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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, August 18, 2007


*** The alarm sounded at 3:25 am for five KC-MO fire companies to a "possible" house fire in the 10800 block of Ewing- in the Ruskin Heights area.

The first fire company arrived 3 minutes later and found nothing at the dispatched address- but detected a "strong odor" of "something burning." Other companies were sent house to house- and to the next block to look for the fire.

It wasn't until 3:36am that the house on fire was located- the 2nd house south of the original address. There are initial reports of "2 adults and 3 children" living in the house- but only one person- "a 45-year-old male" is found inside at 3:39am..

The man was taken to the nearest trauma center and the fire was under investigation.

** Woman Hit In Head By Gun During Raytown "Home Invasion" **

... That's what the Raytown cops- fire & EMS dispatcher termed this call- in the 9200 block of East 54th Street- at 2:49am. When the first officers arrive several minutes later- they report everything from shots fired to a person screaming a block over.
They also initially report the "52-year-old female" victim shot in the head- but it's as it was dispatched- "hit" in the head by the suspect's gun.
Other than a "male" suspect who departed prior to the cops' arrival- no other information.

** MetroRegion Wrecks **

** Critical injuries reported to the female driver of a one-vehicle crash in Jefferson County KS at 2:26 am.
The wreck occurred in the 3700 block of 102nd Street and the victim was flown by medical helicopter to a Topeka medical center...

** An "approximately 18-year-old male" was reportedly ejected from the "full-sized S.U.V." he was driving on U.S. 71 south of Archie-MO around 4am.
This driver also took a helicopter ride- with serious injuries to a K.C. trauma center..

<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

Mostly clear skies began to cloud-up as the remains of Tropical Storm Erin begins to affect regional weather. Showers and thunderstorms were already moving north from northern Oklahoma into southern Kansas. Temperatures overnight were pleasant- in the low to mid-70's with light winds.

The heat will abate today under increasing clouds- and the chances for showers and thunderstorms increase through the day into tonight from southwest to northeast across the MetroRegion.

First with Metro Kansas City Breaking News - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Citizen Letter From KC-MO's Mayor: "Notes From Funk's Front Porch" XI

Funk's Front Porch

17 August 2007

Dear Folks,

The week was filled with two interesting observations, the first having to do with our car tag, or lack thereof. While there wasn’t a major hub-bub in the newspaper about our license tag renewal being one month late, I was still surprised to see a really angry letter to the editor about it. To our way of thinking, our lives have been turned completely upside down, and not getting our tag renewed in time was the least of our problems.

One of Funk’s husbandly duties has always been to get the vehicles inspected and then to stand in the DMV line to renew the tags. Since the campaign, I’ve been going with the flow and accepting, quite graciously for me, less husbandly-ness around the house, but the wives will understand when I say that there is a line that husbands can’t cross and still expect us to be understanding. The DMV was my line – I wasn’t about to take over this horrific duty for him. Having to pay the ticket we got for our tardiness was both our punishment.

The letter to the editor did leave me pondering why the woman had so much anger towards us about a pretty normal oversight that many families find themselves contending with. Then it dawned on me – it’s the whole “haves” and “have-nots” issue at play. To her, we probably seem like the “haves.” I’m guessing in her mind, we surely must be in order for Funk to have gotten elected. Unfortunately, our electoral system is weighted toward people with money. Consequently our congressman, senators and even a lot of our Mayors are millionaires. But one of the greatest achievements and the hope that came out of Funk’s campaign was the reminder that regular folks can still get elected if they are able to work hard to win over a population. This woman probably has no idea that we’re more like her in this regard, than not. This was a breakthrough to me, and I can now go down the road with a little more understanding about these sorts of things. Her sentiment is just another blazing example of how we’ve underserved the people in this community. And while I could do without the indigestion while reading the morning paper, I’m grateful for this insight and the reminder, I feel it was a blessing in disguise.

