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Friday, January 13, 2017

Calls Inundate Kansas City MO Fire and Police

Crashes on icy roadways are stretching the resources of KC's emergency services.

At 10:35 pm- Kansas City MO Fire department dispatch came on A1 saying "modified response" on calls was in effect.

In addition- all EMS/Medic/ambulances are to take patients to the "closest hospitals."

Multiple crashes are reported along US 71 from north of Bannister to 75th Street.

I heard 2 hospital transports from wrecks along this stretch- one was a seriously-injured male.

Multiple-vehicle crashes are along I-70 west of Sterling- there was at least 1 injury here and I-35 on the Viaduct going to SW Trafficway.

There have been more than a dozen slide-offs or into concrete medians on freeways Metro-wide.

Crashes have been reported in Johnson County KS along I-435- US 69 and I-35- and in Lee's Summit MO along I-470.

Just before midnight- a fall victim in Independence suffered a shattered skull and was transported to Centerpoint Med Center in critical condition.  

Around 1 am- three patients were being taken by ambulances to Liberty Hospital from "a rollover crash of a van filled with (13) Burmese-" according to radio communications from an EMS unit..

One EMS unit was transporting "2" patients- including a "2-year-old" child.

One of the EMS units also reported "a DOA" at the crash scene- which was less than a mile north of the Tracy MO interchange on I-29 in Platte county MO..

As scattered areas of freezing drizzle continued over the city into Saturday morning- shortly before 2 am a KCFD ambulance on a medical call reports being "involved in a wreck at (N.W.) 62nd Terrace and Belton Court" due to icy roadway.

No one on Medic-4 was hurt- but they were unable to continue to their call.

Occasional "slide-offs" continued to be reported in all areas north and south..

Earlier Friday evening- I replied to a Tweet from FD Chief Berardi...

I had not received a response as of 9:30 pm when the ice began to form.

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