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Saturday, January 14, 2017

BREAKING: Firefighters Hurt- House Destroyed By Fire in Waldo area of Kansas City MO

At 1:23 am- 5 KCFD companies were sent to a house fire with the only address given being "78th Street and Grand.

With "very slick streets- Pumper 37" arrives at 1:28 am reporting the "1-story house totally involved" in flames.

At 1:35 am- Battalion chief 107 announces "a defensive mode" firefight- with "3" handlines being used.

At this time- the occupancy of this house is unknown.

At 1:40 am however- Chief 107 urgently requests "2 ambulances" for 2 injured firefighters (two firefighters were injured at another house fire just a few hours earlier).

One injured firefighter was reported to be "a female- hurt in a collapse" at the fire and taken to Research Med Center.

Her injuries did not sound life-threatening.

Around 2:25 am- a 2nd firefighter- "a 37-year-old male" was also taken to Research with minor injuries "after an awning fell on him" at the fire scene.

The fire was generally under control by 2:25 am- still no word on the structure's occupancy with a fire investigation soon underway.

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