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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Fireworks Injury and Other News

MAST-EMS was transporting a "12-year-old male" who was either hit in the head or suffered shrapnel from an exploding firework.

The incident occurred about 9:40pm in the 3900 block of Wabash.


Other news tonight- in Independence-MO- five companies of the Independence Fire department are mopping up a house fire in the area of Lexington and Farley in the northwest part of that city.

No Injuries have been heard.

Around 7:50pm- there was a reported shooting in the 700 block of North Dover Drive.

The male victim from that incident was transported to an area trauma center in non life-threatening condition.

Meanwhile at this report- five companies of the Lenexa-KS Fire department are arriving on the scene of a house fire in the 25400 block of West 96th Terrace.

Reportedly- a trash can in the garage there was on fire- and the fire was spreading to the wall.

At 9:59pm- the first arriving fire company says "the homeowner put the fire out with a garden hose."

Damn right! g


House Fire In KC-KS Saturday Morning? I Think NOT K.C. STAR...

or those of you who don't know- I work for Kansas City news media- Saturday and Sunday mornings midnight to 7am.

This is why on weekends- KSHB 41Action News has stories that other news media outlet either don't have or had to scramble to cover after the fact.

On nearly a dozen and a half scanning radios- I log whatever comes in of possible criminally-injurious nature or damaging to property.

I regularly log more than 50 items per shift- stuff you NEVER see reported in Kansas City's news media.

The equipment here also is designed for redundancy so I don't miss ANYTHING dispatched by the big cities in the Metro- or in the outlying areas (about a 40-mile radius) for that matter- even if the airwaves are rocking.

Rising from a day's unconsciousness after putting in my weekend all-nighters- among other sources I check into the STAR's "Breaking news" page for an update of the day's happenings.

I came to a screeching halt when I read one of The STAR's stories- what you see on the following screen-capture:

The fact there was a house fire at 2:34am Saturday morning in KC-KS near 20th Street and Troup was news to ME!

VERY odd- for at 0233 Central Time (KC-KS's dispatch clocks are incorrect daily) FRIDAY morning- I logged a house fire "in the area of North 22nd Street and Troup" and that fire- also in a "vacant" house- was found in the same place (1981 North Troup) that a supposed fire THIS morning was reported.

I didn't log a house fire at 1981 North Troup Saturday morning BECAUSE it happened 24 hours earlier than what The K.C. STAR reports today.

Last week- the paper mis-reported the name of an apartment complex (Valencia) where there was a fire. I'm seeing more and more of this stuff in a paper that's supposed to be a beacon of accuracy.

It may be no big deal to you- but if The STAR can't get these little things accurate- what about the BIG stories?

Conservatives In Total Denial - Part 1: Palin Quits


When I was growing up- you were taught to FINISH what you started.

Sarah Palin- Alaskan governor and right-ring sweetheart- apparently never took that wise piece of advice to heart.

Even more perplexing than a quitter however- is the reaction by her fellow right-wingers over Palin's decision.

That frightening bunch actually thinks she made the right decision!

Don't take MY word for this- read a sample of such thinking this screen-capture of one local blogger's post on this matter expouses.

Thank GOD Moses didn't spend this long in de Nile and- if this profoundly inexperienced quitter runs for national office in 2012- prepare for four more years of a Demoblican leader....


Friday, July 03, 2009

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Male Critically Injured In KC-KS Shooting

he shooting was reported to KC-KS emergency services at 11:28pm Friday night in the 3400 block of North 53rd Terrace.

Moments ago- a male victim from this shooting was transported to an area medical trauma center with multiple gunshot wounds and in critical condition according to the EMS report.

No other info available at this time....

Could 3 Murders Have Been Prevented- Why Wasn't Cole Camp 9-1-1 Call Followed Up?

eportedly a key to solving the triple murders of the Luetjen family of Cole Camp-MO is a 9-1-1 call that was made the Sunday evening before the crime was discovered by authorities.

