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Monday, July 04, 2016

Overland Park Project First Big Test in New Era of STAR Bond Oversight

When will corporate welfare cease?

When will the corporate news media (besides occasionally The KC STAR) seriously address this?

Overland Park project first big test in new era of STAR bond oversight: State officials in Kansas are evaluating a potential $200 million request for government-backed bonds to finance one-third of an Overland Park development featuring an amateur hockey arena and spaceflight museum.

CSW BREAKING: Motorcyclist Hit During KC-MO Police Chase

Police were chasing an alleged "stolen...silver Chrysler" in regard "to a kidnapping" in which there are yet no details in South KC-MO..

The chase began around 11:22 am on Blue River Road north and eastbound- then the suspect went south on U.S. 71/I-49..

At 11:26 am- officers report the suspect vehicle "hit a motorcycle on the Red Bridge ramp (from southbound) I-49" and requested "EMS" for the cyclist.

The cyclist's injuries- and the victim's reported to be a male- are reported serious.

PD had reported suspect vehicle's speed as "85-90" MPH when the cyclist was struck.

At 11:46 am- KC-MO FD-EMS "Medic-42" was enroute to the nearest medical trauma center with the cyclist.

42's report "the male (cyclist) was sideswiped by a vehicle going 90-95 MPH- the (patient) was going about 55 (MPH) and was thrown about 50 feet" from his bike when he was struck.

The man was knocked unconscious- but reportedly had regained consciousness enroute to the hospital.

His condition was serious to critical.

It sounds as if the silver suspect vehicle was stopped near the crash scene and a female occupant- the driver- was taken into custody.

There is still no info on the reported "kidnapping" that precipitated the police chase.

US Declassified Report Listing Individuals in 9/11 Probe

US declassified report listing individuals in 9/11 probe: Amid the clamor a year ago to release 28 still-secret pages of a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks, the government quietly declassified a little-known report listing more than...

Sunday, July 03, 2016

NWS Flash Flood Warning for Jackson County MO- But No Serious Problems Yet

Cellphones across the county went off within the past 10 minutes for this warning- but the heaviest rains are now over eastern JaCoMO..

There have been rainfalls of slightly more than 4-inches reported near Knobtown in SE KC-MO- but a check of area stream and river gauges show all major waterways well within their banks.

The previous weeks of mostly rain-free weather allowed the ground to soak up much of the rain- which fortunately didn't come down all at once but in waves several hours apart.

More activity will develop/move into the Metro through the next 6 hours or so- but amounts should remain below 2-inches and I don't anticipate any serious flash flooding issues in the Metro through the end of this event later today.