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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Lot of Rain in 5-Day Kansas City MetroRegion Forecast

f the following graphic from the NWS' Hydro Prediction Center (HPC) verifies- the Kansas City Metro and areas nearby could get up to 3 to 4-inches of rain by late next week.

A weather pattern change will bring a front to our area tomorrow- and the front will go stationary over the MetroRegion until a stronger cold front approaches us by late week.

Periods of showers and thunderstorms can be expected all week- and there well could be flooding issued if this latest forecast verifies.


St. Joseph-MO Considers Tax Increase To Pay For K.C. Chief's New Training Camp

he long arm of corporate tax welfare has stretched from Kansas City to St. Joseph.

Recently- the State of Missouri and other governmental entities gave the K.C. Chiefs Football Club Inc. millions of dollars to move their summer "training camp" from River Falls-WI to St. Joseph.

According to The St. Joseph NEWS-PRESS- city officials are considering a tax increase on local lodging to "replenish coffers emptied to pay for the Chiefs training camp" says the NEWS-PRESS story.

How many more scarce tax dollars in this horrible "recession (Depression)" are going to be spent on professional sports corporations?


Ottawa-KS teen Killing Linked To Video Game- Alcohol

n July 10- 2009- 19-year-old Ottawa resident Sky Cadarette was shot and killed.

According to The OTTAWA (KS) HERALD- it was Mark Sherman's birthday when he invited some friends over to play a video game "Halo 3" and drink.

A real gun was produced and the shooting occurred- an accident according to one witnesses' testimony at the Franklin County District court trial in Ottawa.

Tap Water Boil Order From Marshall-MO and Vicinity

he water system in Marshall has suffered a purification glitch- and The MARSHALL DEMOCRAT-NEWS says a boil order is in effect "for Marshall and the surrounding area until 7 am(Sunday) August 16 at the earliest."

The issue also caused the Cargill and ConAgra food production plants in Marshall to shut down until the problem is rectified.


Three Shot In KC-MO Get Own Transporation To Hospital

olice- MAST-EMS and fire department units were called to the 6400 block of Manchester around 1 am Saturday morning on a reported shooting.

Police officers arrived within 5 minutes of the initial call but report finding no victims.

It turned out the "3" victims had been driven to a local hospital and dropped off at the emergency room (I call them the medical center's "drive-up window").

The three were from the Manchester shooting- and all would live with their wounds.

Police didn't have much to go on- since the 3 "victims" apparently took the cap-poppers' "Code of Silence (maybe to die another day by a future bullet).

Friday, August 14, 2009

“A Night of Remembrance” Sunday For Murdered Harrisonville-MO Woman

ara Roberts was murdered in her home in November of 2008 and her killer has yet to be brought to justice.

As reported here at CSW in July- the reward for information leading to the perp was raised.

Sunday evening from 6 to 9 PM at the Mary James Memorial Amphitheater in Harrisonville’s City Park (north of Harrisionville on M-291 then east) is “A Night of Remembrance” for Cara Roberts.

The public is welcome- admission is free with a donation asked to Cara's reward fund.

Also slated to take place for Cara Roberts' memory is a golf tournament Sept. 13 at Country Creek Golf Course in Pleasant Hill.

Alabama Bank Fails- Cost To Americans $2.8 Billion

ike I said yesterday- America's "recession (Depression)" is FAR from over and here is the biggest bank failure so far in 2009...

The Associated Press reports that Colonial BancGroup Inc.- headquartered in Montgomery-AL and a big lender to real estate developers- has failed.

The bank's assets and operations were taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.. The bank will reportedly "re-open" as BB&T Corp. branches- but the AP story doesn't state what the BB&T corporation is into.

Does it matter what an American corporation is "into"- other than take in American taxpayer welfare?


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayor Funkhouser Vetoes Revised Council Volunteer Ordinance

s reported by The KANSAS CITY STAR- the Mayor has vetoed the latest City Council attempt to keep the Mayor's wife- Gloria Squitiro- out of City Hall.

I totally support Mayor Funkhouser here- but the City Clerk says the Mayor needs a written reason for the veto.

Here's one for starters: Disgust with this lame City Council....


There's NO Euthanasia Clause In Government Health Plan

he LAST thing the anti-Obamans want to hear is the truth.

Truth is also foreign to the right-wing talkers too.

The uninformed have been all up in arms about some "euthanasia clause" in the Fed's proposed government health coverage bill.

That would be fine- if indeed an "euthanasia clause" even existed.

Here- read the TRUTH according to

Or tune in Rush Limberger Cheese- Glennnnn Back- et al- to recieve your own- personal "truth (lie)."

Two Items Prove U.C.S.A. Economic Recovery Not Happening

aily I read and listen to the disconnected- saying this country has "bottomed out" with the bad recession (Depression) and things will start getting rosier.

The Feds can't account for many BILLIONS they gave to their friends in the banking and investment community. They'll come looking in OUR pockets...

The 2 points in the news today that proves those people are disconnected:

1) July consumer spending and unemployment: down and up- we're tired of buying Chinese crap and have no money to buy it if we wanted to...

