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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Corporate Greed #6823: KMBC-9-Hearst and Time-Warner-Looney Tunes Cable Punish Their Customers

Early Tuesday morning- KMBC and KCWE's signals were dropped off the Time-Warner-Looney Tunes cable system that serves tens of thousands of Metro Kansas City residents.

Rather than pay the exorbitant increase- TWLT dropped both stations from the cable lineup around midnight Tuesday- and no indication at all on when both stations MIGHT return to TWLT customers.

Here's another case of corporate greed- and another case where the American consumer gets the shaft....

Monday, July 09, 2012

TV News Story Indicative Why Fewer and Fewer People Watching

Sunday morning- CSW covered the crash of a SUV in Kansas City KS where two of seven vehicle occupants died.

The story that sat on Channel 9's Web page most of Sunday into early Monday read like this (a screen-capture):

Today- the story was updated (barely):

The first story in particular- but also the 'update' should be an absolute embarrassment for Channel 9's news department.

Both versions don't even mention the fact the crash was the end result of a police pursuit!

To be fair to KMBC-9- virtually all the corporate news sources in Kansas City under-reported this story.

Some "news" outlets never even reported the Missouri Highway Patrol trooper's shooting of a citizen Sunday morning- but hey- it probably would have cut into the redundant stories of tomorrow's corporate sports game .

Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Violent Kansas City MO Weekend Continues With Northland Police-Involved Shooting

Saturday morning- four people were victims of KC's on-going and virtually unaddressed gun violence including two teenagers- one of whom- a 16-year-old male- died.

Sunday morning it was a cop doing the shooting...

KC-MO Fire department EMS reports "a 40-year-old male" suffered "two gunshot wounds after an altercation with a (police) officer" at eastbound M-152 highway at or near Interstate 435 around 1:55 a.m..

The victim's injuries were considered by the paramedic to be not immediately life-threatening.

A Missouri State Patrol trooper did the shooting- nothing else confirmed yet.

CSW BREAKING: Kansas Police Pursuit Results in Fatality- Multiple Critical Injury Crash

It was around 3:05 Sunday morning- when a SUV reportedly carrying seven young people- ages ranging from mid-teens to their 20's- "failed to yield to a Roeland Park (police) officer-" apparently was chased by the officer and crashed into a highway bridge.

The location was Roe Lane under Interstate 35 in extreme southeastern Kansas City KS..

A KC-KS officer who had responded on the pursuit had arrived- reporting the "failure to yield" aspect- as well as the vehicle being "on fire" and all but one of the seven occupants "were ejected" during the crash.

One person died at the scene- one of the gravely-injured (there were two) was "a female found underneath a cop car-" a KC-KS FD-EMS unit reported.

The female later died at a Metro hospital.

The other grave patient was "a 20's-something" aged male."

Two other critically-injured males were reported as "approximately 20-years-old" and a "15-year-old."

At least one other patient was transported to a third hospital- but no information on that person was available.

Not heard is why the Roeland Park cop was chasing the SUV that crashed- other than traffic charges.

The three hospitals where the injured were taken to "closed to trauma" patients after the crash and remain so as of this post.

Those were the University of Kansas and Truman (West) Medical Centers- as well as St. Luke's Hospital on The Plaza.

In my 21 years doing Metro Kansas City overnight news- this is the worst crash resulting from a police pursuit since a KC-KS chase/crash in the early to mid 1990's that left at least 2 dead.