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Saturday, September 18, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Flash Flooding in Blue Springs MO

Around 10:10 p.m.- a Central Jackson County Fire official reported Duncan Road east of Adams Dairy Parkway is impassable due to high water.

More than 6-inches of rain has fallen according to NWS Doppler weather radar estimates in northern blue Springs- along and either side of M-7 from north Blue Springs into the Lake City area of eastern Independence.

More torrential rains are to the west of these areas- and could compound an already serious situation in eastern Jackson county MO..

More information throughout the night as needed here at CSW and at KSHB.


Woman Seriously Hurt in Leavenworth County Crash

The crash was reported around dawn Saturday morning- at 5:45 a.m.- the report of a 1-vehicle crash on 178th Street north of State Avenue near Basehor in southern Leavenworth county KS..

Once emergency crews arrived- they found the car had rolled-over and the female driver lying in the roadway.

Leavenworth county EMS tranported that critically-injured driver to K.U. Med Center and the crash was under investigation.

CSW WEATHER: Severe Tstm Watch Includes Metro Kansas City

This is Watch Number  672 issued by the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and it's valid for a large part of Kansas and Missouri until 10 p.m. this Saturday night.

All of Metro K.C. is included- along with that part of the MetroRegion generally along and south of U.S. 36 highway and those areas generally along and north of U.S. 54 highway
There are severe thunderstorms already in parts of Metro K.C.- a severe thunderstorm is located near Sugar Creek MO moving east at 30 m.p.h..

Showers and storms are firing-up right now along the I-70 corridor from near Boonville MO west through Topeka KS- and this trend will continue for at least the next 4-5 hours.

Warnings appear here at CSW down the right column of this blog- refresh your browser- or keep tuned to KSHB or your favorite information source for updated weather information


Overland Park Eviction Standoff Approaches 24-Hour Mark

Imagine not being able to access your car and/or your home for 6 hours- 12 hours- nearly a whole day.

That's what some people who live or were around a house in the 8100 block of West 144th Place face after the 10 a.m. hour Friday morning standoff began.

As reported here at CSW since Friday afternoon- the standoff is a result of Johnson County sheriff's deputies attempting to serve an eviction order to a man when the man became threatening to the cops- who backed away- surrounded the house and closed off the neighborhood.

According to several media reports- neighbors say a man in his 40's to 50's had lived in the house for about the past 5 years but had lost his job during the past year.

By Friday evening- rounds of a pepper-spray-type substance was being fire into the house by police in an attempt to drive the man out.

By midnight- many tactical crews were sent home while other cops kept an eye on the house thoughout the night.

Now as of 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning and with police tactical teams back in place- new attempts are likely forthcoming to at least make contact with the man evicted from his foreclosed home.

UPDATE: The standoff ended around 3 p.m Saturday afternoon and arrested the man that was in the house- 43-year-old man Ian Goldsmith.


Saturday Morning Shooting in KC-KS Wounds Teenager

Police are investigating an empty car shot-up followed by a shooting victim found on Parallel Parkway earlier Saturday morning. 

The shooting call first went out a 12:46 a.m. to a gas station/convenience store in the 4700 block of Parallel.

When police arrived the found a car with bullet holes- unoccupied- with no victims around.

Less than 5 minutes later another KC-KS police officer spotted an erratic driver near 77th Street and Parallel- and discovered a 15-year-old male who had been shot in the leg.

The teen was from the bullet-ridden vehicle in the 4700 block police say.

The boy's condition was good- and his wound not life-terminating- a KC-KS paramedic said.

There wasn't any suspect available.


CSW BREAKING: Fatality Crash North of Odessa MO

Received at 4:52 a.m. Saturday morning was the report of a vehicle crash on Missouri or 'M' 131 highway about 3 miles north of Odessa- in west-central Lafayette county along I-70.

An Odessa police officer reports from the scene at 4:58 a.m.- the crash was on M-131 near Odessa Hills Road- and that it was a head-on with two occupants trapped in one vehicle's rolled-over crushed wreckage.

One of the occupants is declared dead at the scene 10 minutes later as Odessa medics order a medical helicopter for the remaining occupant and extrication gets underway.

That extrication is reported complete at 5:36 a.m. but it's nearly an hour after the crash was reported before the patient- "a large- about 300 pounds- 19-year-old male"  is loaded into the waiting Lifeflight med chopper and flown to a KC-MO hospital.

