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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 7

The warning for ice continues for all of Metro Kansas City- as well as much of Missouri- Kansas- Oklahoma and parts of Iowa- Nebraska and Texas.

The heaviest rain still sits in the far southern Metro- southern Miami county KS east to southern Cass county.

The activity continues to move east faster than it works north- and I think that except for some scattered drizzle/mist- the heaviest activity will hold-off until tomorrow.

Tomorrow meaning after 3 am Sunday morning.

In addition- temperatures with the on-going precipitation Sunday night will be very tricky- we could possibly remain at freezing or slightly below even up to Chiefs game time.

Below is the regional weather radar composite shortly after 2 am Sunday morning:

BREAKING: Three Houses Damaged by Fire in Kansas City MO

The 5-company regular alarm for a house fire at 2323 Chestnut was dispatched at 5:31 pm Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival- firefighters found a 2-story "vacant" house fully-involved in fire.

That fire spread to adjoining structures to the north and south of the fire structure- at least 1 of those houses also reported to be vacant.

Three additional fire companies have been called to the scene.

No injuries reported as of this post- will update when further info is heard....

Ice Storm 2017 Update 6 - Rain in Wichita

A large area of rain is moving through south-central Kansas- on it's way to the Metro Kansas City area after sunset.

That rain has reached Wichita- but it's mostly just rain for now.

Temperatures have risen above freezing in Lawrence (who has partial sunshine) at 36- Topeka at 37 and Wichita at 35 as of 3 pm weather observations (see map).

Temperatures in Metro Kansas City have actually reached or exceeded the freezing mark in the central city- it's currently 35-degrees here in south Kansas City near I-435 and 87th Street.

More updates to come as the area of rain approaches KC....

Ice Storm Creates Weird Ice Sculpture

It appears to be the front end of a vehicle that escaped from under this icy coating.

I believe this is from the St. Louis area.

BREAKING: House Fire in Southeastern Kansas City MO

A "working fire" broke out in a home in the 9500 block of Spring Valley around 1:38 pm Saturday afternoon.

Five fire companies responded- and first-arriving "Pumper 41" at 1:42 pm reported "smoke showing from (the) 2-story" house there.

"All occupants out" was the report- apparently uninjured.

At 1:49 pm- the fire was reported "under control" with "2" handlines used.

Update here if any additional info received....

The Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 5

We in Metro Kansas City are enjoying somewhat of a lull regarding the icy stuff- more is most assuredly on the way...

Shown below is a regional weather radar image- and the precipitation many hours away from the Metro (that is if nothing develops ahead of the activity well southwest).

At this time- it appears the heaviest of the rainfall- freezing rain- will occur after sunset in Metro KC..

Ice accumulations still pegged by the NWS to be in the quarter to half-inch range.

For events that occurred around the Metro from Friday night's event- go HERE and click on the links. 

As I did Friday- I'll post here on CSW any updates throughout the day into tonight....


BREAKING: Firefighters Hurt- House Destroyed By Fire in Waldo area of Kansas City MO

At 1:23 am- 5 KCFD companies were sent to a house fire with the only address given being "78th Street and Grand.

With "very slick streets- Pumper 37" arrives at 1:28 am reporting the "1-story house totally involved" in flames.

At 1:35 am- Battalion chief 107 announces "a defensive mode" firefight- with "3" handlines being used.

At this time- the occupancy of this house is unknown.

At 1:40 am however- Chief 107 urgently requests "2 ambulances" for 2 injured firefighters (two firefighters were injured at another house fire just a few hours earlier).

One injured firefighter was reported to be "a female- hurt in a collapse" at the fire and taken to Research Med Center.

Her injuries did not sound life-threatening.

Around 2:25 am- a 2nd firefighter- "a 37-year-old male" was also taken to Research with minor injuries "after an awning fell on him" at the fire scene.

The fire was generally under control by 2:25 am- still no word on the structure's occupancy with a fire investigation soon underway.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Calls Inundate Kansas City MO Fire and Police

Crashes on icy roadways are stretching the resources of KC's emergency services.

At 10:35 pm- Kansas City MO Fire department dispatch came on A1 saying "modified response" on calls was in effect.

In addition- all EMS/Medic/ambulances are to take patients to the "closest hospitals."

Multiple crashes are reported along US 71 from north of Bannister to 75th Street.

