BREAKING: Leawood KS Roads Closed Due to Flash Flooding

Leawood Fire has advised thier dispatcher at 4:44 p.m. that "119th Street and Roe is closed due to a foot of water over the roadway."

The image shows JoCoKS rainfalls just during the hour of 3:40 to 4:40 p.m.- more than 2-inches in several locations.

At 4:47 p.m.- a water rescue is being dispatched by JoCoKS Fire to "125th Terrace and Mission Road" in Leawood.

At 4:49 p.m. - the victims are reported to be safety out of their inundated car "at a neighbor's house."

In addition- there are large areas of JoCoKS without electrical power- and several houses have suffered lightning strikes.


CSW WEATHER ADVISORY: Flash Flooding Possible in Johnson County KS

trong thunderstorms with torrential rain continue over about the southern 2/3 of Johnson County KS..

More than 1.3 inches of rain has fallen in 30 minutes in southwest JoCoKS and in Olathe.

The camera image from Overland Park Traffic department shows the heavy rain and runoff at 119th Street and Nall.

Radar indicates more activity lined up behind this initial storm- and Metro Kansas City remains under a Tornado Watch until 9 p.m. tonight.

CSW WEATHER: Tornado Watch No. 285 Valid Until 9 P.M.- KS-MO

ll of  Metro Kansas City IS included in Tornado Watch Number 285.

The watch basically includes that part of the Kansas City MetroRegion along and south of U.S. 36 highway west of Chillicothe- then north of this line east of Chillicothe.

Most of the southern K.C. MetroRegion is also included in this watch.

Currently showers and thundershowers- non-severe- stretch from near Topeka to near Lawrence- moving eastward.

When thunderstorms develop- they will probably become severe quite rapidly- so it's up to you and yours to keep tabs on sky conditions and the latest severe weather information by radio or TV..

KSHB 41's Amy Hawley Interview Puts KU's Lew Perkins on Hot Seat

Amy kept her cool while Perkins seemingly lost his during the interview- especially when Ms. Hawley asked Perkins if he would quit his job as AD..

Additionally- both Perkins AND KU officials said if KSHB aired the Perkins interview- they "would never talk to (KSHB's) news department again.

For KU's information- THEY are a PUBLIC university and it would NOT behoove them in ANY way to not talk to ANY news media.

As I said in a post last week- Lew Perkins NEEDS to quit or be fired YESTERDAY!

CSW Breaking: One Fatality Reported in Midtown Kansas City MO Building Collapse

ctually- it's reported to be a partial collapse of a block-long building in the 3200 block of Forest.

KC-MO Fire sent out the alarm at 11:48 a.m. to that address- when the first company arrived at 11:49 a.m. they reported "the upper floor collapsed" on the 2-story building.

At 11:50 a.m.- that fire crew reported "1" person "trapped." 

A minute later- that same fire crew reported "one fatality" there.

There has been further collapse of the building while fire crew are on-scene- but yet no reports of anyone else trapped or killed in the building.

At 12:45 p.m.- witnesses told a fire chief that there "are homeless (people) living in (the) building."

I'll update right here as needed....

Monday, June 07, 2010

80-Year-old Kansas City 'Robin Hood' Bank Robber Gets Probation

ighty-year-old Augusta Cannon served his country in the Air Force.

Mr. Cannon also worked for years- until his retirement- as a railroad engineer.

He had no prior crimes police say- until he pulled an attempted- then another successful bank robbery before Christmas last year.

The robbery of the UMB Bank at 103rd Street and State Line- using a "pellet gun-" netted Augusta Cannon a mere $8755. 

He had previously tried to rob the US Bank at 87th Street and Blue Ridge before he drove to UMB.

Cannon's bank robbery video got him IDed by some people from Cannon's church.

The results of the trial? Well- it seems Mr. Cannon will just get probation- and be relatively free to live out whatever time he has left of this Earth.

The $8755?  Mr. Cannon's reason for robbing a bank in the first place was to give the money "to needy children-" and that's apparently where most of the bank's money went.

UMB?  They'll just manipulate some people's credits and debits- tack on or jack up a few service charges here and there- and they too will be fine....

CSW BREAKING: House Fire With Reported Injury in Kansas City MO's Northland

or the 2nd morning in a row- KC-MO Northland fire companies are battling a house fire- this one reportedly with an injured person.

The fire was reported at 9:48 a.m. at a house in the 4100 block of North Holmes- also reported was a person injured and a possible "explosion" preceeded the fire.

A Fire department EMS unit arrived first at 9:51 a.m.- and reported the "1-1/2-story" home "fully-involved" in flames.

Fire crews are using "3" hoselines on the fire- reported under control at 10:02 a.m..

Fire crews report no victims located on the inside of the burned residence- and even though I'm locked-in to the agencies dealing with this fire- I've heard nothing about the reported "injured person."

