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Friday, November 11, 2016

BREAKING: Teen Critically-Injured in East Kansas City MO Shooting

KC-MO East Patrol police officers- then a FD pumper with EMS unit "Medic 35" was dispatched beginning at 5:33 pm Friday afternoon to "a shooting ... 44(00 block of) of East 38th St..

The "male" victim was reported by a caller to be "lying in the street" there.

EMS M-35 reports this victim to be "a 16-year-old male" with 3 discernible gunshot wounds: "to his forehead" and "both thighs."

The teen's condition was critical- although the patient was reported "conscious and alert."

Only possible suspect info was "a white car (possibly a Mazda)" seen "leaving the area" before PD arrived.