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Thursday, May 02, 2013

All-Time Record May Snow - Pix Part 1

About 2-inches out south in the Loma Vista 'hood of KC-MO...

Radar trends show this stuff continuing through at least the next several hours...

Probably still doing it's non-seasonal thing into Friday midday according to recent weather model runs).

Yes- I know....

CSW WEATHER: Unprecedented Late-Spring "Winter Weather Advisory" for KC- St. Joseph Areas

Unprecedented as in this hasn't happened before in Kansas City's 125 years of weather records.

Oh yeah- we've had ONE accumulating May snowfall- a little more than an inch on May 3- 1907- but there was no NWS or 'Winter Weather Advisories' issued then.

The NWS forecast is "one to three inches of snow" overnight for the Metro areas of KC and St. Joseph.

Although most of that accumulation will be on areas with natural cover- vehicles and other elevated outdoor items- there could be slick spots on bridges and overpasses during the Friday morning drive.

The cold and precip (not all snow by any means) should continue- off and on- through at least early Sunday.

It looks like late next week before temperatures rebound to "seasonable" averages of highs around 70 and lows around 50.

Snow in St. Joe

This is a screen cap (scrap) of a live video camera in downtown St. Joseph MO..

Let's just hope that the old saying "The snow in MO falls mainly in St. Joe" holds true....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Independence MO Seeks New Revenue Source From Traffic Fatality Survivors (Poo-Poo on KC STAR)

The local Scandal Sheet (KC STAR) has run a story today about how the City of Independence MO is taking down people's homemade roadside memorials to those killed in vehicle crashes.

Indy doesn't want YOU to make and maintain those 'potentially dangerous (Indy officials' excuse)' memorials but for a FEE of $150- that City of Corporate Welfare (Bass Pro handouts) will put up a memorial FOR YOU.

I've heard of some really- REALLY screwball ways for cities to milk more revenue from their citizens- but this has to be one of the saddest excuses of all-time.

To add insult to injury- that local bastion of free speech The KANSAS CITY STAR has "disabled" reader comments on the story.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I know- bite my tongue (or in this case: fingers)...

The good news is that we will actually experience Spring for a few more days ... until Wednesday.

Then- this storm front moves in- see- and the party's over.

Of course since the concrete and asphalt has dried out- more rain.

As an added attraction- by Thursday another shipment of Canada's biggest export arrives.

Rather than stay in refrigerators where it belongs- this Frigidaire spills out over our Midland Empire.

There will probably be at least frost if not freeze warnings issued for our lands- flowers and plants by Thursday night for Friday morning- sheesh- maybe Saturday AM too.

I'm getting tired- but our brass monkeys seem to love being handled...

If the cold isn't tedious enough- we could see flakes (in addition to the ones running governments).

It's not going to necessitate snowplows- salt trucks or the kid up the street with a shovel (actually just a marketing ploy- crafty Shon-Tal actually uses a snowblower).

At least there doesn't appear to be much of any tornado threat during the transition from May back to March- on the worst-end of that maybe some hail- a sound-alike woid I may be using seeing snowflakes in May.

The Year of 2013 appears this edition's April showers that bring Mayflowers that bring pilgrims may also be applying for a possible case of frostbite....