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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Elizabeth Houston - August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

Ms. Houston died Saturday afternoon at a Los Angeles CA hotel- according to this ASSOCIATED PRESS story.

No Injuries in Kansas City MO House Fire

The alarm sounded in several KC-MO fire stations at 4:43 a.m. Saturday morning for a house fire in the 6100 block of Agnes in the south-central part of the city.

While enroute- fire dispatch told the responding companies that there was possibly an eldely person still inside the house- but it was determined by 4:52 a.m. that person was "elsewhere." 

At least two handlines were used on the fire that was reported under control at 5:13 a.m..

There were no firefighter injuries reported- but "three adults" who occupied the badly-damaged house needed Red Cross assistance to find them temporary lodging and necessities.

The cause and dollar amount of damage caused is still pending. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Group of Millionaires Wants to Eliminate Missouri Income Tax- Raise Sales Tax

The latest 'bozos on the bus' proposal is to raise Missouri's sales tax to 7-percent...

According to this story in The KANSAS CITY STAR- the latest "bozos" is a group that calls themselves "Let Voters Decide" (and believe me- they WILL) wants to get their item on this November's ballot to increase Missouri's sale tax from 4.25 to 7-percent.

The sales tax increase would allegedly replace Missouri's income tax.

An increase of the sales tax would- for instance- increase the sales tax in parts (WalMart's part) of Raytown from 9.1 percent to a whopping 11.85-percent.

That's a $118.50 sales tax on every $1000 in purchases one might make at Raytown's already taxpayer-subsidized WalMart or an increase of $27.50 in taxes over the current tax rate.

Of course elimination of Missouri's income tax would favor the wealthier (1-precent) taxpayer- and the increase of the sales tax would put a further burden on the poorer (99-percent) taxpayer.

I know you- the reader- is smart enough to figure that out.

KSHB Story: Continued Kansas City School District Hanky-Panky

Fade to dream sequence: An "unpaid" Kansas City School District (KCPS) "adviser" forms his own company- then get a school district bid for a multi-million dollar district construction project.

End dream sequence with an awaken to reality ... according to this story on the KSHB-41 News Web site- exactly that really happened.

KSHB reports that the district's "unpaid advisor- Buddy Hahs" actually DID form his own company and got the alleged "inside deal" bid.

Worse- the KCPS "promised" to post KSHB's interview "in full" on the KCPS Internet site- but the KCPS cut-out "more than eight minutes" of that interview that addressed the very issue of the alleged "inside deal" facet- according to the KSHB story.

Once again- the KCPS get the last "Hahs" on the Kansas City MO taxpayers....

Kansas City MO "Couldn't Afford" to Keep Track of City's Water Main Breaks

In what HAS to be the most incredible piece of city mis-management I've heard in many years- television station KCTV-5 (located in Fairway KS) recently "paid $850" to find out just how many water mains had broken in the Metro's core city in 2011- according to this story on KCTV's Web site and screen-capped in the image shown here.

KCTV had to pay- because- according to a quote in the story from the Water Department's Director Terry Leeds- the department has been operating "with a lot less staff" and  the water department didn't have "the resources to deal with (the water main breaks) and "keep track" of the "more than 1700" main breaks in 2011.

Here at CSW- one person (moi) "tracks" (logs actually) easily four times that number of police- fire EMS and other emergency calls in any typical year using simple-to-set-up Microsoft Word files and Director Leeds has the cajones to tell the public he doesn't have the "(one) staff" or "the (one) resource(s)?"

KCTV-5's most-excellent and revealing story (if this is a February "sweeps" piece- it's a damn good and informative one) also goes on to tell us that the COST to Kansas Citians for these main breaks in just the past two years are "more than $10.6-million." 

That figure doesn't even include the "$1.1-million" paid out to home and business owners who have filed legal claims against the city for damages to their properties caused by the rupturing water mains.

In addition- beginning with the May water bills- KCTV reports that the "average $30" water bill will increase $3.50 per month (this is ON TOP of sewer rate increases folks) to pay for the city's failure to maintain this basic civic infrastructure.

In cities like Raytown and Lee's Summit that buy Kansas City water- that increase will be passed on to their citizens as well.

Kansas City gives (pays) out tens of millions of dollars per year for corporate welfare (TIFs- etc) and Kansas Citians recently voted to extend the city's controversial 'Earnings Tax' as well as a sales tax increase for the Swope Park Zoo.

How long can we afford to keep electing ineffective city councils and mayors?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

KSHB Dropped The Ball on Airing of Controversial Political Ad

Earlier in the week during one of it's newscasts (and while this household was eating dinner)- KSHB ran a so-called political candidate's ad that showed graphic images of dead human fetuses.

The same ad was also broadcast by an Oklahoma City TV station- KFOR.

Several other television stations- two in Missouri- KYTV in Springfield and KOMU in Columbia as well as WMAQ in Chicago refused to air the ads.

According to the Internet site the political "candidate" complained to the FCC about WMAQ's refusal of the "candidate's ad'" and lo and behold- the FCC backed WMAQ's decision.

WMAQ (as well as KYTV and KOMU) apparently showed a just and rightful consideration for their viewers first- instead of corporate concern for their FCC license and those stations should be commended.

