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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Self-Appointed Queen Of The Bimbos Sues Hallmark Cards

You HAVE to know we're nearing the 'end of days' when the news media makes such a big fuss over non-celebrities such as Paris Hilton- a legend in her own mind.

This non-celebrity- obviously bored- is suing Hallmark for using her image and supposive copyrighted "That's Hot" on what must be a new line of "Bimbo Greetings" the Kansas City-based company has out.

How any one person can copyright a common catch phrase as their own such as "That's Hot" is beyond me- but then all the Bizzaro goings-on in this country really doesn't surprise me much anymore....

Saturday - September 08- 2007 - NEWS inDIGESTion

* BAGHDAD - A car bomb was detonated early today in Sadr City- killing at least 15 Iraqis. Other incidents throughout Iraq has left at least 36 citizens dead in the continuing worst American foreign policy blunder since at least Vietnam.

* WASHINGTON D.C. - President Duyba will continue to "sell" his (failed) Iraq policy to the American sheep- Dubya's yesmen stated. Americans will continue to pay on top of the estimated "trillion dollars" spent on Bush's Folly- Australian troops become Austrian troops and will somebody PLEASE show Dubya the way off the stage- NOW?

* CHARLESTON-SC - The residents along the Carolina Atlantic coast are bracing themselves against newly-named "sub-tropical storm" Gabriella. The storm is expected to "brush" North Carolina's Outer Banks before turning eastward into the Atlantic.

* PRAIA DA LUZ-PORTUGAL - The British parents of the missing 4-year-old- now themselves named as "suspects" in their child's disappearance- want to get the Hell OUT of Portugal. A devastated Kate and Gerry McCann want the police to show what evidence they have against the McCanns- or let them leave the country.

* ST. FRANCISVILLE-LA - The owners of Manganos' St. Rita's nursing home in St. Bernard Parish where 35 residents drowned during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 have been judged "not guility" of malfeasance in those deaths.

* ASSOCIATED PRESS - The FDA is one shaky government agency- probably geared more toward short-term corporate profits rather than long-term consumer safety. In this AP story- researchers have found that FDA-approved implanted microchips in people and animals can cause tumors to form.

* TOPEKA-KS - A Wichita man is suing the Wichita Police Department in Kansas Supreme Court. A suspect of an assault Wichita PD was chasing slammed into the car the man's wife was driving- killing her. Gabe Robbins is suing Wichita PD for "putting other citizens at risk by recklessly pursuing a criminal"- according to the Saturday KANSAS CITY STAR article.


The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, September 08, 2008


*** A man is dead and another has critical injuries after a shooting on the west Downtown Loop early Saturday morning.

A Center-Zone officer reports hearing shots-fired "in the area of 8th (Street) and Mulberry in the West Bottoms about a minute before a call came into the 9-1-1 center- at 1:54am- reporting a shooting at 12th Street and Jefferson.
Another officer arrives at the shooting scene as the dispatch ends to find 2 people shot.

One of those victims died at the scene after C.P.R. was attempted.
The 2nd victim- "a male in his 20's" was "shot twice in the head and once in the chest" and was rushed by MAST-EMS to an area trauma center.

Police report finding "shell casings" on the bridge over I-35 a block west and close 12th Street for a crime scene- but as of yet have no suspect information.


*** The Guns of Kansas City were blazing elsewhere as well...

... Police- MAST & Fire was sent to the scene of a "drive-by" shooting at 49th Street and South Benton in the South-Midtown area at 1:28am. PD reports an 18-year-old male was the victim- "shot in the leg." His injuries were not life-threatening. later.

... The last shooting victim heard this Saturday morning was driven to a KC-MO medical center. Their injuries were unknown- but the victim is reported to have said the gunshot was incurred "at 33rd Street and Highland" in Midtown.

There was no suspect information in either incident.


*** About 12:30am this morning- KC-MO Fire Department Pumper 10 was called out on a non-emergency call "to wet-down the street- (a production crew is) filming a commercial at 18th Street and Vine."

About 20 minutes later- Pumper 10 calls dispatch to report "a water (main) broke under the street and (the street is) in danger of breaking-up." The Water Department was requested "emergency."

Appropriate if the commercial being filmed was for an insurance company....

<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

A pleasant late summer morning throughout the Kansas City MetroRegion.