I heard 2 hospital transports from wrecks along this stretch- one was a seriously-injured male.

Multiple-vehicle crashes are along I-70 west of Sterling- there was at least 1 injury here and I-35 on the Viaduct going to SW Trafficway.

There have been more than a dozen slide-offs or into concrete medians on freeways Metro-wide.

Crashes have been reported in Johnson County KS along I-435- US 69 and I-35- and in Lee's Summit MO along I-470.

Just before midnight- a fall victim in Independence suffered a shattered skull and was transported to Centerpoint Med Center in critical condition.  

Around 1 am- three patients were being taken by ambulances to Liberty Hospital from "a rollover crash of a van filled with (13) Burmese-" according to radio communications from an EMS unit..

One EMS unit was transporting "2" patients- including a "2-year-old" child.

One of the EMS units also reported "a DOA" at the crash scene- which was less than a mile north of the Tracy MO interchange on I-29 in Platte county MO..

As scattered areas of freezing drizzle continued over the city into Saturday morning- shortly before 2 am a KCFD ambulance on a medical call reports being "involved in a wreck at (N.W.) 62nd Terrace and Belton Court" due to icy roadway.

No one on Medic-4 was hurt- but they were unable to continue to their call.

Occasional "slide-offs" continued to be reported in all areas north and south..

Earlier Friday evening- I replied to a Tweet from FD Chief Berardi...

I had not received a response as of 9:30 pm when the ice began to form.

The "Ice Storm of 2017" Begins for Metro Kansas City

Finally- after all the 'anticipation-'  Round 1 of possibly 3 begins...

Rain- freezing on contact- is now falling in southwest Johnson county along I-35 south of Olathe- according to KC SCOUT traffic cameras showing wet roadway.

At 8:51 pm- a Kansas Highway Patrol unit reports "freezing rain in Olathe.".

The shown band of light to moderate rain will move from Miami county into Johnson county KS- Cass and Jackson counties in Missouri by 10 pm..

For more on what happens after the freezing rain hit- go HERE and HERE.

For an extensive story on Metro Kansas City's worst ice storm in 2002 go HERE.

Stabbing in Old Northeast - House Fire in South-Central Kansas City MO

It's Friday night in The Cowtown ...

At 7:18 pm- KC fire- EMS and East Patrol police responded on "a stabbing" at 3905 (E) Roberts.

A police officer on-the-scene said a man had been "stabbed in the back" there.

The male victim in his 50's was taken emergency to Truman Med Center-West in serious to critical condition.

Didn't hear any suspect information....

A working fire in south-central started out in Old Northeast too...

KC Fire dispatch put out a 5-company regular alarm fire at 8:08 pm to 327 Indiana on the report of a defective chimney.

Those companies arrived- found nothing amiss- the occupants had not called the fire department.

The fire is actually at "7309 Virginia-" and the correct address is dispatched to 5 different fire companies at 8:13 pm..

This is a working fire says Pumper 30 at 8:18 pm- and 2 handlines are used to bring the fire under control shortly after 8:30 pm..

A firefighter was injured by a "hose coupling that came loose" at the fire scene.

He was transported in good condition to Research Med Center at 9 pm.

At 9:12pm- an EMS unit was sent to the fire scene for another injured firefighter.

This was "a 41-year-old male firefighter who fell 3 to 5 feet off a ladder."

He was also transported to Research- condition not life-threatening at 9:30 pm.

Three adults were displaced by the fire- with the Red Cross requested.

Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 4

A band of light to moderate rain which will freeze on surface contact- is beginning to enter to far south areas of Metro Kansas City.

Travel is being affected on I-49 and other roads in Missouri- particularly around Nevada.

Precip will be moving into Cass county soon- affecting travel around Peculiar and Harrisonville.

Travel will soon be affected on I-35 and other roadways in Kansas- in and around Ottawa- Garnett and the Emporia areas.



BREAKING: Man Shot in South-Central Kansas City MO

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred around 6:10 pm Friday evening near 55th Street and Jackson.

Police dispatch reports "a black male was shot in the face ... with a shotgun ... left in a silver (colored) Cadillac...."

The possible shooter remained at the Jackson location while the victim was driven to Research Med Center.

That suspect apparently surrendered to fire and EMS crews who arrived without police protection.

An officer reports that victim arriving "in the Research parking lot" at 6:17 pm..

That officer reports the victim's injuries as "life-threatening."

