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Thursday, January 12, 2017

BREAKING: Multiple Victim Shooting in Eastern Kansas City MO

There are at least 2 reported dead- and an additional 3 critical- at a shooting scene near the Raytown border in KC-MO..

The call came in at 9:38 pm to an apartment in the 8600 block of East 62nd Street.

KC Police Metro patrol officers have arrived- reporting the above stated victim count.

There is also at least 1 child involved.

More here as received from a somewhat chaotic scene...

UPDATE at 10 pm...

Victims are being transported...

One is "a 2-year-old male...gunshot wounds (GSW) to his chest and arms..." condition critical per KCFD "Medic  29."

He's enroute to Children's Mercy Hospital.

Another is "an about (25-30-year-old) female...GSW to the head." Condition grave per KCFD Medic18.

This victim later died at Research Medical Center.

A 3rd transport said to be "a 22--year-old female with multiple GSWs- shot in the face and jaw...."  Condition serious according to the EMS Medic-534 by radio.

AT 9:58 pm- yet another EMS unit has been dispatched to the scene on East 62nd Street.

There was no suspect info heard.  

One news media outlet reported

On Saturday, descriptions of the suspects were made available. 
Suspect 1 is described as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks and a light complexion. Suspect 2 is described as a black man who was wearing a light grey hoodie. Suspect 3 is a black man; no other descriptors were provided. 
The suspect vehicle is a black or blue four-door vehicle. .

One of the victims was Ali Brown from the St. Louis area.

Story from KSHB-TV41 HERE.

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