Skies ranged from mostly clear in the north- to mostly cloudy in the south. Temperatures ranged from near 60 north to the upper-60's south and in the Metro heat-island.
Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Friday, September 07, 2007

KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Large House Fire In Lee's Summit-MO

The alarm came in around 3:10pm for a house fire on Beechwood Drive- just off Gregory Boulevard in the Lakewood housing development in northern Lee's Summit.

Five fire companies are battling the flames- and it was just reported the occupants escaped the fire uninjured.

All off-duty Lee's Summit fire crews have been called-in on this "major incident" as termed by their dispatcher.

Why Doesn't The Pope Throw The Pedophiles Out

Your Captain is hardly a priest- and does not believe in saying "never"- but lemme tell each and every one that the Captain not only would NEVER abuse a child sexually or otherwise- but would go as far to engage in fisticuffs with anyone who did.

I have to think the American Catholic Church is in deep peril in regard to the constant lawsuits brought by victims of sex abuse by priests. This continuing process has to be the absolute WORST P.R. anyone- let alone a church- has ever suffered.

I'm related to Catholics and have attended Catholic churches on a number of occasions. I could no longer- in good conscience- ever again attend such a church and would surely take my "faith" elsewhere if I were Catholic.

Forgive and forget? I'd take the latter road.

Courtesy of the Associated Press- the following is a list of Catholic dioceses who are or already have paid off the victims of the Church's despicable acts:

"Dioceses in Spokane, Wash., Portland, Ore., and Tucson, Ariz., have already emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Davenport, Iowa, diocese, which faces claims from more than 150 people, is still in proceedings.

Sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests has cost the U.S. church at least $2.3 billion since 1950. Some of the largest known payouts to victims since the crisis erupted in 2002 include:

- Archdiocese of Los Angeles, 2007, agrees to pay $660 million to about 500 people.

- Diocese of San Diego, 2007, agrees to pay $198 million to 144 people.

- Diocese of Orange, Calif., 2004, $100 million for 90 abuse claims.

- Diocese of Covington, Ky., 2006, up to $84 million for more than 350 people.

- Archdiocese of Boston, 2003, $84 million for 552 claims.

- Diocese of Oakland, Calif., 2005, $56 million to 56 people.

- Archdiocese of Portland, Ore., 2007, agrees to pay about $52 million to 175 victims to emerge from bankruptcy protection; sets aside another $20 million for any future claims.

- Diocese of Spokane, Wash., 2007, agrees to pay $48 million for about 150 claims to emerge from bankruptcy protection.

- Diocese of Sacramento, Calif., 2005, pays $35 million to 33 people.

- Archdiocese of Louisville, Ky., 2003, $25.7 million to 243 victims.

- Diocese of Tucson, Ariz., 2005, agrees to fund a settlement trust worth about $22 million for more than 50 victims to emerge from bankruptcy protection."


Friday- September 7- 2007- NEWS inDIGESTion

* NEW YORK-NY - A federal judge has struck down what is considered "key portions" of the blasphemous PATRIOT Act- citing what I've been saying for years now- "far-reaching invasions of liberty."
The neon in the "Home Of The Brave - Land Of The Free" light flickers- if momentarily- again.

* WICHITA-KS - A "chief" of an American-government- unrecognized Native tribe has been indicted for trying to sell illegal immigrants papers that made them a member of this unrecognized tribe- therefore theoretically making them 'American citizens.'

* PUERTO CABEZAS-NICARAGUA - The death toll from Hurricane Felix has climbed to near 100 victims in this Central American nation.

* MINDEN-NV - The search for American adventurer Steve Fossett continues in the Nevada desert. Did the searchers try the legendary "Area 51?"

* BAGHDAD-IRAQ - The continuing story: Seven more American lives have been lost in the past 24 hours as Bush's Folly continues on with no end in sight. A total of 3760 Americans have died in Iraq- and oddsmakers in Las Vegas are taking book on when EVERY American will say ENOUGH regarding this horrible mistake.

* SYDNEY-AUSTRALIA - The President of South Korea should know by now that this American president STARTS wars- not end them- in regard to officially ending the Korean War- which ended in 1952 with a truce.