2) Foreclosures on homes shot up 7% in July- this is one of several "waves" of foreclosures still on the horizon.

People are not buying when you're not sure if you'll keep your job- either in the private or governmental sector.

The U.C.S.A.- the United Corporate States of America kind of says it all citizens....


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Working Apartment Building Fire Near The Plaza

t 2:09 pm- five KC-MO fire companies responded to a reported apartment building fire in the 300 block of East 57th Street south of the Country Club Plaza.

Ladder truck 11 arrived at 2:13 pm and reports "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story" apartment building.

The fire department response was upgraded- MAST-EMS sends a standby unit- and the firefight is underway.

Early reports have it that the apartment on fire was empty- and no other injuries have occurred yet.

Two handlines are being used on the fire on the 1st floor of the building- and the fire battalion chief reports the fire has spread to the 2nd-floor.

Update here as needed....


Post Number Three-Thousand

ow- I just noticed reaching this mark and all in a little over 3 years since starting this blog for the strict purpose of annoyance.

Thanks for reading- I don't do this blog-reporting thing for myself but for my fellow citizens.

I just MIGHT uncover a few things the corporate news media "overlooks."

Here's to you my faithful readers and followers- and to another 3000 posts....


Johnson County-MO Animal Good Samaritan Gets Charged With Trespassing

n our continuing effort to show the world how no "good" deeds go unpunished- Warrensburg's The DAILY STAR-JOURNAL reports that a JoCoMO woman faces trespassing charges after she turned in another county resident on alleged animal abuse to Kansas City TV station WDAF-4.


Cool History Of Raytown-MO's Aquatic Past

he story is on The RAYTOWN POST's website about Raytown's "swimming holes" of days gone by and how Wildwood Lakes was once a swinging place.


Olathe-KS Nightclub Sues City Over Revised Liquor Ordinance

ccording to The OLATHE NEWS- owners of the Radius nightclub (formerly Orlando's) on South Clairborne "filed a lawsuit (last) Thursday in Johnson County District Court seeking an injunction of the city’s ordinance and a monetary judgment for the loss of business due to the changes in the ordinance."

"The nightclub’s owners claim the city made the ordinance changes when it failed to stop the Kansas Alcohol and Beverage Control Division from issuing Radius a liquor license in May and was unable to keep the nightclub from receiving a city liquor license in June-" stated the ON story.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God Makes A Point

he steeple of this Salina-KS church up-ended and driven into the church's roof by Monday's severe storm.

Photos courtesy of The SALINA (KS) JOURNAL

No word if the pastor's office was right under where the steeple ended up.


Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Tomorrow

his meteor shower- which varies in excitement and intensity from year to year- begins tomorrow- August 12.

It's best to get away from as many city lights as you can and look to the northeast (preferably reclined).

According to the astronomy Web page StarDate- "The shower peaks early afternoon on the 12th, so the morning of the 12th (midnight to dawn) and late evening are the best times to watch from the U.S.."


Jackson County-MO Residents Have Chance To Reduce Tax Load

t's that insidous "anti-drug" COMBAT tax that's up for renewal this fall.

That 1/4-cent you pay on every dollar in Jackson County since 1990 has done little to actually reduce the amount of drugs in the county nor the violent crime rate associated with such activity.

Mr. & Mrs. Jackson County taxpayer:
Here's a worthless tax you can do away with and put that money BACK in your OWN pocket...

VOTE NO to continue the COMBAT "anti-drug" tax!


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Anhydrous Ammonia Leak Reported At Bayer Plant

he call went out to KC-MO Fire and Haz-Mat crews at 8:49 am- the leak being reported at the Bayer facility in Kansas City's East Bottoms industrial area at 8400 Hawthorne Road.

Fire crews have arrived at the Bayer plant and are yet to report the extent of the problem.

At 9:01 am- the on-scene FD commander has requested a "mutual-aid Haz-Mat" response- that response being filled by the North K.C. fire department.

The Bayer plant reportedly manufactures animal pharmaceuticals and has a large and varied amount of hazardous materials on-site.

Update here if needed...

UPDATE & CORRECTION 1121 CDT: The incident at the Bayer plant continues- and the agent that is leaking from a tank there is reported to be anhydrous hydrogen chloride and not anhydrous ammonia as earlier thought.

MAST-EMS has at least 2 "precautionary" ambulances standing by- but no injuries have been reported.

Firefighters continue spraying the leaking gas with water- which dilutes the product to safer levels.


Edwardsville Joins WyCo-KS To Raise Sales Tax

ore talk of raising sales taxes in the Metro's poorest county- Wyandotte County-KS..

This time the vapors come out of Edwardsville- where that city's pollys THINK the city's coffers is the only thing suffering in this worst recession in my 57 year lifetime.

ANY politician even THINKING about raising taxes in this severe economic climate should be recalled.

The same goes with ANY corporate welfare (see Legends shopping center- Nebraska Furniture Mart) a.k.a. TIFs- 353's- etc..

If we went to our bosses asking for money at this point and time- you'd either get chuckled at or handed a pink slip.

