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Saturday, March 07, 2009

K.C. Metro BREAKING WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 46 Valid Until 4am CDT Sunday

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center (NWS-SPC) in Norman-OK has issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 46 - valid until 4am CDT Sunday morning.

This watch includes all of Metro Kansas City.

Here is the current Doppler weather radar image from NWS-KC/Pleasant Hill-MO.


A thunderstorm has developed over northern portions of Metro K.C.- as shown in this weather radar image.

No severe weather has yet been reported as this storm cell moves northeast affecting central Platte and northern Clay counties MO during the next 45 minutes.


Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 45 remains in effect for most of eastern Kansas until 10pm this Saturday night.

Severe thunderstorms have developed near Hutchinson-KS- a Tornado Warning was just issued for HUT- and are generally moving toward Metro K.C..- as you can see in these images:

1) NWS-Topeka Doppler radar and

2) a visible satellite image of the same general area.

Updates here as needed.....

K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER: Severe Storm Watch No. 45 - Kansas

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (NWS-SPC) has issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 45 for a large part of south-central through northeastern Kansas.

This Watch is in effect until 10 pm this Saturday night and includes MetroRegion cities such as Lawrence- Ottawa- Valley Falls- Topeka and Garnett.

ST Watch No. 45 does NOT include any Metro K.C. counties at this time.

Thunderstorms are forecast to develop to our west and southwest during the late afternoon and evening and move east to northeastward.

Metro Kansas City may be included in a weather watch by late evening as well. Here is an image of the current NWS Topeka Doppler weather radar (click on all images for full resolution).

More as this situation develops....


At Least 2 Dead- 7 Injured In Metro K.C. Shootings

Four shooting incidents- 2 in KC-MO and one each in Independence and Blue Springs- have left at least two people dead and 7 others injured.

The first incident was discovered by a passing MAST-EMS unit on westbound I-70 just west of Van Brunt around 1:15am.

At first- the MAST medics thought the car containing 4 males in their late teens had crashed. They quickly discovered all 4 occupants had gunshot wounds- one in very critical condition.

The 4 were taken to 3 area hospitals. One of the victims later died in surgery.

Police didn't have any suspect information as the victims were pegged as "uncooperative" providing any information to officers at the scene.

Westbound Interstate 70 was closed for more than 3 hours while police searched for evidence.

At 2:47am- 2 males were shot at or near Pacific and Crane Streets in Independence-MO..

One of the victim's injuries were very critical.

Police were seeking 5 male suspects who left the scene in a white late-1990's Cadillac or Lincoln Towncar.

At 3:06am- KC-MO police responded to the 5400 block of Norton- where they found a person dead by gunshot inside a car.

No suspect information other than "a dark-colored car" was available in this homicide.

The last shooting (so far) Saturday morning was 5 minutes later- in Blue Springs- in the 400 block of Southwest Moreland School Road.

Again- 2 male victims- 1 is in very critical condition.

No suspect information heard here.

At least 2 area medical trauma centers had to close their doors to further patients because of this flurry of gunfire in the Metro.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hey KCP-L- I'd Like To Shop Around...

Unfortunately- KCP&L is THE electrical MONOPOLY in our burg.

We have no other power company serving us so we MIGHT be able to shop around and get better power rates. We HAVE NO ALTERNATIVE.

KCP&L is pushing hard- according to the Kansas City STAR this morning- to get an almost 18% rate increase.

Didn't ANYBODY tell the KCP&L there's a severe recession-depression going on? I don't know any one who can sustain an 18% increase in anything right now.

Can't KCP&L find other ways to finance their executive's obscene pay and perks like season tickets to Royals- Chiefs and Worlds of Fun?

Naming A Park Is A Good Idea - BUT ...

The murdered child's name was Erica Green- NOT Precious Doe.

So any park-naming should be using that child's REAL name- if you don't mind.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Breaking News UPDATE: KC-MO Pumper Kills Child

It turns out that Pumper 10 didn't strike another vehicle at all at 9th Street and Euclid in Near Northeast Kansas City around 3:35pm..

It was a child pedestrian- reportedly age 7. The child was killed instantly.

Woodland elementary school is north of this intersection where the child was reported to be a student.


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Fire Dept. Truck Crashes On Way To Call

A Kansas City- MO Fire department pumper crashed into another vehicle while on an emergency call around 3:35pm at 9th Street and Euclid.

Pumper 10 was responding on a car wreck call at 12th Street & Chestnut.

Serious injuries are reported- but it's unknown if any firefighters are among them.

Update as received....

There's also been a shooting in KC-KS- the 2000 block of Silver Court- victim reported to be a white female with non life-threatening injuries.


Osage City-KS Historic Building Burns

The fire was Sunday in a historic 2-story building that housed Mink Photography in downtown Osage City-KS.- located about 30 miles south of Topeka.

Firefighters made a good stop on the fire and managed to confine it to the Mink building- though at least 2 other businesses suffered smoke & water damage.

Video courtesy of WIBW-TV13 in Topeka shows citizens of Osage City removing items from threatened businesses. It was reported all items were later returned to the owners- a testament to small-town values.

More importantly- no one was injured because of the fire.

AP: Today's Kids Contain Less Lead

According to a study reported by the Associated Press- the lead levels of today's children are much less than they were 20 years ago.

Seeing so many "couch-potato" & sedentary gagget-omized kids these days- I guess we can safely conclude that what lead today's young people have is only in their asses.


... This Is Paul Harvey ... Goodbye


Mass Lawlessness Changes Idiot Laws

You can see how this has worked throughout fairly-recent American history.

Prohibition of alcohol in the late 1920's and early 1930's- that went the way of foo-foo dust after organized crime prevailed selling the stuff people wanted to put into their own bodies (sound familiar?).

The 55 miles per hour speed limit. This was instituted back in the mid 1970's because Americans were driving at speeds most Interstates were designed for (70 mph) but were burning up precious petroleum.

Few slowed down- and the 55-MPH limit was abolished earlier this century.

Fireworks laws. I know of FEW people who obey these laws around July 4- so a few local cities are changing/reviewed their laws.

Independence-MO recently changed their fireworks laws to reflect the fruitlessness of laws few seem to pay attention to. KC-MO amended their fireworks laws last year- and Raytown-MO is looking over their ordinances regarding "illegal" fireworks too.

Maybe the silliness of marijuana laws will be reviewed next- allowing those millions of "freedom of choice" Americans to indulge freely and allow the government A NEW SOURCE OF TAX REVENUE.

That would sound to be a no-brainer- much like today's drug laws are.

Does U.S. Army Have Family Values?

Here's a story of a female reservist called back to active duty after she had served already- this time she's bringing her kids with her.

The reservist claims she has no one else to care for her children- so since the government won't let those who have served already out of their government contracts- she's brought her children along for this government recall.

Our government's ALWAYS touting things "for the good of the children"- so let's see just how true this is or if it's just convenient lip-service.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Central States Visible Satellite Photo of Snow Cover

With snowfalls ranging from around 2 to as much as 8-inches- this was Metro Kansas City's heaviest snowfall so far of the 2008-09 season.

By Wednesday- much if not all of this snow will be gone as temperatures area-wide reach the 60's to lower 70's.