* KANSAS CITY-MO - Is the former Sandstone Amphitheater dead? Live Nation- the current management company for the 23-year-old outdoor concert venue in western KC-KS says tonight's show featuring verenable REO Speedwagon would be it's last show here.
Ordinarily this would bother the Captain- but after finding out first hand in 2004 all the stifling rules this joint now has- no loss....


Citizen Letter From KC-MO's Mayor: "Notes From Funk's Front Porch" XIV

Funk's Front Porch

07 September 2007

Dear Folks,

This week’s city business:

The Council passed legislation this Thursday that places greater restrictions on billboard and payday lending loan companies. This is wonderful news not only for the good inherent in both of the bills, but it also catches Kansas City up to the rest of the major cities in the country regarding these two issues.

The Mayor met with some of the neighborhood leaders from the Fifth district. The leaders are a delightful group of four women and one lone man. They had many great ideas for improving their neighborhoods, but the suggestion I liked best was the idea to attach property infraction fines, which are hard to collect, to the owner’s personal property tax bills. This would address the problem that the city has with slumlords and their failure to keep up their properties. If their tax bills weren’t paid, their property would be taken from them. I will be curious to see if this can idea can gain momentum. The group is very proactive with finding ways to empower their neighborhoods. Their dedicated involvement is probably the very thing that will make the most difference in saving our neighborhoods. That, and a Mayor with the same goals.

On a more personal note:

Funk had a good time taking our son out to Portland last week. He helped settle Andrew in at his new school and had a little down time to read a book as well, something he hasn’t had time for in months. The book was a loan from Kelvin Perry entitled, Jim Crow’s Children. It speaks on the history of educating African Americans in our country. Hardly a relaxing read, but it is the kind of read Funk gravitates towards. You wouldn’t catch me reading a book like that on vacation, but I suppose I’m glad that I have a husband that does.

Our exchange son, Philipp Aichhorn, came back from Austria for a month-long visit and has been shadowing Funk all week. Pipo has learned a great deal about city government and has shared many interesting insights from his experience while sitting around the dinner table with us each night. I really love “children’s” perspectives on things like this, as they tend to be innocent, pure and usually right on the money.

Funk must have been being watched out for from above last week as the minute he stepped into his office he noticed my hard work of moving him into his office. He expressed much delight upon seeing his “new” room, and because of it, his weekend went better than I expected it would!

In faith,
Gloria & Mark

You can respond to this newsletter at

Please help us by forwarding this email to as many people as you think might want to be more informed about their city government. They can sign up to receive the newsletter at

The Mayor’s top ten priorities:

1. Establishing a good working relationship with the Council
2. Getting the City’s finances in order
3. Making downtown work
4. Tending to our neighborhoods
5. Implementing the Housing Policy task force recommendations
6. Improving the perception and the reality of public education in Kansas City
7. Reducing Crime
8. Repairing our sewer systems
9. Establishing an excellent regional transit system, which includes light rail
10. Improving citizen satisfaction with City services.



KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Strong Storms Bring Down Trees- Power Lines

As of this report- wind gusts of at least 60 m.p.h. have brought trees or limbs and power lines down from Lawrence-KS to Blue Springs-MO..

The winds were produced by a line of strong to severe thunderstorms that formed over northeastern to central Kansas and moved eastward into Metro Kansas City during the 1am hour.

The worst damage heard and obstructions to traffic have been in eastern KC-MO and Raytown.

KC-MO Fire reports a tree down on the back of a house in the 7400 block of East 51st Street. No injuries have been reported there- but a "large tree" was down on the roof and back porch of a house in that block and another tree down in the 7700 block of Sni-A-Bar.

Raytown public safety agencies reported power lines "down across Raytown Road about the 6500 block" as well as several power lines down calls in that city.

"Possible lightning strikes" on structures have been reported in Blue Springs-MO and Johnson County-KS- and the latter now has a working fire on a house in Overland Park. A tree down on a parked car was just reported in Blue Springs "on 17th Street."

Scattered showers and storms will continue throughout the K.C. Metro through dawn- but no additional severe weather is expected.

Motorists should be alert to water ponding in low spots on roadways and localized flash-flooding in the heavier showers and storms.

Likely un-weather-related is the report of a water main break at 38th Street and Broadway in KC-MO's Uptown area.