Pollys threatening to raise taxes in touch economic times ought to be forced to WEAR pink slips....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Afternoon Tornado Scare In Lake Longview Area

his is the weather equivalent of going from zero to 120 MPH in an instant...

The storms that developed in southeastern Kansas City/southern and western Lee's Summit-MO didn't even show on radar images as late as 2:20 pm.

Notice the zoomed image and no storms at all inside the red circle.

As you can see by the next radar image at 2:43 pm- the storms had developed.

Also around the time this radar image is taken- reports of funnel clouds in the vicinity of Interstate 470 and Raytown Road (red arrow on radar image)- Lake Longview dam began coming over the airwaves.

One KC-MO police officer says a witness saw a "brief touchdown" of a "small tornado" around 2:45 pm and the tornado warning sirens began sounding in south KC-MO- Raytown and Lee's Summit.

We raced to the area as the storms producing the excitement were moving east-southeast around 35 MPH.

We followed behind the storms as far east as U.S. 50 and Missouri-7. I'll upload some of our video to YouTube tomorrow.

We witnessed no damage at all in the I-470-Raytown Road or View High Drive or Lake Longview areas.

For the record- the sirens were sounded but no "official" NWS tornado warning was ever issued.


Metro K.C. WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 694 Until 7 PM - KS-MO

new watch- S.T. Watch Number 694 will be in effect for those parts of Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City generally along and south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers until 7 pm this Monday evening.

Here's the latest Doppler radar image:


Pictorial Of Storm Front Hitting Emporia-KS

hat complex of severe storms continues to roll east-southeastward across eastern Kansas.

Winds of 50 to 80 MPH have been common with damage reported in and around Salina and Council Grove-KS..

Here's that storm front as it moved into Emporia over the past 30 minutes with winds of 50-60 MPH:


K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER UPDATE: Watch Continues West- Severe Threat Increasing In Metro

evere Thunderstorm Watch No. 693 continues for the Oskaloosa- Lawrence-Ottawa-Garnett-KS areas and westward until 4 PM.

The SPC has mentioned recently that a new weather watch- including Metro Kansas City- may be issued soon.

There are scattered showers and thundershowers in the west and southwest Metro- but none of these are severe.

Here are the latest visible satellite and NWS Doppler weather radar images:


K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER: Severe Tstm Watch No. 693 Until 4 PM - KS

evere Thunderstorm Watch Number 693 includes virtually all of the northeastern quarter of Kansas- except that tier of Kansas counties along the Missouri border- until 4 pm..

Included in ST Watch-693 are Topeka- Lawrence- Ottawa- Garnett- Valley Falls and Oskaloosa.

None of the Kansas Metro counties are included nor are any Missouri counties.

A severe mesoscale convective complex (MCC) is moving across northern Kansas at this hour- and if the MCC holds together it could be in Metro K.C. by evening drive-time.

Here's the latest visible satellite and NWS Doppler weather radar images:

Of course- the latest here at CSW as the situation warrants....


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Morning Raymore-MO Car Crash Leaves Driver In Bad Shape

young male driver is in serious to critical condition at an area hospital after a crash Sunday morning in Raymore.

Police on patrol around 6 am found the "approximately 18-year-old" driver had been thrown from his vehicle as it left North Kurzwell in about the 700 block.

The police officer said it appeared the lone occupant had been ejected during the crash- the driver landing "in a barbed-wire fence."

A LifeNET medical helicopter paramedic enroute to the hospital said the vehicle may have rolled over the man as well.


K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER: Severe Tstm Watch No. 686 Until 11 PM - KS-MO-NE-IA

evere Thunderstorm Watch Number 686 will be in effect generally along and north of U.S. Highway 36 and will include such Missouri MetroRegion cities as St. Joseph- Maryville- Bethany and Tarkio.

Metro Kansas City is NOT included in ST Watch-686.

In fact- storms should stay out of the Metro until Monday morning- and a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms continues for all of MetroRegion as well as Metro Kansas City on Monday.

Here are the latest looks at visible satellite and area Doppler weather radar:


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Injury House Fire In South-Central

ive KC-MO fire companies got the call at 7:41 am Sunday morning: a house was on fire in the 2300 block of East 71st Terrace.

Station 30's pumper pulled up in front of the address at 7:44 am and observed smoke showing from the single-story house.

As the firefight was underway- there was the report of children still inside at 7:47 am..

At 7:48 am- fire command reported one occupant had been evacuated- and was suffering smoke inhalation.

No other occupants/children were found after comprehensive searches.

The fire's reported under control at 7:58 am..


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Homicide In South-Central

C-MO Metro Zone police are reporting a homicide victim of gunfire at 67th Street and Monroe.

Officers were called to the location around 4:30 am and located the victim. MAST-EMS was called- but the person was declared dead at the scene.

The sex- age or identity of the victim has not yet been released.

Police don't know yet when exactly the victim was murdered- early indications are it may have possibly been around 4:15 am..

More later this morning on the 8 am edition of KSHB 41-Action News....