CSW Commentary: America's Problems Aren't Legal Abortions

It's political season (too bad it's not like deer season) again and once again- (Republicrat) political candidates are focusing their campaigns on every issue BUT what needs to be addressed...

True issues- decent-paying jobs- an insulting American educational system- corporate bail-outs & taxpayer welfare- etc.- etc.- etc..

No- once again- many of these candidates are harping on the tired issue of legal abortions.

Yes- legal- as in made so in 1972 under a Republicrat president (Nixon)- and maintained legal though the Republicrat reigns of Kings Reagan- George I and II.

Made legal so those who are going to get an abortion anyway (read some history about abortions Dear Moralist) can do so safely.

Lemme tell you- I have NEVER in my 60 years upon this planet found ANYONE who was PRO-abortion- as in "You're pregnant? Well- you HAVE to get an abortion!"

It's kinda of like smoking and/or drinking alcohol. 

Because tobacco and booze is legal doesn't REQUIRE YOU to smoke or drink.

America is (or used to be) about the freedom of choice- the pursuit of happiness- etc..

The New Age Health & Morality Police are chopping into the use by responsible adults of the previously-mentioned products- the same ones who keep stuff like marijuana usage and possession a crime.

You CAN believe that once those 'police' have done away with tobacco and alcohol- they'll be into your cupboards- refrigerators and bedrooms (while they hide their own "sins.")

I truly believe in "The Great Spirit."

I truly believe in being a good- decent- caring and giving person. 

I also truly believe that those political candidates who keep harping on everything except the REAL ISSUES are going to be the true ruination of America.


"What Made America Famous"

Lately- blogging about all the bad news and the political joke that this country that I love has become utterly depressing for me.

So rather than expound on my feelings and bore you all to Hell- I decided to post the following music vid of a man I came to love the first time I saw him perform at the old Cowtown Ballroom back in 1974- the late great Harry Chapin...

CSW Weather: Springlike Winter To Die Hard With A Vengence

Enjoy the next few days of average to above-average temperatures because we're going into the deep-freeze this weekend with real chances of accumulating snowfall through next week.

The (not so) fun temperature-wise reality check comes around Friday- when highs struggle to reach the freezing mark.

Saturday- temperatures won't even make it that far as we shiver with highs in the 20s.

The snow chances also begin by late weekend- and those teasing weather models are showing our first significant snows to either be on the ground or certainly falling from the sky by morning drive-time next Monday.

There's a couple of snow chances through at least the middle of next week as well.

Know this: I'd MUCH rather be reporting "sunny and in the 70's" for the next week- and be relieved that it won't be that much longer when it will ACTUALLY be that thing (meteorological spring begins in a little more than 3 weeks from today)- and I'll be replacing the cold-season CSW WEATHER logo with the warm-season version.... 

Monday, February 06, 2012

CSW Weather: Freezing Fog Possible Over Metro- Northern MetroRegion Kansas City By Dawn

As bad as the Sunday morning light snowfall was on some Metro roadways- there is a greater driving hazard shaping up that could affect a much larger area of the Kansas City Metro and north to eastern MetroRegion toward dawn this (Monday) morning...

A "Freezing Fog" advisory was issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Pleasant Hill (K.C.) MO within the hour for many of the areas mentioned above until 10 a.m. Monday morning.

Included are Northland Metro counties of Platte and Clay- but I would not be at all surprised if Metro areas south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers are affected by the dense- if not freezing fog when all is said and done.

Freezing fog basically means a heavy- frost could accumulate on any outside surfaces i.e. roads- sidewalks- cars- etc.- and this could lead to very hazardous driving and walking conditions.

In addition- visibilities will be greatly reduced- and if you don't SLOW DOWN- you could well run into a crash in front of you or motorists who are driving slowly due to bad weather conditions.


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shooting in East Kansas City MO Seriously Injures Male Victim

KC-MO Police are investigating a shooting in the area of 25th Street and Lawndale Sunday morning.

The shooting occurred about 12:35 a.m.- and police reported the possible suspects were "two black males" who left the scene in "a gold- 1998-99 Chevy Malibu."

The victim was reported by KC-MO FD-EMS as "an approximately 18-year-old male- shot in the right groin" with an entrance and exit wound.

The victim's condition was described by EMS as serious to critical.

CSW BREAKING: Two-Alarm House Fire in Shawnee KS

At 1:28 a.m. Sunday morning- five companies of firefighters from Shawnee and Merriam were sent to a house fire in the 13800 block of West 58th Terrrace.

Smoke and fire was reported to be showing from the story and a half structure when the first fire crew arrived less than five minutes later.

At 1:50 a.m.- a "2nd-alarm" was ordered by the scene commander- and at least 4 more fire companies responded.

As of this post- no injuries have been reported or transported to a hospital by MEDACT-EMS crews on the scene.

At 3:03 a.m.- more than a hour and a half after the first alarm was dispatched- the fire is reported "under control."

As of 3:20 a.m.- MEDACT-EMS hasn't transported any injuries to any hospitals- the occupancy-status of the house is yet not known- as is the cause of this destructive fire.