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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Severe Thunderstorm Approaching Lawrence KS

The NWS has a severe storm warning on the cell and that includes Clinton Lake as well as the Lawrence area.

If the storm maintains- it could affect western Metro KC in a couple of hours. 

It's entirely possible a shower/storm or two could develop in advance of the Lawrence cell.

FYI- storms in the Wichita area have dropped as much as 5-inches of rain in the past 5 hours.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Scattered Showers and Storms Today- "Enhanced" Risk of Severe Storms Tuesday

Sunday afternoon Metro Kansas City saw scattered showers and thunderstorms develop and move over parts of our area- and the same thing is occurring this Monday afternoon.

The latest NWS Topeka Doppler radar image shown depicts this activity increasing over east central Kansas with individual cells moving slowly northeast.

This trend will continue through the afternoon with pop-up showers and storms developing just about anywhere in and around the Metro.

On Tuesday- storms will be more organized and possibly severe in and around Metro KC- with an "enhanced" risk of severe storms locally as well.