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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three-Year-Old Killed 'Accidentally' by Gunshot in Independence MO

Around 4 pm Saturday afternoon- Independence emergency services were called to the 11500 block of East 20th Street on a reported shooting.

Once there- Independence Police found that a 3-year-old male had "accidentally" been shot by his father.

The child was rushed to a local children's hospital where he has died of his wound.

The IPD is investigating- no word if the father was charged with anything or taken into custody for questioning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Central States News: More Than $400-Million Damage Estimated From Dallas TX Hailstorm

The storm hit parts of Dallas around 6:30 pm Wednesday evening- with many areas getting golfball to baseball-sized hailstones.

According to this story from WFAA-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)- damage estimates have already exceeded four hundred million ($400m) dollars.

The wife of a DFW-area politician was among those injured by the massive hailstorm- the likes of which not seen in the Metroplex since the mid-1990's.

There is a slight risk of large hail possible during severe thunderstorms in Metro and parts of MetroRegion Kansas City later  Saturday- according to the National Weather Service's (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC)....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marcason Supports Plaza Corporate Welfare

Like the murder rate in KC-MO- corporate welfare continues unabated as well...

Kansas City clowncilperson Marcason is supporting $13-MILLION in city-issued bonds so a corporate entity will remain in their Plaza office building- according to the story in the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL.

The corporate tax welfare is being sought so the Lofton Company will extend their lease and remain on the Plaza.

Your Captain also wonders if the Lofton Company also needs other welfare- I'm making a trip to Harvesters soon so contact me if you need any canned goods or other food Loftonites....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storm Watch No. 370 Until 11 PM- KS-MO-IA-NE

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 370 has been issued by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) for parts of the Kansas City MetroRegion- but as of this post- does NOT include Metro Kansas City...

The watch includes St. Joseph and Maryville among other NW MO cities and towns- as well as Atchison- Lawrence- Oskaloosa- Topeka- Ottawa- Emporia and Garnett on the KS side.

Storms have already fired-up in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa- along a cool front that stretches from NW Iowa- the NW tip of Missouri- into south-central Kansas.

It appears that if any storms affect Metro KC- they will occur sometime after 10 pm this Sunday night....

CSW WEATHER: "Slight" Chance of Severe Storms in Metro Kansas City This Evening

Last Sunday- much of the Kansas City Metroregion- as well as the Metro- was in a "slight risk" area for severe thunderstorms.

It barely even rained...

So this Sunday Mother Nature tries again- and the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) again has much of about the northwestern half of the MetroRegion- including Kansas City- in a "slight risk" area for severe thunderstorms.

The activity will most likely be 6 pm or later here in the Metro- with the primary severe threat consisting of large hail and damaging winds.

More importantly we need the rain- and IF today's activity doesn't pan-out- there are additional rain chances beginning Wednesday and into next weekend.

CSW BREAKING: Double-Fatality Crash in Lee's Summit MO

At 2:09 am Sunday morning- Lee's Summit police reports being on the scene of a single car rollover near U.S. 50 and the east M-291 junction.

There was initially some confusion as to the exact location of this crash- which turned out to be at Hamblen Road and Oldham Parkway-  just south of the U.S. 50/M-291-East junction.

The fire department and EMS were dispatched two minutes later.

At 2:14 am- the officer reports "two occupants-" both males and thought to be in their 20's- in the overturned vehicle- "one barely breathing and one completely unresponsive."

At 2:30 am- EMS cleared the scene with the FD units as neither patient was transported to a hospital.

The fatalities were confirmed by a LSPD public information officer (PIO) shortly before 4 am..

Later Sunday- LSPD identified the victims as 23-year-old Samuel Rickner and 23-year-old Nathan Wright of Lee's Summit.

CSW BREAKING: Kansas City MO Gun Violence Continues Unabated

Burning-out on all the senseless gunfire and violence in this town- it pains me to report the following...

At 1:03 am Sunday morning- East Zone KC-MO Police officers were sent on the call of a shooting at the Traveler's Inn motel at 6006 East 31st Street (I-70 & 31st St.) on KC's East Side.

The dispatcher told the responding officers that the motel's front desk clerk had been shot.

A fire department paramedic unit transported a 25-year-old female who had been shot in the head to a local hospital.

She was in very critical condition- as the EMS unit reported they were doing CPR on their patient.

The woman later died at Truman Medical Center-Hospital Hill.

The low-lifes committing this crime were reported to be two black males with clothing descriptions- and the 2 thugs reportedly ran westbound from the motel.

Later Sunday- KC-MO Police identified the slain motel clerk as "24-year-old Kassandra S. Peters of Kansas City MO..

Still outraged over the senseless killing of Raytown resident Harry Stone two weeks ago- through my anger and heavy heart I solemnly offer condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Peters- and hope their killer(s) are brought to justice and rot in prison.

Little more than thirty minutes earlier- at 12:28 am- a 19-year-old male was shot in the back at 1305 East Armour Road in Midtown.

The victim appeared to be paralyzed from the neck down- according to the KC-MO paramedic report to a hospital- but otherwise in not immediately life-threatening condition.

Police believed they had the suspect- a black male wearing a red shirt- in custody shortly after Center Zone officers arrived on that scene.

At least police managed to catch this suspect early on- whether the suspect is actually CONVICTED for his crime relies solely on our possibly paralyzed victim.