According to this paragraph in The KANSAS CITY STAR story: "...Benton County central dispatch received the emergency call at 10:16 p.m. June 7, but the operator couldn't understand what was being said before the connection was broken. When dispatchers called the number back, the call went straight to voice mail."

Oh really?

Why didn't the Benton County sheriff and/or Cole Camp police follow up on that terminated 9-1-1 call?

That is commonly the practice I monitor everywhere in the MetroRegion: If a 9-1-1 call is received and it can't be determined the nature of the call- a police officer is sent to the address that accompanies a 9-1-1 call on the call taker's computer.

The bodies of the Luetjens weren't discovered for nearly 48 hours AFTER that "connection- broken" 9-1-1 call from the Luetjen home.

Could have Benton County sheriff and/or Cole Camp police PREVENTED 3 murders by responding immediately on the terminated 9-1-1 call?

We'll probably never know that answer....

Mom's Hot Sex Results In Boyfriend Beating

A 16-year-old and her friends are facing jail-time in Connecticut after getting some friends to beat-down her mom's boyfriend.

The mother- 34-year-old Melanie Arnold of Torrington (Torrid?) said her daughter had heard screams and a slap from her bedroom and Arnold's daughter thought her mother was being assaulted.

After the daughter called some of her friends to come over and beat-down the mom's boyfriend- the daughter discovered her mom was only enjoying some- er- passionate intimate contact- according to the Associated Press story.

Federal Fines Proposed For Those Refusing Health Insurance

ell- HELL!!

If you can't AFFORD health insurance NOW- how the HELL is one going to pay Federal fines said to be around $1000 for NOT being insured?

All I can afford to do right now is die- and I'd better get THAT over with before the coming hyper-inflation shows up.

A LOT fewer of us will be able to afford to LIVE then....

AP: Forty-two States Suffering Tight Budgets

ike most households today- 42 of America's 50 states are experiencing at least some budget deficits- according to this AP story from MyNews.

The worst of course is California- where "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to issue state "IOUs" in lieu of paychecks.

"Hasta-la-el-brok-o baby."


Metro-MetroRegion K.C. WEATHER: "Slight Risk" of Severe Storms Later Today-Tonight

bout the northern 2/3 of the Kansas City MetroRegion is under a forecasted "slight" risk of possible severe thunderstorms until Saturday morning.

The greatest risk will be for severe-criteria hail (1-inch or greater) and wind gusts (58 mph or greater).

Any risks for tornadoes appears to be along and either side of the Kansas-Nebraska border into extreme northwest Missouri. This risk will be primary before sunset this evening.

At this time- it appears the fireworks displays tomorrow night SHOULD be dry.


Motorcyclist Critically Injured In KC-MO Crash

It happened around 12:30am in the 8500 block of Oldham Road in southeastern KC-MO.

A man on a cycle crashed into a car. The car's occupant wasn't hurt.

MAST-EMS transported the biker to an area medical trauma center with reported critical injuries.

No word who was at fault yet.

At Least 2 Shot- One Critical- In KC-MO Shooting

round 12:15am Friday morning- KC-MO police report 2 shooting victims- both male- arrived at an area hospital's emergency room.

The shooting reportedly occurred in the area of 39th Street and Vineyard on the city's East Side- police said.

At least one of the victim's injuries were said by an officer to be "critical."

There were no further details yet....

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

KC-MO City Councilpersons Cry Over New Police Cars

isregard the fact the City Council found $7-million to help subsidize our pro sports corporations.

Never mind that just last week- the City Council approved one-half million dollars for a convention hotel study.

The City Council's latest beef? The KC-MO PD bought themselves (much needed) NEW VEHICLES.


I mean- what do these councilpersons expect?

The cops HAVE to have these cars- their offices-on-wheels- to do their jobs. Hell- cop-involved wrecks have taken out AT LEAST a half-dozen patrol cars just this year.

If the City Council wants the public to take their rants about such matters seriously- then the City Council ought to REALLY tighten the city's belt.

