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Thursday, January 04, 2007


This man's unselfish act for a fellow Human Being literally brought tears to my eyes.
May his unselfish act inspire ALL of us!

Man Recalls Rescue on NYC Subway Tracks

Jan 4, 4:15 AM (ET) By DEEPTI HAJELA

NEW YORK (AP) - It took only an instant for Wesley Autrey to decide to jump into a subway track to rescue a stranger from an oncoming train.

In hindsight, even he is somewhat startled by his dramatic decision, Autrey said Wednesday. But knowing he narrowly escaped injury or possibly death, the 50-year-old Harlem construction worker doesn't regret his choice.

"I did something to save someone's life," he said.

The father of three has found himself the object of public attention since Tuesday, when he saved a young man who had fallen onto the subway tracks by pushing him into a gap between the rails.

Autrey planned to make the rounds of the morning television shows on Thursday, tape an appearance on David Letterman's CBS "Late Show" and visit City Hall to be honored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Autrey said the impact of the risky rescue was sinking in.

"It's all hitting me now," Autrey said. "I'm looking, and these trains are coming in now. ... Wow, you did something pretty stupid."

While waiting for a downtown Manhattan train, Autrey saw Cameron Hollopeter, a 19-year-old film student, suffering from some kind of medical episode. After stumbling down the platform, Hollopeter, of Littleton, Mass., fell onto the tracks with a train on its way into the station.

Autrey, traveling with his two young daughters, knew he had to do something.

"If I let him stay there by himself, he's going to be dismembered," the Navy veteran remembered thinking.

He jumped down to the tracks, a few feet below platform level, and rolled with the young man into a drainage trough - cold, wet and more than a little unpleasant smelling - between the rails as the southbound No. 1 train came into the 137th Street/City College station.

The train's operator saw someone on the tracks and put the emergency brakes on. Some train cars passed over Autrey and Hollopeter with only a couple of inches to spare, but neither man suffered any harm from the incident.

Hollopeter was taken to a nearby hospital; Autrey refused medical attention - and then went to work.

Autrey went by the hospital Wednesday afternoon for a visit with Hollopeter and his family. Afterward, he and Hollopeter's father addressed reporters.

"Mr. Autrey's instinctive and unselfish act saved our son's life," said Larry Hollopeter, his voice choking up.

Following the incident, calls came in from all over the country, offering rewards, as people found themselves inspired by Autrey's bravery. His mother beamed over him.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scattered Cumulus

My take on:

*IRAQ- As the American death toll passed the 3,000 mark, where is the American public's outrage to this fiasco? Are the young people fearful of another Kent State? Do most adults own Halliburton stock? Does ANYTHING make Americans angry?

*GERALD FORD- The former (unelected) president was called "a decent man" by most accounts. To me, "decent" people do NOT pardon criminals. If I have to hear the crap-line that Ford's actions "helped heal" this nation one more time, I'm going to hurl. All Ford did for the USA was to make it clear that the ones in power are above the law (see next). American law applies mostly to the poor and those with no influence. If a rich and/or powerful American is convicted of ANYTHING - at worse they spend their incarcerations in country-club-type prisons.

*GEORGE W. BUSH- So folks- when are the impeachment proceedings going to start? Why? How about lying to the American people? 3,000 dead Americans in a "war" that should never have been? These points are just for starters. Don't the American people get outraged over anything anymore or are we truly the sheep we've become?

*ROSIE O'DONNELL AND DONALD TRUMP- My apologies to environmentalists, but these two should be abducted, bound & gagged, and dropped in the middle of a school of sharks in the Pacific Ocean.

*CELEBRITY "NEWS" ON LOCAL NEWSCASTS- This is the latest trend for local newcasts trying to be everything to everybody and resulting to be little of anything for anybody. Compare the time spent reporting local "news" as opposed to 15-20 years ago. Simply LESS filler between commercial breaks.

*THE UPCOMING KC MAYORIAL ELECTION- Half the field of the 11 candidates- being career politicians and already having influence in Kansas City's direction- should be summarily eliminated. Mark Funkhouser is far and away the BEST candidate for our next mayor because he cares not only about this city- but the people in it.

*TAX RELIEF FOR THE WEALTHY- Also known locally as TIF's. If the power brokers in this city take enough of the rich people's real estate off the property tax rolls, we'll ALL be living in government-subsidized housing or under the crumbling bridges (see next).

*THE KANSAS CITY STAR- This rag has never met a tax increase or TIF they didn't like. Their unabashed support of corporate sports teams (the stadium renovation tax) and LACK of support for a decent mass transit plan for this Metro proves to me they don't give a damn about Joe & Jane working person.

*PHIL KLINE- This moron has no shame. Proof again that Johnson County Republicans should not be allowed to reproduce.

*SMOKERS- Do I get a chance to inflict MY will of what I don't like on everybody else? I have a list!

*THE KC CHIEFS NFL FOOTBALL TEAM- Amazing what can be done nowadays with smoke, mirrors and special digital effects. One and out of course and GO JAYHAWKS!!