Very gusty winds lead a line of thunderstorms entering the K.C. Metro from the west and northwest. Winds have already been gusting to the 30-35 m.p.h. range in advance of the storms.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Pleasant Hill has a general severe thunderstorm warning for the K.C. Metro for the next hour with near or hurricane-force wind gusts- deadly cloud to ground lightning and torrential rains possible to likely.

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion BREAKING WEATHER: Tropical Storm-Possible Hurricane-Force Wind Gusts Expected

The Douglas County Emergency Management has deployed spotters- with dispatch reports from the NWS of "possible wind gusts of 60-80 m.p.h." expected with the passage of this storm area.
Persons in the Clinton Lake area should seek cover NOW.

KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Warning- Douglas - Jefferson Counties Kansas

This includes the City of Lawrence and Lake Perry- until 0115 CDT this Friday morning.

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: Latest Radar

Thunderstorms producting mostly torrential rains are in the K.C. MetroRegion and nearing the Metro itself.

Storm cell movement is indicated by the white crossed lines. General raiunfalls of more than 2.5-inches are indicated in northeastern Kansas as of this post.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Current Central States Visible Satellite Zoom

Weather wonks love this one.


CENTRAL STATES/KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 668 - KS- MO- NE- IA

This NWS-SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch is valid until 2am Friday morning for the following MetroRegion counties: In Missouri- Buchanan- including St. Joseph and De Kalb - In Kansas: Doniphan- Atchison and Jefferson counties- the latter including Lake Perry. Topeka and Lawrence are not "officially" in the watch area.

Please refer to the image (click on all images on this site to view full size) to see if your county is included.

Here is the latest weather radar image on an expanded view of the Region.


KANSAS CITY'S WEATHER: Severe Storm Chance Nearby

The current area outlooked for a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms and their weather does cover a portion of the Central States- from Minnesota and South Dakota southward into Iowa- Nebraska- Kansas and a portion of northwestern Missouri.

This does include the Kansas City MetroRegion counties of Buchanan and DeKalb in Missouri and Atchison and Jefferson in Kansas.This situation will be updated as needed....

The "Anti-War" Left Versus Blind Patriotism

One of the things I religiously read in the KANSAS CITY STAR is the reader's Letters in the editorial section. Two of those letters stood out today- "Banner leads to firing" and "Unfair to conservatives."

In the first letter written by "Rebecca Roeber" of "Lee's Summit"- she has "commended" the Johnson County ('think in lockstep') Community College for recently firing an employee who had attempted to unfurl an anti-war banner in an auditorium during a "lecture on bi-partisanship."

Ms. Roeber misses the real immorality- but then again when it comes to Bush's Folly- many of Dubya's supporters seem to be unable to think or see properly.

Where is the outrage Ms. Roeber- that the man who masterminded September 11- 2001- Osama bin Laden- still runs free?
Where is the outrage Ms. Roeber that the initial basis for invading Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction" and none- not even a slingshot- were found?
Where is the outrage Ms. Roeber that more than 3700 Americans have died after America's leaders LIE and invades a nation who neither attacked or threatened to attack us.

Yeah- Ms. Roeber and her fellow mind-sets only get outraged when THINKING Americans figure out how royally screwed we are and voice their objections.

This leads to letter number 2- "Unfair to conservatives" penned by a "Jeanette Dennis" of "Greenwood-MO.

This letter starts with "I'm sorry the liberals in this country are so afraid of conservatives and their ideas. They can't be any more scared of our ideas than I am of theirs" Ms. Dennis wrote.

Heh- Ms. Dennis- tisk- tisk. If conservatives support immoral and unjustified wars- secrecy in our government which includes PATRIOT Acts that trash the American Constitution and Bill of Rights in one swell foop- then yes- I'm TERRIFIED of YOUR ideas.

After a glaring mis-truth about Hussein having "ties to al-Qaida" and showing her unbridled support for truth-dispensed-after-run-in-the-spin-cycle- "Fox News" and "Rush Limbaugh"- Ms. Dennis goes on to say "I know when we say these things- people on the left think we're drinking Kool-Aid...."

No Ms. Dennis- I just think you and the 30-something percent who still think Dubya is doing a good job have lost your ability to read- comprehend as well as think independently and clearly. These people conveniently forget America was BUILT on protest.

In those regards- I guess I shall never be "a conservative" but damn-straight and probably more-so every bit an American.


