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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scientists Warn Reno-NV Residents Of Possible Larger Quake

Over the past few months- there has been an increasingly-stronger series of earthquakes in and around Nevada's 2nd-largest city- Reno.

Friday night- the area experienced a 4.7-magnitude quake- the strongest yet in the series.

According to the AP- at least one scientist says a 6-magnitude quake "is not out of the question"- and warns Reno area residents to prepare for the worst.

The scientist also adds that he and his colleagues have no way to predict a bigger quake and that the swarm of quakes could end as mysteriously as they began.

Al Sharpton Vows To Shut NYC Down Over Police Shooting Acquitals

After my stint in law enforcement in the early to mid-80's- I learned intimately how the police conduct their business.

You CAN believe that the majority of police officers are true to their oath of serving and protecting. Yet- it takes only a few bad apples to sour the whole barrel (see also Chicago police).

Apparently- that's what happened in New York City in 2006 when 3 cops fired 50 rounds into an unarmed black man- Sean Bell- and a friend after Bell's bachelor party. Bell died.

The three cops- two of them are black incidentally- were first charged- then acquitted after their trial Friday.

Sharpton led a march of angry Harlem residents through NYC streets today- and Sharpton threatened to "shut (NYC) down" over protest of this verdict.

Will this be another L.A./Rodney King-type episode? I doubt it- but stay tuned....


The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, April 26, 2008

***North KC-MO Shooting ***

***A male is in critical condition at an area trauma center this morning after the incident around 2:35am.

The male victim was reported by police to be in his vehicle at Armour Road and Linn street when a white male suspect in another vehicle opened fire on him. That suspect and at least 1 other in the vehicle then sped off- last seen eastbound on M-210 highway.

The victim made it as far as a nearby convenience store where he was found by police and EMS. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds according to EMS reports- and though his condition was described as critical- police report his condition as stable an hour after the shooting.

No motive was yet established by NKC-PD and no suspects yet in custody.


** Two Wrecks & A Fire Keep Same KC-MO Fire Crews Busy **

*** It all started around 3:10am Saturday morning when 3 KC-MO fire companies- MAST-EMS and police responded on a reported "18-wheeler rolled over" in the 4700 block of East Bannister Road.

A truck-tractor is found on it's side- a traffic standard resting on it and the bob-tail's fuel tanks leaking- driver only has minor hurt . HAZ-MAT responds as well as the MO EPA for the fuel leak.

Bannister is still closed between U.S. 71 & I-435 as of this report.

Pumper 41 stays at the Bannister crash scene and 2 other units just clear there as the next incident comes in nearby at 4:12am- a 1-car crash on southbound U.S. 71 in about the 9000 block.

Fire officers report a female driver has gone off the highway and into a creek. Fortunately- there was only a reported "foot" of water in the creek- and the female refused MAST-EMS transport to a hospital.

Pumper 41 is leaving the Bannister wreck/fuel spill scene to Haz-Mat around 4:20am when they spot smoke and a glow on a bluff to their west- this results to be a house fire in the 9200 block of Indiana.

Companies from the U.S. 71 wreck also go with 41's and the small- 1-story house is heavily-engulfed in flames when 41's arrives at 4:24am.

Fortunately- the house was empty. Unfortunately- arson's suspected. None of the sleep-deprived firefighters were injured.


** Independence-MO Police "Suspects" Wreck **

... A female reportedly has a deep head wound from wrecking her vehicle after Independence police attemped to stop her on 23rd Street at I-435 around 5:20am.

The call was initially a possible shooting- possibly involving the IPD- but it appears to be just injuries from the crash. Initial reports were that the female driver attempted to run an officer over with her car- but that could not be confirmed..

KC-MO police were investigating.



Temperatures more like mid to late-March prevailed MetroRegion-wide overnight- nearing the freezing mark in northwest & northern areas. Light to calm winds didn't help along with clear skies- allowing considerable radiational cooling.

A warm-up today from Friday's chill before clouds increase later today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight into Sunday morning.

No severe weather is expected and rainfall totals not expected to be critical.