Freezing Rain Begins in Wichita KS

Here's a screen shot from a camera at Wichita State University in northern Wichita KS- shows moderate freezing rain has begun there.

This band of precipitation will affect Metro Kansas City later this Friday evening..

By 6:15 pm- crashes were happening on Wichita highways.

Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 3

For this update I have focused on NWS site radars...

Here in KC- the Pleasant Hill Doppler is beginning to show a narrow band of what appears to be freezing drizzle- possibly some light freezing rain.

This band is running from near Manhattan and Atchison KS- into extreme northern Platte county to near Cameron MO..

This band continues to slowly develop as it moves north-northeast...

The regional radar continues to show heavier precip now moving into southern and southeastern Kansas as well as southwest Missouri.

This will be the real area of concern for Metro Kansas City as that area continues moving toward our area- probably arriving in southern Metro areas by 7 pm this Friday evening.


Ice Storm Warning Continues - Radar Update No. 2

Now watching a growing area of light to moderate precip moving out of north-central Oklahoma into southern Kansas.

At present rate of movement- that area of concern is still 4-5 hours away from Metro Kansas City.

It appears that the Friday evening drive-time will be dry and devoid of any weather issue.

BREAKING: Chiefs/Steelers Playoff Game Moved to 7:30 PM Start Sunday

It's just been announced that due to the forecasted ice storm- the Kansas City Chiefs-Pittsburgh Steelers football playoff game has been moved to a 7:20 pm start at Arrowhead Stadium.

Stadium gates will open for tailgaters at 2 pm..

Temperature should actually 'warm' into the mid-30's by gametime- according to present indications.

Ice Storm Warning Continues- Radar Update No. 1

Area weather radars continue to show elements of freezing precipitation developing in southeastern Kansas east into western- southern and eastern Missouri.

All activity is moving north-northeast at around 20 MPH and will slowly develop or move into southern areas of Metro Kansas City in the next 5-6 hours...

Highways affected right now are I-49 south of Butler MO- US 69 south of Pleasanton KS- I-70 east of Columbia MO and US 50 east of Sedalia MO..

The radar image shown above can be found at:

The following URL will get you NWS Kansas City radar:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

BREAKING: Multiple Victim Shooting in Eastern Kansas City MO

There are at least 2 reported dead- and an additional 3 critical- at a shooting scene near the Raytown border in KC-MO..

The call came in at 9:38 pm to an apartment in the 8600 block of East 62nd Street.

KC Police Metro patrol officers have arrived- reporting the above stated victim count.

There is also at least 1 child involved.

More here as received from a somewhat chaotic scene...

UPDATE at 10 pm...

Victims are being transported...

One is "a 2-year-old male...gunshot wounds (GSW) to his chest and arms..." condition critical per KCFD "Medic  29."

He's enroute to Children's Mercy Hospital.

Another is "an about (25-30-year-old) female...GSW to the head." Condition grave per KCFD Medic18.

This victim later died at Research Medical Center.

A 3rd transport said to be "a 22--year-old female with multiple GSWs- shot in the face and jaw...."  Condition serious according to the EMS Medic-534 by radio.

AT 9:58 pm- yet another EMS unit has been dispatched to the scene on East 62nd Street.

There was no suspect info heard.  

One news media outlet reported

On Saturday, descriptions of the suspects were made available. 
Suspect 1 is described as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks and a light complexion. Suspect 2 is described as a black man who was wearing a light grey hoodie. Suspect 3 is a black man; no other descriptors were provided. 
The suspect vehicle is a black or blue four-door vehicle. .

One of the victims was Ali Brown from the St. Louis area.

Story from KSHB-TV41 HERE.

Local TV News' Take on Forecasted Winter Storm

NWS: Ice Storm Warning for Metro Kansas City

Parts of eastern Kansas and western and northwestern Missouri- including all of Metro Kansas City- have now been added to the Ice Storm Warning.

This warning is valid until Sunday evening.

NWS Ice Storm Warning for Kansas and Missouri

The National Weather Service just issued this Ice Storm Warning from SE Kansas- across west-central- central to eastern Missouri.

NWS Issues Winter Storm Watch for Kansas City MetroRegion

These watches begin around midday Friday and continue into Sunday and the forecast is ice ... up to 3/4 of an inch-worth.

I'll continue to update this forecast here on CSW....