Turns out that the home's occupant was away at work at the time of the fire and there were no injured here.

Jackson County Advocate: Federal Program Spells Hope for Economy-Battered Neighborhoods

n 1970 when I (sort-of) graduated from Ruskin High school- the Ruskin Heights area was a clean- well-kept- blue-collar neighborhood of mostly 1-story ranch homes.

The area has suffered a slow but sure downhill decline since and- according to the story in the JACKSON COUNTY ADVOCATE- has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the entire State of Missouri.

A slow turnaround is taking place- thanks to a federal Neighborhood Stabilization program that is buying and rehabbing homes in the Ruskin- Robandee and Loma Vista neighborhoods. 

Happy 150th Birthday Chillicothe (MO) Constitution-Tribune

ansas City MO will be 150 years-old NEXT year- but a newspaper in a Missouri city about 75 miles northeast is already celebrating their 150th.

To celebrate- The Chillicothe CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE is holding free hog dog lunches on Fridays in June at different locations in that Livingston County seat of around 9000 residents.

CSW congratulates the CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE on it's 150 years of service and toasts you another 150!

CSW Weather: Severe Storm Risk Today and Tomorrow- Includes Metro Kansas City

e here in the immediate Kansas City Metro managed to avoid all the weekend severe weather that brought destruction- injury and death to those from the eastern Central States into the Great Lakes region.

As one of the first media outlets in America to report it- tornadoes struck in darkness late Saturday and early Sunday from Illinois to Ohio and Michigan- killing at least 7 and injuring dozens of people.

The active storm pattern continues- and although the stricken areas will get a break from severe weather today- areas of our Central States- including Metro and north MetroRegion Kansas City- could see an outbreak of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes later today through Tuesday.

The K.C. area will probably get part of an overnight thunderstorm complex that's forecast to develop over Nebraska and Kansas then move east to southeast over us during the Tuesday early morning time-frame.

Another severe risk on Tuesday will also include Metro Kansas City- and points east that suffered the severe storms this past weekend.

All in all- CSW will keep you informed of any severe weather watches later today as they're issued...

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Family of Six Displaced in Kansas City MO Northland House Fire

he regular alarm of 4 pumper and 1 truck companies was dispatched at 7:24 a.m. Sunday morning: a report of a fire in a residence in the 8400 block of North Virginia in Northland KC-MO..

When Pumper 14 arrived at 7:29 a.m.- they report "heavy flames and smoke coming from the garage area of a 1-1/2-story raised-ranch house" there.

Several minutes elapsed before firefighters discovered the family- two adults and 4 children- across the street from the fire at a neighbor's house.

Two hose streams are used on the fire- declared under control at 7:35 a.m...

There were no injuries- and the Red Cross was requested to assist the family.

Towns Suffer Brunt of Illinois- Indiana- Ohio and Michigan Tornado Outbreak

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center has accurately assessed early Saturday what would occur later that Saturday afternoon and evening: a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes from Iowa and Missouri- across Illinois into the eastern Great Lakes states.

By early Sunday morning- tornadoes had caused destruction in Illinois towns of Yates City- Brimfield-  Elmwood- Streator and Dwight and grazed bigger citites of Peoria and Kankakee.

Fortunately as of this report early Sunday morning- no fatalities have been reported- and no severe injuries either.

Elmwood IL- about 20 miles west-northwest of Peoria- was hit by a tornado sometime after 8 p.m.- according to a report from WGIL Radio in nearby Galeburg.

WGIL reports downtown buildings in Elmwood received structural damage- and gas leaks had forced evacuations of residents- but there were no injuries in the west-central Illinois town of about 2000 people.

The Streator IL tornado is reported in an earlier CSW story- after Streator was struck a tornado hit a mobile home park near Dwight- east of Streator

Again- only minor injuries reported- according to a news report from radio station WJEZ in nearby Pontiac IL..

A storm chaser picked up the tornadic supercell right after it struck Streator- then the trailer park in Dwight.

Illuminated by lightning flashes- the chaser caught the wall cloud and what appears to be a tornado in his YouTube video.

Two screen captures from the storm chaser's series of videos- this one in Kankakee county at video around the 0:13 second mark- clearly shows the impressive circular wall cloud and a funnel.

The situation is different in Ohio- where at least 5 people are dead as of early Sunday afternoon from tornadoes near Toledo.

WTOL-TV in Toledo reports a woman driving on a highway in northwestern Ohio was killed when her vehicle was blown off Route 795 south of Millbury.

West of there and just south of 795 on Cummings Road- another woman was killed in Lake Township trying to seek shelter near the police station.

That police station- and the Lake Township municipal complex that was only several years old- was virtually destroyed.

Less than a mile east- the Lake high school was heavily damaged. Graduation ceremonies were planned there today.

There was no immediate information on the third fatality- but 2 more were killed in Millbury.

There are as yet no reports on the number of injured in Ohio this Sunday morning.