No more subsidies to pro sports corporations or money for studies of monsterous new hotels that will end up only half-filled until the ECONOMY IMPROVES.

The public WANTS and EXPECTS quality police and fire protection and ambulance service- not silly ballgame or convention fou-fou crap.


Metro K.C. Tornado Warning Sirens- NWS Weather Radio Alert Test Today

t 11am- here on the first Wednesday of the month as is done EVERY first Wednesday of a month (unless severe weather's expected) we will hear the test of the outdoor tornado warning ("civil defense") sirens.

Help your city- if there's a outdoor siren in your 'hood that doesn't go off or doesn't SHUT off- call your local fire or police department (non-emergency) and tell them.

Also- 11am on First Wednesdays are a good time to see if your NWS weather radio works in alarm mode.

K.C. MetroRegion 4th of July Holiday Severe Weather Forecast

n a nutshell: overnight into morning thunderstorms possible over the Kansas and Missouri lakes areas- including Metro Kansas City.

Late morning to early evenings SHOULD stay dry it appears right now

Metro K.C. as well as most of the western through southeastern MetroRegion is in a "slight risk" forecast area for possible severe storms tomorrow through Friday morning- and again Friday through Saturday morning- according to the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman-OK..

There is also a chance of nocturnal activity again Saturday night into Sunday- but at this time that activity appears it MAY not be severe.

You can count on the latest weather developments in our NON-COMMERCIAL format here at CSW and we wish all you a safe but fun Independence Day.


Kansas City Weather Averages-Extremes - July 2009

monthly new feature on CSW- here are the Kansas City weather extremes and averages for the month of July 2009:


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kauffman Performing Arts Center Construction Update in Pictures - Late June 2009

ere are some photographic updates of the Kauffman Performing Arts Center being built just southwest of the Downtown freeway loop.

To see the progress of this new facility since January- here are some previous CSW picture-posts on the K-PAC.


Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Serious-Injury Wrecks On The Kansas and Missouri Sides

Southbound U.S. 69- The Overland Parkway- is at least temporaily shut down at 87th Street because of a rollover accident with a person trapped at 95th Street southbound.

Firefighters are cutting "an approximately 20-year-old female" from a vehicle "on it's top" there. Her medical condition was said to be serious to critical and she's yet to be freed from the wreckage.

O.P. Animal control was also requested as it's reported there are "animals involved" in this crash.

Unknown type of animals they are.


Also in Lee's Summit-MO- the report of a vehicle crashed into a house in the 300 block of Northeast Dundee.

A female is reported injured in this incident- extent yet unknown but once again extrication of the patient is necessary.



Armed Robbers Get Away From KC-MO Police

ust after 10am- there was an armed robbery of the Motel 6 in the 6400 block of East 87th Street.

Initially it was reported as "3 black female" suspects- but then it became "3 black males in ski masks" that robbed the motel of around $700- police say.

Those suspects left in "a white Oldsmobile Cutlass" which was spied by a KC-MO South Patrol zone officer about 10:06am on northbound I-435 at 87th Street.

The officer then pursued the vehicle north on I-435 to Blue Parkway where the suspects went westbound.

Supposedly the suspects "tossed out" a shotgun used in the robbery near 63rd Street.

Minutes later- the officer "lost" sight of the suspect vehicle near Blue Parkway and Lawn.

At 10:23am- police located the Cutlass- abandoned- on "Kensington between 54th Terrace and 55th Street."

There's a police and dog foot search of the area- but likely those 3 suspects are long gone....

"Juneau Ms. Rittenhouse?"

"Of COURSE I know Ms. Rittenhouse- now get me another margarita!"

Actually- Ms. Rittenhouse's ship has arrived at the Alaskan capitol within the hour- according to this amazing ship's Web camera pix.

I'd have went too- but I don't have a generous sister and anyway- I had to work (bfg).

Looking forward to lots of neat pix and video I'll be sharing with the rest of us unfortunate ones....