The second observation came about at an event that we attended. It surrounds an issue that’s confused me for a while now. Funk and I were sharing a table with a staffer from a prominent public official’s office. The conversation was pleasant enough, with talk at one point coming around to the typical question regarding how Funk was adjusting to being Mayor. Funk’s typical response is that it is harder than he thought it would be, but that he is learning with each new day how to do it better. The staffer then asked why we were at the dinner, and Funk answered that the staffer’s boss had invited us, and since he liked said boss, he thought he should attend. The staffer became very animated at this point and said enthusiastically, “I guess you are learning. That was the perfect response – you’re going to do just fine.” His response baffled me until I realized what he was really saying. He thought Funk’s response was the perfect “political” response, instead of the innocent remark that it was - the simple truth spoken from my little hubby’s mouth. This exchange brought to light a major obstacle that Funk has to overcome – people expect doubletalk from their elected officials, so much so that they can hardly believe it when an elected official is just simply speaking the plain truth to them. Fortunately, our campaign supporters understood that what came out of Funk’s mouth was the truth, plain and simple. And thankfully, the people attending the town hall meetings walk out of the meetings understanding this fact. Now, we just have to work hard to earn the trust from the rest of the community to this apparently “new” phenomenon as well.

It’s crying time for us again next week as our daughter Tara heads back to college. Imagine, the selfish child wants to continue her education instead of continuing to help in the Mayor’s office? I don’t know where we went wrong.

Until next week,

In faith,
Gloria & Mark

You can respond to this newsletter at

Please help us by forwarding this email to as many people as you think might want to be more informed about their city government. They can sign up to receive the newsletter at

The Mayor’s top ten priorities:

1. Establishing a good working relationship with the Council
2. Getting the City’s finances in order
3. Making downtown work
4. Tending to our neighborhoods
5. Implementing the Housing Policy task force recommendations
6. Improving the perception and the reality of public education in Kansas City
7. Reducing Crime
8. Repairing our sewer systems
9. Establishing an excellent regional transit system, which includes light rail
10. Improving citizen satisfaction with City services.


Scientists Report "Record Low" Arctic Ice Field

Today is a banner day of sorts. Scientists report less sea ice today than any point in the roughly 30-year span that ice has been monitored by satellites.

The National Snow and Ice Reporting Center- in an Associated Press article- reports "2.02 million square miles of ice in the Arctic, falling below the Sept. 21, 2005, record minimum of 2.05 million square miles."

FCC Makes Your Analog TV Useless After February 2009

If you're spending money on a new TV set- better make sure it's a high-definition/digital-capable rig. Your government's shutting down the old analog TV transmissions in early February of 2009.

The spectre of HD-TV has been looming for years now. One or more deadlines have come and gone on when all U.S. TV stations were to shut down their old- standard TV transmitters and operate only the new digital transmitters.

But most of us John and Jane Q. Public have resisted HD-TVs due to the cost then- and many still do now. It's still a $1500 difference in price for a comparable screen-sized analog over a new HD TV.

In today's economy of uncertanty- you and I have a LOT more things to do with $1500 than buy a new TV to watch the same-old crap in high definition.

If you're on cable or satellite using the old tube TV - no problem.

But come summer of 2009- forget taking the old battery-operated TV out to the lake to watch a ballgame- "by the people and for the people" you know.

February Set For Election To Undo K.C. Voter's Wishes

The ONLY thing worse than a bad light rail plan is no light rail plan at all.

The latter is what Kansas City's leaders want you to vote for- now tentatively set for a February 2008 election.

Governments have incredible guile these days- ignoring the directives of the citizens.

Kansas Citians SAID with the approval of the Clay Chastain light rail plan that we wanted SOMETHING - ANYTHING pertaining to a modern public transit system.

City leaders- particularly the city's wealthy- say they don't want light rail running on certain streets- but offer no alternative plans whatsoever.

The city's wealthy don't ride public transit!!!
In fact- I think most of them do little else for Metro K.C. other than sitting around counting their money.

In lieu of an alternative light rail plan- VOTE NO TO CHANGE KANSAS CITY'S LIGHT RAIL PLAN- and remove from office those who don't want to implement such a plan.


Dean May Well Hit The Texas Gulf Coast

According to the latest weather models- it appears so.

This model depicted shows Dean making a run at the Galveston-Houston areas by early Wednesday morning. This model also has Dean missing the Yucatan peninsula- which would tend to decrease the intensity of the hurricane.

Another operational weather model shows Dean making landfall near or just south of Brownsville-TX around this same time period. That model takes Dean over the tip of the Yucatan- which decreases the intensity somewhat.

I urge all residents along the Texas Gulf coast to make preparations this weekend for Dean's forecasted landfall- possibly somewhere along the Texas coast- Wednesday.

