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Friday, January 13, 2017

Stabbing in Old Northeast - House Fire in South-Central Kansas City MO

It's Friday night in The Cowtown ...

At 7:18 pm- KC fire- EMS and East Patrol police responded on "a stabbing" at 3905 (E) Roberts.

A police officer on-the-scene said a man had been "stabbed in the back" there.

The male victim in his 50's was taken emergency to Truman Med Center-West in serious to critical condition.

Didn't hear any suspect information....

A working fire in south-central started out in Old Northeast too...

KC Fire dispatch put out a 5-company regular alarm fire at 8:08 pm to 327 Indiana on the report of a defective chimney.

Those companies arrived- found nothing amiss- the occupants had not called the fire department.

The fire is actually at "7309 Virginia-" and the correct address is dispatched to 5 different fire companies at 8:13 pm..

This is a working fire says Pumper 30 at 8:18 pm- and 2 handlines are used to bring the fire under control shortly after 8:30 pm..

A firefighter was injured by a "hose coupling that came loose" at the fire scene.

He was transported in good condition to Research Med Center at 9 pm.

At 9:12pm- an EMS unit was sent to the fire scene for another injured firefighter.

This was "a 41-year-old male firefighter who fell 3 to 5 feet off a ladder."

He was also transported to Research- condition not life-threatening at 9:30 pm.

Three adults were displaced by the fire- with the Red Cross requested.

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