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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

KSHB Dropped The Ball on Airing of Controversial Political Ad

Earlier in the week during one of it's newscasts (and while this household was eating dinner)- KSHB ran a so-called political candidate's ad that showed graphic images of dead human fetuses.

The same ad was also broadcast by an Oklahoma City TV station- KFOR.

Several other television stations- two in Missouri- KYTV in Springfield and KOMU in Columbia as well as WMAQ in Chicago refused to air the ads.

According to the Internet site the political "candidate" complained to the FCC about WMAQ's refusal of the "candidate's ad'" and lo and behold- the FCC backed WMAQ's decision.

WMAQ (as well as KYTV and KOMU) apparently showed a just and rightful consideration for their viewers first- instead of corporate concern for their FCC license and those stations should be commended.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of making claims to run for some political office, making up some ads using borderline pornography and forcing stations to run it.

What's the difference?

Thanks for your blog because my wife and I was so highly offended by that ad to the point of no longer watching 41 news.

Anonymous said...

If graphic images constitute free speech, wonder if the station will start showing bodies of accident and crime victims too?

Super Dave said...

Well Groucho I know KSHB is money in the bank for you but it is tops on my worst news and for sure weather station in KC.

Saw a super Bowl ad where 41 was claiming to be the best and wondered then where they came up with that crap.

Nope no love for them in this house.