Locally- models also predict what is left of Dean after landfall to be ingested northward- toward the Metro Region- late next week.

Utah Mine "Rescue" Costing More Lives

Yesterday- 3 rescuers died and six others were injured trying to reach 6 miners trapped- and presumed dead- after more than a week now- at the stricken mine in Huntington.

There had been no signs the trapped miners are alive and with the latest setback- rescue (recovery) operations have been suspended.

Latest NHC Forecast For Hurricane Dean

These forecasts can be found at the NHC site HERE.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Than 500 Dead In Major Earthquake In Peru

The quake occurred at virtually 6:41pm Kansas City time Wednesday night- now rated an 8.0 quake that lasted at least 2 minutes- centered less than 100 miles south-southeast of Peru's capitol- Lima.

The death toll continues to rise with each news report- this the latest from the AP at this filing says 510 are dead with more than 1500 injured.

Hard hit were the Peruvian cities of Ica- of 120000 people and the port of Pisco. At least 200 were killed when a church collapsed on them during a service in Pisco. At another church in Ica- 17 died.

Many structures in both cities have collapsed into piles of debris- blocking streets. Roadways to the 2 cities had been severely damaged. Half of a hospital collapsed in a small town near Pisco.

There have been two major aftershocks today- a 6.7 and a 6.0- further hampering already-difficult rescue efforts.


Hurricane Dean Chugs Toward Carribean - Gulf

Dean is now a hurricane in the western Atlantic- and continues moving westward at 20-25 mph- fast for a Category 1 storm.

You can see by the extrapolated 5-day path forecast that on Day 5- Dean clears the Yucatan and makes it into the Gulf.

Present forecasts are Dean will continue to strengthen- possibly becoming a Category 4 before reaching Mexico's Yucatan.

Fill up your vehicles and gas cans folks....

Everything In Your Life Is Fair Game When You Want To Rule

Politicians seem to forget when they enter the arena- EVERYTHING in their lives goes under a microscope.

Their histories- their past statements- yes- even their families. That's why many qualified people don't run and we get stuck with nightmares like Dubya.

According to this AP story- Rudy Giuliani didn't like a question posed to him by a woman in New Hampshire- regarding Giuliani's daughter supporting Barack Obama.

Giuliani told the woman "leave my family alone."

I think America should leave Rudy Giuliani alone- period.

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 605

The SPC in Norman has issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 605 until 10pm CDT for a large part of central Missouri. The primary severe threat will be strong outflow winds- but also the chance for an isolated tornado.

Torrential rain can also be expected producing localized flooding.

MetroRegion counties included are: Lafayette- Johnson and Carroll Counties MO..

Featured Daily Poll Results: Voters Mixed On Don Imus

Well- one said okay to Imus- one say Nyet!

You can bet the man WILL be back on the airwaves- Americans have short memories and frankly- the black leaders SHOULD be spending all their vocal energies on gangsta rap artists anyway.

I tend more to despair over the young black youth of America killing each other/being incarcerated at high rates than I worry about some old mush-mouthed has-been....

If you have a poll question you'd like to see voted on- email me.

Two More Victims Found In Minneapolis-MN

Recovery teams announced early today that 2 more sets of "human remains" were found under the collapsed Mississippi River bridge- bringing the confirmed death toll in the August 1 disaster to 11.

Two people remain missing.

Minnesota politicians debate if a replacement bride CAN be built in less than 2 years.

As a local sidebar- inspections are still on-going on the 2 bridges rated lower than the collapsed Minneapolis bridge: the twin spans of the Lewis & Clark viadaut that carries I-70 between the 2 Kansas Citys (I take I-670 now anyway).


KANSAS CITY'S WEATHER: "Slight Risk" Of Severe Storms

The Storm Prediction Center now has the eastern half- or the Missouri side of the K.C. Metro under an area of forecasted possible severe thunderstorms (see and click on images below).

The cumulus clouds are building to the north according to a spotter report just called in here- and weather radar backs that up with a large thunderstorm cell already over Carroll County MO or about 35 miles ENE of Downtown KC-MO.

No watches currently in effect ... Goodbye heat and hello rain!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tropical Storm Erin Heads For Corpus Christi-TX Area

Erin is now a tropical storm- and it's path appears to make landfall tomorrow just south of Corpus (CRP). As you can see by the latest visible satellite image- Erin is a disorganized storm with no discernable center.