There's no word on occupant injuries in the other vehicle.

The Missouri Highway Patrol will be investigating the crash.

Serious Injuries To Man Struck on KC-MO Freeway

First reported as a vehicle crash on northbound U.S. 71 near Longview Road at 1:44 a.m. turned out to be a man hit by a vehicle who left the scene.

The man who was hit reportedly was tending to another disabled vehicle by the side of the road when he was struck.

That vehicle was possibly either located or the driver returned to the scene about 15 minutes later.

No word on police charges against that driver.

The man who was struck had serious- but not believed to be life-threatening injuries a KC-MO FD-EMS paramedic said- and he was taken to a Metro hospital.

Northbound U.S. 71 was closed at Blue Ridge Extention while police investigated the incident.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 a.m.- 5 and 10 p.m....

Man Shot in Independence MO

Police aren't saying much about a shooting reported near Pacific and Hunter Streets in Independence early Saturday morning.

In fact police told the KSHB Action News photographer they got the "shots fired" call "around 2:15" a.m. when the initial shooting call was reported to CSW at 1:15 a.m..

Nonetheless- EMS sources told CSW that their patient was "a 42-year-old male" with a "single gunshot wound (to the upper chest)."

He was taken to an Indy hospital in serious but not life-ending condition.

Police wouldn't say if the man was shot by someone else or by himself either.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 a.m.- 5 and 10 p.m....


Friday, September 17, 2010

Eviction Standoff Continues in Overland Park

s initially reported here at CSW- the standoff between a man being served eviction papers and the sheriff's deputies that attempted to serve those papers continues in southern Overland Park KS..

The incident itself is reported to be in the 8100 block of West 144th Place and began around 10:30 a.m. this Friday morning when Johnson County sheriff's deputies attempted to serve a man who lived in a house in that block an eviction order.

The man shut the door on the cops- and reportedly indicated he was armed as the officers backed-out and called for back-up.

CSW BREAKING: Amtrak Train Strikes Car Near Pleasant Hill MO

Cass County Sheriff and Pleasant Hill Fire crews have confirmed that an Amtrak train has struck a van just north of Missouri (M) 58 on Beattie Road- southeast of Pleasant Hill.

The driver is reported to be the only occupant- and emergency crews reported that driver was out of the vehicle but injured  when they arrived just before 5 p.m..

The Amtrak train- as well as other trains on that line- have been stopped while an investigation (driver fails to yield to train) begins.

I'll report back here if the driver's injuries are serious.

Here's the wrap of this story...

The "57-year-old male driver" of the van suffered non life-threatening injuries- according to a medic with the Pleasant Hill FD-EMS and that patient was transported to a Kansas City MO hospital.

"Task Force" Needed To Confirm Possible New Record Hailstone in Kansas?

This is just one of MANY examples why government spending is waaaaaaaaaay out of control.

On Wednesday it was reported by The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE that a record-breaking-sized hailstone fell south of Wichita (diameter. 7.75-inches- old record from 1970 was 5.7-inches).

The article goes on to say that "A task force to confirm the record will be convened next week, weather officials (NWS?)-mine) say."

Reminds me of the old joke of 'How many people does it take to use a tape measure?'


Police With Eviction Notice in Standoff With Resident in Overland Park

randma would tell me stories of the many people evicted from their homes and farmsteads in the Eastern Oklahoma hills during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Most- although begrudgingly and often tearfully- complied.

But Grandma told of some people- faced with losing all that they had scaped- sweated and toiled for- taking up arms when facing the local sheriff with eviction papers.

So I'm kind-of surprised that what's happening below doesn't happen with more frequency in the UCSA today (perhaps it does- you know how crappy news coverage has become)...

So it goes right now- a resident has barricaded themselves inside a home in the area of 144th Street and Hemlock in southern Overland Park after being served by the JoCo Sheriff with eviction papers.

After all- the bank wants 'their' property back....


Without Tax Breaks- How Can The Rich Provide Jobs?

Jobs like gardeners- butlers- maids- chauffeurs- pool cleaners- etc.?


Elizabeth Warren NOT Sarah Palin For President in 2012

resident Obama's new chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is Elizabeth Warren.

In regard to America's on-going financial meltdowns- Ms. Warren KNOWS where the problems lie and what to do to fix it  (no idea how Ms. Warren would deal with The NO Party (GOP/Tea Baggers)).