The front causing the showers is expected to possibly cause a frost or light freeze from generally along and north of U.S. Highways 50 in Missouri & 56 in Kansas Monday morning.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Friday, April 25, 2008

K.C. STAR: "City Moves To Boost Events At Kemper" Arena

The "no-brainers" are spreading inland.

Too bad I guess I'm the ONLY person in this almost 2-million person Metro to figure out if you spent hundreds of millions on a NEW arena- who'd want to schedule events in the OLD arena?

After reading this "front page news"- I'm inclined to start a NEW poll that not only asks if politicians should take regular drug tests- but an intelligence test as well- BEFORE they take office.

Oh brother- screen writers can't make THIS stuff up....

Kansas City MetroRegion Weather: Cold Front Coming Through

Here's a surface weather map- showing the wide variance of temperatures across the MetroRegion at this hour.

Reporting station's air temperatures are in red- and you can see a 34-degree spread from Sedalia-MO at 73 to Beatrice-NE's 39-degrees (distance between the 2 about 190 miles).

Except for a line of light showers and some moderate thunderstorms presently in the Metro's Northland- it now looks that this strong front is going to go through the Metro dry- any thunderstorms and/or severe weather today will be off to the east and southeast of Metro Kansas City.

However- get ready for a possible frost in the Metro- possibly even a light freeze by Saturday morning over northern portions of the MetroRegion.

A cool weekend is also in store.

AP: In Most Cases- State's Finances Going To Hell

It's a no-brainer really- unless you're the president.

This Associated Press article tells how nearly all 50 states are experiencing a budget crunch- due to decreases in tax revenues.

Only states with energy reserves- like North Dakota- Wyoming and Alaska- have seen increases in their states' coffers.

These "economic stimulus" checks are reportedly arriving in mailboxes early- so that should stave off the wolf at most people's door for a few weeks.

America's in deep- DEEP trouble....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kansas Cty MetroRegion Weather: NWS-SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 277- KS- NE

Most of central and eastern Kansas as well as portions of southern and southeastern Nebraska is under a threat for severe thunderstorms until 6am Friday morning.

Severe Thunderstorm watch Number 277 does NOT include Metro Kansas City- Lawrence-Ottawa- Atchison-KS or St. Joseph-MO- but DOES include Shawnee (Topeka)- Jefferson- Jackson and Brown counties in the MetroRegion.


Kansas City's Urban Treasure: Swope Park

Ms. Rittenhouse had never known of Mr. Thomas H. Swope's Memorial site in Swope Park so I took her to it earlier today. Here's a few photos we took (click on them to view full size/download).

Ole Tom was said to be a private man - so it surprised a lot of people when he donated the more than 1000 acres where the park presently stands.

I don't know if this fact still holds- but for quite a few years in the 1900's- Swope Park was the 2nd largest urban (land area within a city's corporate borders) park in America.

The only city park bigger was Central Park in New York City.

Shot from the Memorial- the main park building just inside the main entrance at Meyer Boulevard and Swope Parkway. The grassy area below that building- the Mall- was the site of the signing by thousands what was then the world's longest telegram- sponsored by WHB-710 AM for the 1966 NFL-AFL League Championship game (renamed Super Bowl) featuring the AFL Chiefs. To lower center right off the photo along the roadway is Starlight Theater.

City of Fountains we are- a nice addition to the Swope Memorial when a re-make was done in the 1990's.

Nice kitty! (bfg)

Next door to the Swope Memorial- is the beautiful landscaping of one of the 2 golf courses in the park.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: NWS/SPC - "Slight Risk" Of Severe Storms Metro - West

The latest convctive outlook issued by the NWS' Storm Prediction Center has shifted the severe storm possibility several hundred miles east.

The severe thunderstorm outlook area now includes the Kansas City Metro and northwest- west to southwest MetroRegion locations- later today and overnight tonight.

Kansas City Metro Weather: Flood Watch Tonight Into Thursday

The map image depicts the area covered by a Flood Watch issued by the NWS/Pleasant Hill office earlier this morning.

The watch is in effect tonight through Thursday morning.

