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Monday, July 09, 2012

TV News Story Indicative Why Fewer and Fewer People Watching

Sunday morning- CSW covered the crash of a SUV in Kansas City KS where two of seven vehicle occupants died.

The story that sat on Channel 9's Web page most of Sunday into early Monday read like this (a screen-capture):

Today- the story was updated (barely):

The first story in particular- but also the 'update' should be an absolute embarrassment for Channel 9's news department.

Both versions don't even mention the fact the crash was the end result of a police pursuit!

To be fair to KMBC-9- virtually all the corporate news sources in Kansas City under-reported this story.

Some "news" outlets never even reported the Missouri Highway Patrol trooper's shooting of a citizen Sunday morning- but hey- it probably would have cut into the redundant stories of tomorrow's corporate sports game .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

MLB is all that is important right now. Who cares about a load of scared kids and underage kids who made a huge mistake.