Luciano Pavarotti Dead At 71

World-reknown Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti has died in Modena- Italy of cancer.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday- September 5- 2007 - NEWS inDIGESTion

* MINDEN-NV - Adventurer Steven Fossett and the single engine plane he was flying are missing. Fossett has set a number of aviation records- a solo flight around the world without refueling was one of the most spectacular.
Steve Fossett has lived his life to the fullest- here's hoping it's not tragically over.

* BOISE-ID - One could debate what is worse- a perverted hypocrite or a flaming liar. Idaho has both in Larry Craig- who- after his guilty plea in the Minneapolis airport bathroom sex sting and resigned his Senate seat- has incredulously announced he may "reverse that decision."
There was no immediate confirmation that even Idaho's potatoes are embarrassed by the man.

* CABO SAN LUCAS-MEXICO - Central America is reeling after 2 hurricanes made landfall in the same day on Tuesday. As of the latest AP dispatch from the region- 3 have died after historic Hurricane Felix came ashore in eastern Nicaragua. On the other hand- less-intense Hurricane Henriette made landfall on the southern tip of Mexico- and it's remnants will affect the southwestern- then Central U.S. over the next few days.

* SYDNEY-AUSTRALIA - The guy who thinks he's America's king has darkened the skies for our friends 'Down Undah.' President Duyba says he's going to "hang in there" regarding his Folly in Iraq and encourages Australians to make sacrifices for his blunder.
Protesters commenting on Dubya's quote says they wish he'd just drop the "in there" part- then do it- offering both rope and chair in the spirit of goodwill. I LOVE Australia!

* NEW YORK-NY - It's reported an estimated 13000 cabs are idle due to a 2-day cab driver's strike. Oddly- not many New Yorkers were affected since most can't get a cab anyway...

* LONDON-ENGLAND - "All Brits and visitors to England should have a sample of their DNA on file" says a cloned English judge.

* KANSAS CITY-MO - Rumors abound over a grassroots petition drive that will soon be underway to build a barrier and tollbooths between the Missouri and Kansas sides of the Kansas City Metro.
One of the drafters of the petition- I.M. Cidding- says the initiative was inspired by the Kansas suburbs' inability to work with the Missouri side on anything beneficial for the whole area- as well as stealing the tax base with their own corporate welfare- inconsiderate driving on Missouri roads and general snobiness.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

If Only The Great Spirit Was Dubya's Guiding Force

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself over a lost cherished ring and some other stuff tonight when The Spirit intervened.

"Central America" were the beginning words that formed in my melon. "All of those decent people with very little to start with- losing that and maybe their very lives in the hurricane."

I type this after closing my eyes and sending some positive energy and well-being to those affected by Hurricane Felix today.

The lost ring? Pfffftttt...material baggage.

Bad Geography With Leonard Pinth Garnell

Yep- the Captain screwed up.

On the "last visible satellite image" below with the various Central American nations on it- the nation of Guatemala is labelled El Salvador.

Here- with the Captain's profound apologies to the good people of both countries- is the correct labelling in regard to now Tropical Storm Felix.

Last Visible Hurricane Felix Satellite Image

Felix is rapidly decaying over the mountains of Central America. Isolated rainfalls of up to 25 inches can be expected- bringing devastating flooding.

History Made As Felix Makes Landfall In Central America

According to the AP story- this has never happened in recorded history: two Category 5 hurricanes making landfall in the same season.

Category 5 Hurricane Felix slammed ashore on the Nicaragua-Honduras border this morning and- as you can see by the visible satellite picture virtually on the edge of NOAA's North American GOES-12 satellite camera range- the enclosed center of Felix is now over northeastern Nicaragua.

Citizen Effort Under Way To Make Kansas Pay

I'm having an attorney friend look over the language on a petition I'm starting.

Taking a cue from our own Federal government- I'm proposing the voters on the Missouri side of the Metro build a fence or wall along State Line with limited access/egress.

At those limited access points will be tollbooths. We'll charge Kansans to come into KC-MO to enjoy our metropolitan amenities- parks- entertainment- Sports Complex events- arena/auditorium events- every dang thing.

Yep- the renegade JO buses will have to stop and EVERY passenger shook-down.

What'll we do with JoCo's money?

