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Sunday, July 08, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Kansas Police Pursuit Results in Fatality- Multiple Critical Injury Crash

It was around 3:05 Sunday morning- when a SUV reportedly carrying seven young people- ages ranging from mid-teens to their 20's- "failed to yield to a Roeland Park (police) officer-" apparently was chased by the officer and crashed into a highway bridge.

The location was Roe Lane under Interstate 35 in extreme southeastern Kansas City KS..

A KC-KS officer who had responded on the pursuit had arrived- reporting the "failure to yield" aspect- as well as the vehicle being "on fire" and all but one of the seven occupants "were ejected" during the crash.

One person died at the scene- one of the gravely-injured (there were two) was "a female found underneath a cop car-" a KC-KS FD-EMS unit reported.

The female later died at a Metro hospital.

The other grave patient was "a 20's-something" aged male."

Two other critically-injured males were reported as "approximately 20-years-old" and a "15-year-old."

At least one other patient was transported to a third hospital- but no information on that person was available.

Not heard is why the Roeland Park cop was chasing the SUV that crashed- other than traffic charges.

The three hospitals where the injured were taken to "closed to trauma" patients after the crash and remain so as of this post.

Those were the University of Kansas and Truman (West) Medical Centers- as well as St. Luke's Hospital on The Plaza.

In my 21 years doing Metro Kansas City overnight news- this is the worst crash resulting from a police pursuit since a KC-KS chase/crash in the early to mid 1990's that left at least 2 dead. 


Anonymous said...

This will get real ugly no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Another has died as well.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Have you read some of the news stories- particularily The STAR's?

Theirs reports the KHP saying the crash happened around 3:30 a.m. which is odd since KCK-FD had their initial dispatch at 3:09 am..

Also- why is it the KHP didn't know (or release the info) that SEVEN people were in that SUV when it crashed?

Plus from their pictures- KCTV-5 looks like their photog was one of the people KCK PD chased away from the I-35 overpass as they showed the SUV fully-involved in flames- but somehow THEY (KCTV) didn't even know there were 7 in the vehicle.

It almost depleted KCK's EMS units citywide (six were sent to the scene).

More "police report news" in this burg....

How ya holding up in this heat Dave?

Anonymous said...

Yes I have noticed the times and stories are all over the place.

Heads are going to roll on this no doubt. They was to busy trying to cover up to early in the game. They (the PD) knew it was all wrong. What I don't understand is a vehicle is totally involved as seen in the picture and would appear no attempts to put water on it are really being made. The time factors on here are very spooky to say the least this just isn't adding up.

Well least KHP it appears is going to handle the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Trying to cover up? What exactly do you have to back up such an ignorant comment? I don't see anything in any of the stories that remotely points to police cover up.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I have to really- REALLY feel for the RP cop that was chasing them- he actually runs OVER one of the victims according to one of the KCK paramedics!

I don't so much see any "cover-up" SD as I see a third agency (pursuit by Roeland Park- crash happens in KCK)- the KHP- trying to backtrack the information of an incident they weren't intitially involved in.

We'll see in the coming days if the facts come out or not- but the bottom line is that the SUV's driver SHOULD stop for the cop!

It's ALL on that driver who was trying to rabbit IMHO....

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Also wanted to say how much I appreciated the quick information and the amount of information. My heart goes out to all of the people and their families.

Anonymous said...

I see and understand everyone's view. But an officer is at all times the one who is suppose to be in control of the issue and his emotions.

To run over a person in the road to me points out an officer driving in a manner that wasn't acceptable for the conditions.

No operator of an emergency vehicle is above the law at any time. The reasons for chasing a car as in this case probably won't justify the striking of a person in the road if that is for sure the case.

In school I hate to think how many times it was hammered into my head you never over drive your vehicle in an emergency no matter what. As in this case in the attempt to catch someone stupid an officer may have used poor judgment. That officer may have caused a death or permanent disabling injuries to a person who might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two wrongs don’t make a right no matter what the issue is. Since this accident is resulting in two deaths one can’t help but wonder if this was all done by the book or not and the public has the right to know so if it wasn’t.

I would hate to be in that’s officers shoes if what we know is true and I would have to think he is going to have a lot of sleepless nights for some time to come. If it was me I am sure I'd be totally freaked out and scared.