July 4th KC-MO "Sobriety" Checkpoint

esides New Years Eve- July 4th is the busiest holiday for police- fire and EMS services.

I know- I've worked news-gathering (men are hunter-gatherers you know) almost 20 4th of Julys now and EVERY July 4th has resulted in a shortage of available police- fire & EMS units because of the sheer volume of service calls.

So while tens of thousands of people thumb their noses at fireworks laws- the KC-MO police will again waste the taxpayers money (I know-who cares?) and set up a grossly-inefficient "sobriety" checkpoint.

The last such checkpoint the local news media bothered to report on nabbed just ONE PERCENT of the total drivers stopped on possible DUI charges.

I guess there isn't as much money to be made on those who use fireworks illegally- so don't bother calling the police this weekend.

Monday, June 29, 2009

WDAF-TV's Sports Director Frank Boal To Retire After 29 Years

According to media reports- FOX-4's longtime sports director Frank Boal is retiring after being with WDAF since 1981.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night will be Frank's final sportscast with the station.

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Wreck On K-7 In Lenexa-KS

At 1:18pm- Lenexa emergency services and Johnson County MEDACT-EMS responded to what appears to be a single vehicle crash "with ejection" of an occupant on northbound K-7 at or near 95th Street.

At 1:24pm- MEDACT reports a fatality on the scene.

Traffic on northbound K-7 should at the least be delayed in the area of the wreck for an undetermined length of time.

No further details yet....

Metro K.C. Kansas Side Fireworks Shows

Fireworks and Salute to the Union-

Fort Leavenworth, KSGames, music, concessions begin at 4pm, Salute to the Nation at 8pm, fireworks, Merritt Lake, Fort Leavenworth.
For more information contact Fort Leavenworth Public Affairs office: 913 684-1724- Picture ID required upon entering Fort Leavenworth ...

Leawood KS-
Fourth of July Celebration–

Leawood City Park– 5pm to 10pm – Activities and music for kids ...

Basehor KS

Basehor-Linwood High School Football Field– 6:30pm parade and LOTS of family fun; 9:15pm fireworks ...

Lansing KS

Lansing City Park- 4H Road West of Main – approximately 9:30pm ...

Star Spangled Spectacular, Corporate Woods-

Overland Park, KS- Events from 4pm to 11pm – live music, inflatables and fireworks ...

Olathe KS Fireworks–

Great Mall of the Great Plains- I-35 & 151st St. – 9:30pm ...

Prairie Village KS

91st & Nall- Meadowbrook Country Club. Park across the street at Christ Church for a block party complete with Wonderscope Live beginning at 7pm ...

Gardner KS

Gardner-Edgerton High School – 9:30pm ...

Fairway KS
Fireworks –

Bishop Miege High School – 9:30pm ...

DeSoto KS
July 4th Celebration–

Riverfest Park– Starts at 6pm with music and activities; fireworks at 9:45pm..


Metro Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Two Shot In Grandview MO

Around 10 minutes after midnight Monday morning- officers of the Grandview MO police department responded on a disturbance and possible shooting in the 13900 block of Grandboro.

Arriving officers found 2 males with "serious" gunshot wounds to their "lower extremities."

GPD reports the suspects were "2 black males approximately into (and left in) a white- 4-door- possibly older (model Chevrolet) Caprice with dark tint and plain wheels."

One of the victims was said by paramedics to be "19-years-old" and had 3 gunshot wounds- none immediately life-threatening.

The 2nd male victim was taken to a different medical facility- also in not immediately life-threatening condition.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

News Media Michael Jackson Overkill

f the news media comes around- make sure your deceased equines are buried.

Michael Jackson's death WAS the big news when it was first reported Friday evening.

Two days afterwards- it's STILL the lead story on most national and many local newscasts- as if a very popular head-of-state had died.

Last night there were several "breaking news" stories here in the Metro: two near-fatal drownings and an evacuation of an elderly high-rise facility with at least 3 injuries.

