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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CSW Commentary: America's Problems Aren't Legal Abortions

It's political season (too bad it's not like deer season) again and once again- (Republicrat) political candidates are focusing their campaigns on every issue BUT what needs to be addressed...

True issues- decent-paying jobs- an insulting American educational system- corporate bail-outs & taxpayer welfare- etc.- etc.- etc..

No- once again- many of these candidates are harping on the tired issue of legal abortions.

Yes- legal- as in made so in 1972 under a Republicrat president (Nixon)- and maintained legal though the Republicrat reigns of Kings Reagan- George I and II.

Made legal so those who are going to get an abortion anyway (read some history about abortions Dear Moralist) can do so safely.

Lemme tell you- I have NEVER in my 60 years upon this planet found ANYONE who was PRO-abortion- as in "You're pregnant? Well- you HAVE to get an abortion!"

It's kinda of like smoking and/or drinking alcohol. 

Because tobacco and booze is legal doesn't REQUIRE YOU to smoke or drink.

America is (or used to be) about the freedom of choice- the pursuit of happiness- etc..

The New Age Health & Morality Police are chopping into the use by responsible adults of the previously-mentioned products- the same ones who keep stuff like marijuana usage and possession a crime.

You CAN believe that once those 'police' have done away with tobacco and alcohol- they'll be into your cupboards- refrigerators and bedrooms (while they hide their own "sins.")

I truly believe in "The Great Spirit."

I truly believe in being a good- decent- caring and giving person. 

I also truly believe that those political candidates who keep harping on everything except the REAL ISSUES are going to be the true ruination of America.


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Super Dave said...

They can't talk about the truth and what we need because they are clueless to what it is