CRP will be on the northeastern or active side of this tropical storm- with chances for torrential rains and isolated tornadoes.

Residents in that area- including Perrydise- should monitor local media information for the latest on Tropical Storm Erin.

Also on the horizon is Tropical Storm Dean- and Dean could become a hurricane in the Gulf later next week.

Japan Assists In Joint Palestine-Israel Venture

Japan is asserting it's place as a world power- and is assisting in building of a industrial park in Jericho.

That's good to see- considering America is stuck in a foreign policy void with the present administration's "shoot first and negotiate later (if at all)" stance.


Mother Marx Turns 76

A public H.B. to the unfortunate woman who gave birth to yours truly and his erstwhile brothers Harpo- Chico- Zeppo & Shemp.

Not much posting therefore today unless the world ends- then who'll be reading anything then anyway?

BREAKING NEWS: I-70 Closed Until Further Notice Near Grand Junction Colorado

KOA-850 AM Radio in Denver is reporting an 18-wheeler has run into an overpass near Grand Junction and collapsed the bridge.

There was no immediate reports of the driver's or any other motorist injuries.

KOA is reporting the Colorado Department Of Transportation says "I-70 will be closed both directions" near the collapse site "until further notice."
UPDATE - 0615 CDT - KOA now reports a "partial collapse" of the I-70 overpass "at mile 26.5" or a few miles west of Grand Junction.

I-70 is closed both directions at the accident scene. Detours are on U.S. 6 through Grand Junction.

KOA News also stated "the truck burned and the driver died" in the wreck. It was also reported "the truck was possibly carrying hazardous materials" but they did not know what they might be.

Houston-TX Hospital Guard Tasers Father Holding Newborn

A new father wanted to take his newborn home- and gets Tasered by a guard at the hospital.

The man and his newborn both tumbled to the floor- the child reportedly suffering head injuries in the process.

I hope 1) Moron Barney Fife gets fired and NEVER works ANY type of security job again and 2) the father sues the hospital's ass off....

American Dead In Iraq Now At 3700 - Car Bombs Kills 175 Iraqis

Back to the "invisible troops" our "leader" likes to keep in harms' way - there are 3700 less burial plots in America now. Not to mention the many tens of thousands of people we were supposed to "save" are now dead.

I can't believe Americans- especially my "baby-boom" generation that went through the folly of Vietnam- still support this idiocy in Iraq.

I can't believe my generation are letting their kids- and grand kids- go fight this worthless cause.

Maybe if the war enters some living rooms or the economy goes to Hell America MIGHT wake up....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CENTRAL STATES WEATHER: Severe Storm Chance Again For NE - IA

Here's the latest image map depicting the area under a "slight risk" of severe storm development later today and tonight- from Iowa westward across Nebraska.

None of the Kansas City MetroRegion is included today- but thunderstorm chances will increase Thursday as a cool front approaches.

Monday, August 13, 2007

CENTRAL STATES WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 593 For Nebraska - South Dakota







Summer Afternoon 2007 In A Saint Louis Outdoor Cafe

Coldplay Karaoke Sux In Seattle or I Shudda Stayed Home And Watched E-R

It's Monday- so we all need a laugh- or a good cringe...

It's reported last Thursday night- some guy in a Seattle karaoke bar was belting-out his rendition of the COLDPLAY tune 'Yellow' when a 21-year-old woman in the audience attacked him- and everybody else who tried to restrain her.

"...But In Alabama- The T(ax)aloosa"

Even though this 200-miles-inland-from-the-Gulf Alabama city only got some scattered wind damage and heavy rain from 2005's Hurricane Katrina- the well-to-do are taking advantage of government tax breaks instituted after Katrina to buy up condominiums around the UofA football stadium- according to the Associated Press.

And as is typical with such goverment largess- this tax break does NOT apply to regular people- those wanting to buy property (homes) to live in themselves.

My Minute With Elvis

August 16 will mark the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

Besides Kansas City's annual Elvis parade Friday- there will actually be an Elvis impersonator contest in Memphis at Graceland itself.

I met Elvis a little more than a year before he died.

Standing far backstage in 1976 at Kemper Arena with Firefighter Joe from blogpost "Pumper 9 Was Left To Burn"- Elvis appears from his dressing room- looking bloated and haggard.