Only 1 station- KSHB 41Action News made mention of one of the drownings.

Yet all 4 stations led with the Michael Jackson death story- 2 days after the fact with no new details on Jackson's demise.

Michael Jackson's death WAS a major news story- but was it a story of such magnitude that it pre-empts other REAL- local news? And for how LONG does this pre-emption go on?

Give your horses a proper burial- lest the news media beat on it's corpse....

City of KC-MO Screws The Poor and Car-less Again

couple of years ago- the voters of Kansas City-MO actually approved a light rail system.

Then elected city "leaders" overturned the voter's wishes.

While City Hall finds a half-million dollars for a downtown convention hotel study and $7-million to subsidize our pro sports corporations- the City couldn't find $7-million for an ATA budget shortfall and has actually REDUCED the ONLY public transportation available in this less-livable city.

In a classic Catch-22 situation- during the worst "recession" in 70-80 years and in a time with heightened environmental concerns- the KC Area Transit Authority (KCATA) has cut 2 routes entirely and reduced service on other- more-used routes.

Gone are the #257- Santa Fe Hills Connector and #258- Longview Connector routes.

Reduced-service weekends and nights are on the following routes:

#24- Independence
#25- Troost
#27- 27th Street

#30- Northeast
#35- 35 Street
#38- Meadowbrook
#39- 39th Street
#51- Ward Parkway
#55- Rockhill
#57- South Oak
#123- 23rd Street

#126- E. 5th Street
# 136- Boardwalk/Antioch Connector
#137- Metro North/Antioch Connector

#142- North Oak
#155- 55th Street

#156- Red Bridge
#163- 63rd Street
#237-Gladstone/Antioch MetroFlex
#243- Antioch-Barry Road Connector

#251- TMC Lakewood Connector

Many tell you "driving is a privilege."

In Metro Kansas City- "driving is a necessity" if you want to get anywhere you NEED to go when you want to get there.


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Car Plunges Into Brush Creek On The Plaza

This one may get some news media attention...

round 4:20 pm Sunday afternoon- a car reportedly ran off of the road at Ward Parkway and J.C. Nichols near the Plaza tennis courts and plunged into Brush Creek.

The fire department arrived and reported "numerous people in the water" then "CPR being performed" on one victim of the crash.

One victim was reportedly "pulled from the water" by fire crews. At 4:39pm- the fire chief reported that the crashed vehicle had "totally submerged" into the creek.

Only one MAST-EMS unit was sent here initially and was yet to transport.

Update as received....


Partial List of Metro Kansas City Fireworks Displays

merica celebrates it's 233rd birthday next Saturday.

Here's a list of Jackson county MO-area fireworks displays- courtesy of The EXAMINER:


Buckner holds its Fireworks Family Festival Saturday (tonight) in Hiesler Park, BB Highway and Memorial Drive.

Activities begin at 5 p.m. and include live music by “Union Break,” a classic car show, inflatables with a water slide, and games from 6 to 8 p.m., including a dunk tank, three-legged race, potato sack races and more. Volleyball and horseshoe pits are available to play and fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m. or at dark.

The concession stand will be open and selling hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, snow cones, popcorn, pop, water, candy and more. No alcohol or drugs allowed in the park.

Powell Gardens

Booms and Blooms Fest at Powell Gardens, 1609 N.W. U.S. 50, Kingsville, begins at 9 a.m. The event takes place on July 3, with festivities beginning at 9 a.m. Fireworks are at dusk.

Lake Tapawingo

The boat parade, at 2 p.m. Friday, begins in the Clipper Cove; fireworks are at dusk. The dam is closed to traffic all day, and the event is only for residents and their guests.

Kauffman Stadium

Independence Weekend Fireworks Spectacular after the Royals game vs. Chicago White Sox Friday night, July 3.

Fort Osage

Fort Osage will host Independence Day activities from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Activities for the day will consist of celebrating the anniversary of our Independence with civilians and military of 1812. There will be a firing of cannons, muskets and military drills.

