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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Overland Park Eviction Standoff Approaches 24-Hour Mark

Imagine not being able to access your car and/or your home for 6 hours- 12 hours- nearly a whole day.

That's what some people who live or were around a house in the 8100 block of West 144th Place face after the 10 a.m. hour Friday morning standoff began.

As reported here at CSW since Friday afternoon- the standoff is a result of Johnson County sheriff's deputies attempting to serve an eviction order to a man when the man became threatening to the cops- who backed away- surrounded the house and closed off the neighborhood.

According to several media reports- neighbors say a man in his 40's to 50's had lived in the house for about the past 5 years but had lost his job during the past year.

By Friday evening- rounds of a pepper-spray-type substance was being fire into the house by police in an attempt to drive the man out.

By midnight- many tactical crews were sent home while other cops kept an eye on the house thoughout the night.

Now as of 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning and with police tactical teams back in place- new attempts are likely forthcoming to at least make contact with the man evicted from his foreclosed home.

UPDATE: The standoff ended around 3 p.m Saturday afternoon and arrested the man that was in the house- 43-year-old man Ian Goldsmith.


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