He makes his way down the inclined walkway with his entourage- pumps himself up- then sees Joe and I in our fire turnout gear- walks over to us- his eyes all lit up- and says "Where's the fire boys? Hi- I'm Elvis."

Like Joe and I didn't know who The King of Rock & Roll was. We shook hands.

Elvis invites Joe and I to sit in his personal box next to the stage. We grabbed the pumper's portable radio and go- and end up sitting next to Elvis' girl at the time- Linda Thompson.

Elvis opened with 'America The Beautiful'- but because I couldn't hear the walkie-talkie even against my ear- we left about midway through.

When our hands touched and eyes met- I got this incredible feeling from Elvis of tiredness- of a simple man who was sucked into a giant publicity vortex and couldn't escape.

To this day- I think had we invited Elvis out to the fire truck for a ride around Kemper with lights and sirens- he would have left 15000 cheering fans waiting to do just that.

He may not have wanted to come back. R.I.P. Elvis....


CENTRAL STATES WEATHER: SPC "Slight To Moderate Risk" Of Severe Storms Upper Mississippi Valley

Today's area outlooked for severe thunderstorms- click on map- is over Iowa- Minnesota and Wisconsin.
The moderate risk area is a 50-percent probability of severe weather later today and tonight.

Whose Money Did The Federal Reserve "Pump Up" The Stock Market With

Does ANYBODY know the answer to this query?

The Fed dumped several billions of American dollars into the stock market last week so Wall Street could continue their false bubble ride.

Is that TAXPAYER dollars the Federal Reserve was "pumping????"


Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove To Quit

Many might say Bush's brain quit years ago- but the man many credit for dressing up a pig (or a chimp some wags offer) and making him president since 2001 will be leaving his White House post later this month- according to the AP.

America will not miss Herr Rove.

Now get this- Bush- who was just cavorting around in Kennebunkport on what the American people THOUGHT was a vacation is scheduled to leave later today for Texas and- guess what?

That's right- another vacation.

It's just a crying shame for America and the world Bush didn't go on vacation January 21- 2001 and stay there.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Groucho Pat On The Back To K.C.'s 'Affordable Air Care'

By gosh- the next time I have a heating or cooling issue I do believe I'll call upon the man who runs this firm.

Mr. Afffordable Air Care (sorry- didn't catch the name) donated his labor & materials to a KC-MO Northland woman with medical issues- according to a report aired on KMBC-9 during their 10 pm newscast.

New Orleans' Recovery From Hurricane Katrina Still A 'FusterCluck' After Nearly 2 Years

Houses that aren't supposed to be demolished are- while others on a list of uninhabitable structures have been fixed-up or rebuilt already.

Regarding the continued rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina of August 29, 2005- confusion seems to be the only common denominator between the myriad governmental agencies/programs and the people they are supposed to "help."

Surely memories of the rescue efforts AFTER Katrina save the blessed Coast Guard and Navy give us an idea of how all that would go....

In another Katrina-related story- the trial for the nursing home owner where 35 patients died when the hurricane buried the facility in water begins tomorrow (Monday).

"Human Remains" Found At Minneapolis-MN Bridge Collapse Site

Divers have recovered more "human remains" from the Mississippi River under the collapsed I-35W bridge near downtown.

So far- 8 persons have been confirmed dead and 5 were still missing until today's find. This latest discovery would raise the official death toll in the August 1 collapse to 9.

Site clearance has continued away from the river where divers continue to search for the remains of what now appears to be 4 missing people.

American Bar Association Nixes Proposal To Close Court Records To The Public

According to the AP- the ABA- America's Society Of Law-If-You-Can-Afford-It bunch- has dropped it's folly idea- reported here a few days ago.

The Captain's REALLY getting tired of these S.O.B.s- it was just to protect the rich & so-called celebrities of society's irresponsibilities under the guise of doing this for the poor.

HaHa! Good riddance! We don't need MORE governmental secrecy- we have Dubya!


Three Killed At Neosho-MO Church

A gunman shot and killed 3 people in a Neosho-MO church early Sunday afternoon- according to the Associated Press and other news sources. "Fewer than 10 people" were also shot and wounded.

The gunman also reportedly "briefly" held 25 to 50 people hostage in the church- but released them with the suspect taken into police custody.