Activities cost $7 for adults, $4 for youth and $3 for seniors.

Independence Day at Missouri Town 1855

Celebrate Independence Day as the staff and volunteers take you back to 1855 and share how the important date was celebrated.

Missouri Town will be open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Food will be cooking on the hearths, musicians will be playing and speeches will be made commemorating the anniversary of independence from Great Britain. Guests are invited to join the parade at noon, as it travels through this recreated antebellum community.

For more information, call 816-503-4860.


The Independence Fireworks Display will be held at the Mormon Visitor Center.

The fireworks display and patriotic music by the Spirit of Independence Concert Band will be Saturday, July 4 at the Mormon Visitors Center, 937 W. Walnut. The Spirit of Independence Concert Band will play throughout the evening and during the fireworks display, which begins at dark.

The schedule is as follows:

8 p.m. gates open
8:30 p.m. Spirit of Independence Band
9:30 p.m. fireworks display

There is limited parking. People are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs for the lawn viewing area. Families may also bring food and beverages for the lawn viewing area. No alcohol, open flames or personal fireworks are allowed.

Portable toilets and trash bins are available.

Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit’s Legacy Blast will be held at Legacy Park on July 4. Enter through the south entrance of Legacy Park. The park will open at 6 p.m. and close at 9 p.m.

The fireworks event will be choreographed to music. Food vendors, entertainers and inflatables will be on site before the fireworks.

For more info call 816-969-1500.

Lake Lotawana

Fireworks are at approximately 9:25 p.m., shot off the top of the dam. There’s also a dock-decorating contest. All events are only opened to residents and guests. A rain date is July 5.

Lakewood (Lee's Summit)

The Lakewood Homeowners Association will hold its annual display on the dam of the lake starting around 9:30 p.m. Lakewood Drive will be closed to traffic during the display.

Oak Grove

Celebrate freedom and the Fourth of July. The event will be held at Webb Park on July 4. Activities begin at 6 p.m., and fireworks will start at 10 p.m.

An event with several children’s games, vendor booths, inflatable games, music, entertainment and fireworks out at Webb Park. Event co-sponsored by New Life Assembly of God and the Oak Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Sugar Creek

The city of Sugar Creek and the Sugar Creek Business and Civic Club will hold its parade, concert and fireworks display.

Beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturday July 4, the longest running parade in the state of Missouri will start the festivities. The parade route begins at Sterling Avenue and Lexington Avenue and continues north to Sterling and Putnam.

At 8 p.m. the Heritage Philharmonic will perform at the Mike Onka Memorial building. The guest conductor for the evening will be KMBC-TV channel 9 meteorologist Bryan Busby.

The Heritage Philharmonic, formerly the Independence symphony and celebrating its 64th season, is Eastern Jackson County’s newest symphonic tradition built upon a history of excellence in live musical performance.

A fireworks show will begin at approximately 9:30 p.m.

Free shuttle parking will be available at Sterling Avenue and Evans for the concert and fireworks display beginning at 6 p.m.

Bring lawn chair and blankets. Food and drink will be available for sale on site. All concert and fireworks will be held at the Mike Onka Memorial building 11520 Putnam St.

All activities are free. Rain date for the fireworks will be July 5.

Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun, Interstate 435, has one of the longest standing July 4 celebrations in the metro. You can watch fireworks from within the park. Fireworks start at 10 p.m..


K.C. Live Fracus Results In 3 Hurt

disturbance that began inside a Power & Light Entertainment District business spilled out onto neighboring Grand Boulevard around 2:25 am Sunday morning.

Two men- ages 25 and 21- got stabbed in the fight at 13th Street & Grand.

The 25-year-old reportedly was stabbed 3 times in his back. He was in serious but "stable" condition at an area medical trauma center police say.

A 23-year-old man received assault injuries. Police didn't know who was a victim and who was a suspect.

Four other police and EMS calls in this area within the next 30 minutes were said to not be related to the stabbing.