Forecasted rainfalls of 1 to 2 inches- with locally higher amounts on top of saturated soil- will lead to possible river flooding.

Central States Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 218 - KS

950 AM CDT WED APR 23 2008




Tuesday, April 22, 2008

America's Headed For One Doozy Of A Recession

You need no degree in economics to see this coming.

Like this morning's constant lightning display portended a big storm coming- current economic trends point only toward a downward slide.

Gas prices- watching here- the futures price for a barrel of oil is now just below $120- will only go up. Diesel is more than $4 per gallon and rising.
You'll pay more and more at the cash register to reflect this increase- not only in the manufacture of the product- but the increased transportation costs.

Food prices- see above for rises here- as well as our misplaced romance with this ethanol. This "romance" will continue to send basic food prices up- even while- with ethanol- we'll actually see LESS fuel economy,

Job market- if people aren't buying things- companies need less people to make and sell their products. You can connect the dots on this one yourself.

I don't believe any of these sunny analysts who say "America's economy has turned a corner and will get better."

The economy's turning a corner alright- the one that leads to a big- freaking cliff.

Kansas City MetroRegion Weather: NWS Lets Severe Storm Watch Expire - Radar

The NWS/Pleasant Hill has let Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 211 expire as planned at 2am- as well as all Metro warnings.

Independence EOC reported hail as large as 1-inch in diameter around 1:45am..

A severe thunderstorm has weakened slightly as it moves along the Missouri Rivewr east of KC-MO.. However as you can see by the weather radar image- strong storms continue upstream to near the Topeka area.

Some of these storms will have hail with them- and lots of heavy rail with cloud to ground lightning and possible wind gusts to around 40 m.p.h..

They'll be moving west to east acrosss the Metro from the Kansas & Missouri River areas southward over the next several hours.

Be alert for flash flooding!

KANSAS CITY METRO BREAKING WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Warning Until 2am

NWS/Pleasant Hill has issued a Severe Thunderstorm warning until 2:00am for northern Jackson- southern Clay- western Lafayette and extreme southwestern Ray counties in Missouri.

Hail the size of quarters was reported near Independence-MO.

Storm movement east- northeast at around 25-30 m.p.h.

There are addititional showers- and thunderstorms- that have developed westward to the Topeka-KS area.

KANSAS CITY METRO BREAKING WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Warning - E-Wyandotte KS- SE-Platte- NW-Jackson- S-Clay Counties MO

The NWS in Pleasant Hill has issued a Severe Thunderstorm warning until 1:30am for Eastern Wyandotte county KS- N.W. Jackson- S.E. Platte & S. Clay counties in MO..

A severe storm is generally along and north of the Missouri River downtown northward. Small hail's been reported by Gladstone police and KC-MO police north of the river in the past 5 minutes.

Storm's moving east- northeast at around 25-30 m.p.h..

Monday, April 21, 2008

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: NWS; Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 211 - KS- MO

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman- OK has issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 211 until 0200 CDT Tuesday morning for a large part of northeastern Kansas and Northwestern Missouri.

As you can see by the watch graphic- the watch includes Douglas and Leavenworth Counties KS and Platte County MO- but does not include any other Metro counties south of the river.

Thus far- there is little storm activity on weather radar- only some scattered light cells west of Topeka and some other cells in south-central KS near El Dorado.

I'll let you know if something pops....

Latest NWS-HPC 5-Day US Precipitation Outlook

This forecast- issued by the NWS' Hydro Prediction Center (HPC)- is valid today until 7am Saturday.

Refering to the image- there's a bullseye of 3-inch rainfalls centered over the southern part of Metro Kansas City.

Thunderstorms are expected tonight and again late Wednesday/Thursday & possibly Friday.


KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: NWS-SPC "Slight Risk" Of Severe Storms Later Today

The entire K.C. MetroRegion is under a Storm Prediction Center's outlook for severe thunderstorms later today and tonight.

The primary threat for severe weather will be possible large hail- one-half inch or larger- and wind gusts of more than 58 m.p.h..

Watch for showers and thunderstorms developing along a cold front moving in from the west and northwest this afternoon and evening

I'll post any updates of any watches issued here.