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Friday, September 09, 2016

9/11 Truthers Not Satisfied with Official Version of Events

If you read this URL regarding 9/11- one might come to a conclusion of either a BIG cover-up- or we have the most inept government in the Free World ....  ;)

9/11 truthers not satisfied with official version of events: 9/11 truthers suggest that evidence exists 'that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur,' according to the 9/11 statement.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

BREAKING: "High-Angle" Rescue in Downtown Kansas City MO

It's apparently someone in trouble who is on a scaffolding outside the Town Pavilion building at 12th St. and Main.

KC-MO Fire dispatched the initial alarm at 2:21 pm to "12th Street and Brooklyn" as a high-angle rescue.

Two minutes later- the correct address is given- "12th St. and Main."

Reportedly- the person needing assistance has their "lines tangled-" and Fire has the glorious streetcar's tracks blocked to perform this rescue.

As of 2:45 pm- the stranded worker- a window washer- has been safely assisted off by fire crews and is uninjured.....  

Widely-Scattered Showers- Tstorms Developing From Kansas City Southwestward

The activity is increasing fairly rapidly in coverage and intensity from Metro KC generally along I-35 to near Wichita.

Storm cells moving northeastward- and should be in and around Metro KC through the pre-dawn hours this Thursday morning. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

BREAKING: Kansas City MO Police Report Another Homicide

Shortly before 10:30 pm Wednesday night- KC Police report a homicide investigation in-progress at East 45th St. and Garfield.

There is no other information yet available....

BREAKING: Drive-By Shooting in South-Central Kansas City MO

At 9:56 pm Wednesday night- Metro Zone officers were dispatched on a reported drive-by shooting in the 2400 block of East 68th St. ... the intersection of "68th Terrace and Olive."

By 10:01 pm- Fire and EMS had dispatched several fire companies and 2 EMS units.

PD reports arrival on this scene at 10:02 pm- and requests EMS into the scene 3 minutes later.

At 10:06 pm- PD says "only 1 victim" there- not thought to be shot but "cut by flying glass."

A male in his 20's was taken to a medical trauma center with a "large laceration on his back-"  condition not serious.

The investigation is underway with no suspect info available.

BREAKING: Fire at South Kansas City MO Burger King

This is a "working fire" with a 2nd-alarm briefly sounded- then cancelled- for the business at "10507 Blue Ridge."

The initial alarm was dispatched at 3:01 pm for 5 fire and 1 EMS companies to the Burger King franchise- and there was "smoke showing from the rear" of the business when the first fire unit arrived at 3:03 pm..

There have been no reports of injuries- and it's likely the Burger King will be shut-down for at least the rest of today.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Another Labor Day Holiday Homicide in Kansas City MO

KC Police- Fire and EMS were called to a house in the 7700 block of East Sni-A-Bar Terrace around 7:10 pm Monday night on a reported shooting.

Police reported a homicide at that scene- with no additional info available as of this report.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Kansas City MO: Labor Day-Eve Structure Fire

At 10:37 pm Sunday night- "Pumper 9" who runs out of Station 7 at West Pennway nearly under I-35- reported "a house fire north of our (their) station" and requested a working structure fire response of 7 additional companies/EMS units.

The fire was located in the 2000 block of Jefferson.

At 10:39 pm- about a half-minute before the "regular" alarm is radio-dispatched- Pumper 9 reports a working fire "in a 3-story house" and they were taking in a hoseline.

Police were also specifically "requested-"  unknown if for other reason other than traffic control. 

As of 11:45 pm- the fire was under control with no report of injuries.  

Kansas City MO: Labor Day-Eve Shootings

A couple of shootings in the past 30 minutes...

The first around 9:20 pm- reportedly involving a death- is in the 4100 block of Bellfountaine. 

East Zone PD reported one victim "(DOA) in the yard" and apparently at least one other injured- as Fire and EMS responded a few minutes later.

No suspect or other info available on this yet...

A 2nd shooting reported at 9:30 pm in the 7000 block of East 111th St.- which is in front of Ruskin High school.

South Zone cars had not located anything as of 9:40 pm.... 

Kansas City Mo Police Action for Labor Day 2016 Weekend Sampler I

As Labor Day Saturday night melts into LD Sunday morning- it's busy on the Big City streets...

Latest first- a KC-MO police officer was involved in a crash at 12:36 am..

It happened just east of The Plaza- at the intersection of "Cleaver II" Boulevard "and Main" Street.  

Fire and EMS responded- but injuries are reported to be very minor.

Around midnight- officers in the area of Meyer Boulevard and Askew reported shots fired- bringing an "assist-the-officer" call citywide.  

A black male" suspect "in a gray hat" ran south on Askew before being confronted and arrested by police just north of 67th Street.

EMS was requested for a dog bite victim in that block- but no word on severity or circumstances.