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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CSW Commentary: The Incredible Illogic of KC-MO City Financial Priorities

If your household is undergoing a financial strain- you're probably going to make a cut in fun and games to provide the necessities.

The reverse seems to be the case in a "proposed" city budget presented in a letter to city pollys by KC-MO City Manager Troy Schulte...

In Mr. Schulte's world- taxpayer monies would be forthcoming to the playpens at the Truman Sports Complex and a professional baseball game- but cuts would be made to the fire and police departments as well as other existing city services.

Talk about misplaced priorities!

Here are some cuts Schulte proposes:

Fire department- Loss of 105 positions-

Police department- Loss of 22 positions-

Budget for city street repairs and improvements slashed $5-million-

The spring leaf and brush pickup would be eliminated.

Things Schulte wouldn't cut:

The $2-million annual subsidy to the Truman Sports Complex-

A quarter of a million dollars for proposed police overtime for the All Star baseball game.

Rate and tax increases Schulte proposes:

Water and sewer rates-

A 2-percent utility tax on electrical, telephone and gas bills.

Note too that there is NO mention in this letter about cutting corporate welfare- tax incentives- TIFs- what ever names are given to it.

Government budget thinking is getting more and more bizarre by the day- the (Republicrat) governor of Kansas wants to raise taxes on the poor and cut taxes on the rich- and Missouri's (Demoblican) governor wants to slash education by $90-million.

However like here in Kansas City- there is NO talk of slashing corporate welfare (i.e. tax breaks- etc).

Americans apparently will stand for nothing and fall for anything come election time too- and elect or re-elect these two parties of "The 1-percent."

1 comment:

Super Dave said...

Well I see you people of KC-MO took the bait hook line and sinker on the e-tax vote because it was to save the fire depts.

Opps guess what they lied to you again.