Let's compare this knowledgeable woman to another popular figure- Sarah Palin- a pretty face with no solution to ANY of America's problems (other than Government control over a woman's overies).

It's simply a choice of SUBSTANCE (Ms. Warren) over RHETORIC (Ms Palin).

NEWS BULLETIN:  America will NEED substance to get us out of the deep- DEEP holes that empty rhetoric (fluff- lies) dug and threw us into.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

33rd Anniversary of The KC-MO "Plaza Flood" That Killed 25

hen late on the night of September 13 1977 it became apparent that the flash flooding around Metro Kansas City had become deadly- KMBC-TV Channel 9 came on the air and stayed on all night with breaking information.

To my knowledge- KMBC was the ONLY station of 'The Big 3 (WDAF-4- KCMO-5 the other two)' to broadcast that fateful night.

I never forgot that and for years afterwards- KMBC was my go-to station for breaking news (until I dived head-first into the business in early 1991).

Courtesy of the KMBC archives- this is a YouTube 4-part presentation of a special news program that aired after the 10 p.m. news the night of September 16 1977.


A YouTube Video From A Metro Kansas City Long Ago

Found this video on YouTube of views from Johnson County KS as well as The Plaza- etc..- mostly from the 1960's and 1970's.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Slight" Chance of Severe Storms Today Over K.C. Metro-MetroRegion

All of MetroRegion Kansas City- including the Metro- is inside a forecasted "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms today through tonight- according to the NWS' Storm Prediction Center.

Here in the Metro- these morning showers and thundershowers could serve to keep the atmosphere stabilized- but our risk would be strong to severe frontal storms that could possibly develop later this afternoon and evening along a cold front pushing in from the northwest.

Nevertheless- heavy rains will fall in and around Metro K.C.- and especially over the southern half (south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers) of the MetroRegion.

Here's the latest weather radar from NWS Topeka (I use this one often because it reduces the radar's 'ground clutter' signals over Metro K.C.).... 


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taxpayer Welfare Requested by Olathe KS Developer

Many of us realize how blighted the area around 119th Street and I-35 in Olathe is.... NOT!

Yet- according to this story in the OLATHE (KS) NEWS- a developer- the "Heart of America Group" is asking not only for a TIF- but a special taxing district and low-interest loans from the Feds.

Of course- that developer presents all these rosy financial pictures for the proposed project- much like the cheerleaders for KC-MO's Power and Light District did.

And we ALL see how much money the Power and Light District is (costing us) bringing in.


Monday, September 13, 2010

New Severe Storm Watch DOES Include Metro Kansas City

The NWS-SPC has issued another severe thunderstorm watch- this is Number 658 and it DOES include all of Metro Kansas City and central to southern parts of the MetroRegion until 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

An impressive broken line of strong to severe thunderstorms is about 40 miles northwest of Downtown KC-MO- and this line continues to rush southeastward.

The leading edge of that line should be reaching Downtown between 9 to 9:15 p.m. (add about 15 minutes to either time for the line's Arrowhead arrival).


Severe Tstm Watch No. 657 Valid Until 1 A.M CDT- IA-KS-MO

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 657 has been issued by the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and will be valid until  CDT and include that part of the MetroRegion  north of a Ray- Clay- Platte county MO and Leavenworth- Jefferson county KS line.

This watch DOES NOT include the immediate Metro K.C. counties.

Severe thunderstorms northwest of St. Joseph in southeastern Nebraska are racing to the southeast- according to recent weather radar trends..

These storms could well affect the Chiefs/Chargers game....

Suspect in Homicide in Standoff With Police in KC-KS

This started at 2:35 p.m. Monday afternoon: police reporting a shooting in the 1000 block of Brown Avenue in northeastern KC-KS..

Reportedly- the suspect's "mother" had called police and said that "her son had shot somebody."

When police arrived- they found a dead person in the street  in  front  of the residence- with the reported "psych patient"/suspect barricaded in the house.

That suspect reportedly "wants police to (kill) him"  a KC-KS PD source told CSW.

Police have surrounded the house and are about to attempt to negotiate with the killer.

UPDATE - 3:33 P.M. CDT - The reported suspect in a northeastern KC-KS homicide who barricaded himself in his house after the killing has surrendered to police at 3:27 p.m. Monday afternoon.
Police are now able to access the deceased victim.

House Fires in KC-MO South and North

Fire companies in KC-MO- with a little outside help- have been busy this Monday with a couple of damaging house fires...

