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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Reported Attempted Burglary- Shots Fired at KC-MO House Fire

This incident was originally dispatched by Gladstone Public Safety to "6636 NORTH Wayne at 9:31 a.m.- but two minutes later the correct agency was sent- KC-MO Fire- to the area of 66th Street and SOUTH Wayne.

Both cities reported this as "an attempted (home) burglary- shots fired" and "a house fire."

Police confirmed an "aggravated assault" there- and the fire department confirmed "a working fire" at the address.

Didn't hear if there was any medical transport of the assault victim- and the fire in the "1-story" house was declared under control with no injuries at 9:48 a.m.. 

K.C. STAR Headline: "Candidates are Scarce for Seats on KC (MO) School Board"

Similar to the availability of new passengers after the Titanic struck the iceberg.

CSW Commentary: The Incredible Illogic of KC-MO City Financial Priorities

If your household is undergoing a financial strain- you're probably going to make a cut in fun and games to provide the necessities.

The reverse seems to be the case in a "proposed" city budget presented in a letter to city pollys by KC-MO City Manager Troy Schulte...

In Mr. Schulte's world- taxpayer monies would be forthcoming to the playpens at the Truman Sports Complex and a professional baseball game- but cuts would be made to the fire and police departments as well as other existing city services.

Talk about misplaced priorities!

Here are some cuts Schulte proposes:

Fire department- Loss of 105 positions-

Police department- Loss of 22 positions-

Budget for city street repairs and improvements slashed $5-million-

The spring leaf and brush pickup would be eliminated.

Things Schulte wouldn't cut:

The $2-million annual subsidy to the Truman Sports Complex-

A quarter of a million dollars for proposed police overtime for the All Star baseball game.

Rate and tax increases Schulte proposes:

Water and sewer rates-

A 2-percent utility tax on electrical, telephone and gas bills.

Note too that there is NO mention in this letter about cutting corporate welfare- tax incentives- TIFs- what ever names are given to it.

Government budget thinking is getting more and more bizarre by the day- the (Republicrat) governor of Kansas wants to raise taxes on the poor and cut taxes on the rich- and Missouri's (Demoblican) governor wants to slash education by $90-million.

However like here in Kansas City- there is NO talk of slashing corporate welfare (i.e. tax breaks- etc).

Americans apparently will stand for nothing and fall for anything come election time too- and elect or re-elect these two parties of "The 1-percent."

Two-Alarm Apartment Building Fire in Southwestern KC-MO

At least 10 KC-MO fire companies battled a fire in an apartment building in the 11400 block of Holmes early Wednesday morning.

News partner KSHB NBC-41 reports that the fire was reported shortly before 1 a.m.- and a 2nd-alarm had to be called for the incident.

"Extensive fire" was found on the second floor of the 3-story building- a fire official told KSHB- and the flames spread to the 3rd-floor and roof area of the building.

No injuries were reported- but eleven people- nine adults and two children- were displaced by the fire.

Fire officials said the fire caused three-quarters of a million dollars worth of damage to the building and contents. 

KC-MO Records 5th Homicide of 2012

For a brief time in this new year- there were more homicides in suburban Kansas City than in the core city of our 2-plus-million person Metro area.

You knew that wouldn't last long- and it hasn't...

Around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night- a black male in his 20's was found shot to death between two houses near the intersection of 45th Street and Askew in south-midtown Kansas City MO..

Police had initially responded to the area on a reported disturbance with shots fired and found the deceased man shortly after officers arrived.

No suspect information has yet been released by the police department.

CSW BREAKING: Northland KC-MO Apartment Building Fire Displaces Eight

A fire that appears to be caused by a defective fireplace has made eight people temporarily homeless in the Kansas City MO Northland.

The call went out to five fire department companies just after 3:10 a.m. Wednesday morning to an apartment building fire in the 3900 block of Northwest 82nd Street.

That is south of Barry and east of Green Hills Roads.

Fire was reported showing from the roof of the 3-story building when the first fire crew arrived- and at least 4 additional fire companies were ordered with a "1st-alarm" response at 3:23 a.m.. 

The flames were declared under control at 3:32 a.m..

The occupants of the building had to wait outside in 10-degree weather- and eight people- "six adults and two children-" were rendered temporarily homeless.

No injuries had been reported as of this post.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Spiritual Food For Thought

Triple Homicide in Midtown Kansas City MO

Police are reporting three people found murdered at a house in the 3900 block of Paseo Monday.

Police were first called to the house around 8 a.m. on the report of a disturbance and found a male in his 60's dead in the front yard- states the story from news partner KSHB-41 NBC ACTION NEWS.

Obtaining a search warrant for the house itself- police made entry around noon to discover a man and a woman dead inside.

Police have not released any possible suspect information- if any was available to them- as of mid-afternoon Monday.

These are Homicides 2- 3 and 4 so far for 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Four Shot During KC-MO "Rolling Gun Battle"

That's how the incident was described over police radio early Sunday morning...

A KC-MO Fire department EMS unit arriving at Research Medical Center (RMC) with a patient at 2:57 a.m. encountered four people who had been shot who were headed for the emergency room.

Police were called- and over the next 20 minutes or so- it was determined there had been a "running gun battle" on "northbound U.S. 71" somewhere between 75th Street and Meyer Boulevard.

A possible suspect vehicle-  "containing unknown occupants-" was told to be "a dark (colored Chrysler) PT Cruiser."  

The conditions of the four that arrived at RMC were unknown- and an alert was issued to other Metro hospitals in case other victims arrived.