Neosho is about 20 miles southeast of Joplin- in the southwestern part of the state.

CENTRAL STATES WEATHER: Severe Thunderstorm Watches In MO- NE and IA

The Storm Prediction Center has issued severe storm watches for most of east and southeast Nebraska- southwestern and south Iowa and northwestern and northern Missouri.

A cluster of strong storms is currently over eastern Nebraska- moving east-southeast. At this time- this activity does NOT threaten the K.C. MetroRegion.

Merv Griffin Dead At 82

TV impressario Merv Griffin passed away Sunday in Los Angeles.

'Queen Of Soul' Can't Stand The Heat

So Aretha Franklin got out of the kitchen of performing by cancelling an outdoor concert in her hometown Sunday night.

Geez Queenie- I know yer 65 now and it's sweltering- but it might be cooler if you lost the fur....


As you can see on the image-map- the oval that indicates an area that could get some severe thunderstorms- later today into the overnight.

The 'Day-1' forecast period is valid until 7am the next (Monday) morning- and this "slight risk" or about 25% chance of severe boomers comes as close to just north of St. Joseph-MO. or about Savannah.
Also within the area are such northern and northwestern Missouri towns as Rock Port- Maryville and Bethany.

The area of "slight risk" extends to cover most of eastern Nebraska- western Iowa and extreme southeastern South Dakota. General thunderstorms could pop up over most of Kansas except the southeast- the northern 2/3 of Missouri- and all of Nebraska and Iowa.

Five American Soldiers Killed In Iraq Saturday

Four were killed in the explosion of one device.

The AP reports of total of 3690 Americans now dead in Iraq.

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, August 12, 2007


*** A yet-unidentified man died after he was shot in the Crossroads district of KC-MO around 3:15 am Sunday morning.

Police at 18th Street and Baltimore reported a man was shot in the head "by (one or more of) 4 to 5 possibly Hispanic males who left the scene in a blue Ford Taurus."

The victim had been declared dead at the scene initially by MAST- but then was transported to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

I believe this will be 2007 homicide 58 or 59 in KC-MO - about 5 ahead of a year ago.


** Critical Injures To Male Hit In Head With Hatchet **

... Leavenworth police yet have no statement on an incident monitored here at 1:15 am Sunday morning.
That call was a reported "male hit in the head by a hatchet"- in the 500 block of North 7th Street. That's male's injuries were reported "critical" by both police on the scene as well as EMS enroute to a Leavenworth hospital. I missed any possible suspect information.

** Man Critically Hurt After Hit & Run Incident in KC-MO **

... This happened around 12:20 am Sunday morning at 38th Street and Central in Midtown.
Police say witnesses saw a black- unknown year Mustang with tinted windows strike an approximately 20-year-old male and take off.
The victim's condition was critical according to a MAST paramedic- "head" and other injuries- and he was sped to a nearby trauma center.
At least 3 other people were reported struck by vehicles in the city overnight- two of those also hit and runs- but these hapless pedestrians' injuries were not life-threatening.


** Fires Virtually Destroy 2 Metro Homes Overnight **

... The two fires came in within 7 minutes of each other and of course there are no other fires all night...
** The first incident came in at 1:56 am to a house in Fairway- the 6100 block of Lockton Lane.
A police officer was said to have gone to the house to investigate an alarm and found the fire. Distrist 2 and Merriam crews needed 2-alarms- help from Lenexa- Overland Park and Shawnee fire departments- to bring the flames under control at 3:02 am.
Apparently no occupants home when the fire broke out and no report of fire-people injuries.
** Seven KC-MO fire companies battled a house that was fully-engulfed in flames when the battalion chief arrived after the 2:03 am alarm.
This fire is in the 1300 block of West 42nd Terrace on the West Side and it only takes until 2:37 am to bring this fire under control. The lone occupant escaped without injury and no one else was.

<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

Virtually a perfect early morning to watch the Perseid meteor shower.
Clear skies ruled- winds were light and temperatures again were around 80 degrees in urban areas falling into the mid to upper-70's elsewhere.

A National Weather Serice "excessive heat warning" continues today and Monday as the hottest days of 2007 continue through at least the first several days of the upcoming week. There may be some relief by mid to late week in the form of a cool front and thunderstorms.

First with Metro Kansas City Breaking News - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.