The first was reported at 8:50 a.m. in the Southland- it was reported as "an electrician" at a residence in the 11300 block of Summit said there was "a fire around the electrical box."

Nearby Pumper 28 arrived 3 minutes later and reported "light smoke" coming from the "1-1/2-story" structure and used a handline on the fire.

The fire was declared under control within 10 minutes- there were no injuries- and an arson investigator was requested.

The next fire was reported in a house in the 7600 block of North Congress at 12:38 p.m.- and a truck from the Southern Platte Fire Protection District was also sent.

Pumper 44 arrived 3 minutes later reporting "smoke showing" from the "1-story" house and pulled a handline to attack the fire.

This fire was also declared under control within 10 minutes of 44's arrival- and again no reported injuries.

Another arson investigator- and the American Red Cross was sent to this scene.

Blue Springs Pollys Eye Sales Tax Increase

Never in my 58 years spent mostly in this Metro have I seen such economic upheaval or so many tax increases.

The latest noise of a tax increase comes from Blue Springs MO- which recently gave wealthy developers an "ambitious" TIF (taxpayer welfare for developers).

BS pollys (Blue Springs- what were YOU thinking?) are "studying" a way to run a "public safety" sales tax increase by their citys' voters- says the INDEPENDENCE- BLUE SPRINGS- GRAIN VALLEY (Sibley?) EXAMINER.

Among things that sales tax would pay for- is the Federal mandate (but NOT Federally-funded) to change police radio frequencies and equipment (even tho the Feds made billions selling those radio frequencies to private interests and leaving state and local governments the entire cost to switch).

I'm actually considering a new blog JUST to keep track of Metro rises in taxes and fees....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Stabbing Outside a Downtown Bar Leaves Victim With Chest Wound

KC-MO police received the call just after 2:20 a.m. Sunday morning- a man in his 20's had been stabbed at 10th Street and Wyandotte near John's Bar.

The victim reportedly told police that 3 unidentified suspects argued with- then stabbed him in the chest.

It was a considerable chest wound- KC-MO FD-EMS paramedics told CSW- but the man's internal organs appeared to be unscathed and his condition although serious was not life-threatening.

The 3 suspects got away. 

Raytown Police Call Out The Bomb Squad

aytown police called out the KC-MO Police bomb squad after reportedly finding some sort of explosive device during a traffic stop at 64th Street and Willow about 12:55 a.m. Sunday morning.

It's not known what type of explosive was found- but the bomb squad apparently wasn't needed and they left the scene around 1:40 a.m..

No one was hurt- but an EMS crew was called for one of the bomb squad members before they investigated the unknown device.

The cop was okay and didn't require EMS transport.

Four Serious-Injury Car Crashes Around Metro K.C. Sunday Morning

There have been four crashes so far this Sunday morning- and at least 6 injuries have been reported in those wrecks.

The first serious-injury crash was reported around 1:25 a.m. in South KC-MO at 99th Street and Wheeling.

This was a single car that crashed into- and knocked down a utility pole.

The 21-year-old male driver was "partially ejected" during the crash- and fire crews had to use extrication tools to get him out.

That driver was taken to a Metro hospital in serious to critical condition.

At 1:39 a.m.- another 1-vehicle crash was reported on northbound U.S. 169 just north of M-9 highway near Briarcliff. 

Here- the "24-year-old male driver" was reported by FD-EMS to have "fallen 30 feet off a bridge" after the crash.

The man was reported to be "highly intoxicated" by a paramedic- which explained his seeming non life-threatening injuries- described as he was enroute to a Northland hospital.

The next crash was in Olathe KS around 2:15 a.m. in the 1200 block of South Lindenwood.

It was reported that a vehicle containing 3 occupants slammed into a tree- and extrication was again required to get the occupant out of the wrecked vehicle.

A male passenger in his 20's was taken to an Overland Park hospital with critical injuries as well as a lesser-injured female. 

No word on the 3rd occupant in the crash- but their injuries were reportedly serious.

The fourth serious crash became a fatality.

This was a single-vehicle rollover in Independence MO just before 4 a.m.- on 39th Street under M-291 near the Independence Center mall.

A "42-year-old male driver was reportedly "partially-ejected" from the vehicle during the crash and his injuries were critical.

The patient was taken to nearby Centerpoint Med Center where the man later died of his injuries.