Well for starters- drop the tax load for every KC-MO resident. Then with what ever is left over- we'll start a REAL light rail line- with trains similar to that at the Swope Park Zoo.Yeah- those little trains will be cramped- but they won't cost nearly what regular-sized trains would- use much fuel or right-of-way and we'll be the destination of EVERY little kid in America.That way- KC-MO gets their light rail and JoCo can pave up the remaining virgin land it has for highways.

Join us- won't you? (Please- do not use Super Glue to join us) ....

Let's Stay A Cowtown - Dump The Light Rail Plans

I've come to the conclusion the far-thinking leaders of yesterday were left there.

Metro leaders are too busy handing out corporate welfare (TIF- PIEA) to spend a fricking dime for a project that would benefit everybody else.

I'm leaning toward voting to scrap ANY light rail plan in this state line-fractured Metro as well as ANY tax increases for ANYTHING.

What I would vote for is the Kansas side of Metro K.C. to seceed- and join Metro Topeka or something. We can't seem to work together for the common good of Metro K.C. so kick them the Hell out.

Also- the next time the corporate sports teams ask for taxpayer money- boot them the Hell out too.

Next installment: Captain Spaulding tells you how he REALLY feels. g

Hurricane Felix - Latest Satellite Image Tuesday AM

Felix's eye has been re-organizing- and Felix is likely to strengthen some before it makes landfall later today on the Nicaragua and Honduras coastlines. You can see in this water vapor image a distinct eye is now visible- and Felix is nearing the Central American coast.
In other words- get out NOW while you still can if you're in those above mentioned areas and prone to storm surge- flooding and/or landslides.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hurricane Felix - Close-up Satellite Pix

Hurricane Felix has weakened more- but is still expected to be a very destructive hurricane for parts of Nicaragua- Honduras and Belize. Click on the image to enlarge- the black lines on the left are the coasts of Nicaragua and Honduras.



Clay County MO Sheriff's Department reports that a man has drowned in Smithville Lake this Labor Day afternoon
That victim has been identified only as a Hispanic male and there were no other details.


Hurricane Felix- Latest Satellite Image

Hurricane Felix has decreased a bit- now a Category 4- but this does NOT necessarily mean a weakening trend will continue. Honduras and Belize are in Felix's bullseye.

(Click on image to enlarge)


Latest Visible Satellite Photo Of Category 5 Hurricane Felix

Latest Hurricane Felix NHC Forecast

Category 5 Hurricane Felix continues on his westward 'run' across the Carribean- moving at about twice the speed of most hurricanes this size.

This latest forecast (click on image to enlarge) has Felix seriously affecting parts of Honduras- Belize and southern Mexico.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hurricane Felix Now A Category 5

Though only the 2nd hurricane of the 2007 season- Hurricane Felix underwent virtually explosive development in about 24 hours from a Category 2 to what the National Hurricane Center is now calling a Category-5 with sustained winds of 165 m.p.h..

The Netherland islands of Aruba- Curacao and Bonaire mostly caught the outer edges of Felix- tropical storm wind gusts- heavy rain and high surf. Damage was light and no one was injured according to AP reports.

Now attention turns to where Felix is headed west- current forecasts (refer/click on map image) have this powerful storm heading on virtually an identical path that Hurricane Dean took 2 weeks ago- the area of the Mexico-Belize border.

Current weather models differ somewhat on Felix's track as he approaches Central America- as well as when and Felix's strength as he comes back out over water- the Gulf of Mexico.

A cautious eye shall be maintained from the Texas and Louisiana Gulf coasts.


First Visible Satellite Image Of Hurricane Felix

Taken at 0645 CDT (click-on for full size)- satellite pix of now Category-2 Hurricane Felix- threatening Aruba- can be found HERE.


The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, September 02, 2007


*** A mid-teens male was shot in an arm early Sunday morning in the 1200 block of Shawnee.

The injury wasn't life-threatening- and police hadn't released any suspect information or any other details yet.


<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

Again overnight clear skies ruled with virtually no wind. Temperatures ranged from the mid-50's in rural- valley areas to the lower 60's in urban areas.

Temperatures should slowly increase over the next several days to highs in the lower-90's. It'll stay dry until a front on Thursday brings another shot for some needed rain.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Latest NHC Forecast: Hurricane Felix