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Friday, June 04, 2010

CSW Commentary: KU's Lew Perkins HAS To Go

hat's in "has to go" as in resign/quit/leave/get-fired-from the University of Kansas.

1) There's the ticket scandal that- as HEAD of the KU athletic department- claims he didn't know of.

2) Then there's this REALLY bogus-sounding "blackmail attempt" which appears to be some sort of diversion from (1) the ticket scandal.

This guy HAS to go- he makes KU look feeble- incompetent and possibly even criminal.

This 'born Jayhawker' says it's time (yesterday) for Lew Perkins to resign or be fired so KU can 'try' to get back a LITTLE public respect for their athletic program.

I have NO respect for either Perkins or the program right now.

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