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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Biggest Story of South California Manhunt Appears to Be Polices' Actions

By now- everybody on Earth should know of the extensive manhunt by Southern California law enforcement of alleged murderer ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

What many on Earth are probably not-so aware of are the three LA-area residents who have been injured by police actions and gunfire as a result of the search for Dorner.

And- for the most part- that aspect of the chain of events surrounding this incident have been- shall we say- "downplayed" by the mainstream (corporate) news media.

The two incidents happened in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance in close proximity to each other during the pre-dawn hours last Thursday morning.

In the first- two Hispanic woman- ages 47 and 71- were out delivering LOS ANGELES TIMES newspapers when LAPD officers- reportedly guarding the home of a high-ranking police official threatened in Christopher Dorner's "manifesto-" opened fire without warning on the women's pickup truck.

The women's truck was not the same make- model or color of the truck Dorner was last seen driving (which was found burning on a road in Big Bear).

The 71-year-old was struck twice in her back by bullets (reportedly more than 100 rounds were fired)- the 47-year-old hurt by flying glass.

Nearby homes and vehicles were also stuck by the fusilade of gunfire.

The second incident occurred within mere blocks mile of the first and a short time (within 20 minutes) later- this time involved a white male also in a pickup truck that was not the same make- model or color.

Without warning- a Torrance police officer rammed the male's truck- knocking off a rear wheel and spinning the man's truck around in the street.

A second officer pulled up and- not even identifying the man behind the now-inflated driver's airbag- shot into the truck's windshield three times.

Luckily- the driver was not hit by the bullets- but suffered injuries in the police ramming.

In both cases- the officers involved appears to have taken extreme and inappropriate actions.

May I start with opening fire on a target without confronting or even identifying it first?

At the very- very least- those involved officers should be sent through the Police Academy again.

Last Friday when I got the trickle of news that this had happened- I could find nothing about the police-inflicted shootings on the KNBC Web page- and it was passing news at KABC and KCBS when I looked.

Even the LOS ANGELES TIMES- whose two female paper carriers were victims- initially had only cursory coverage.

In no story in Los Angeles news media do you read/hear of any hardball reporter questions posed (like opening fire on a target without identifying it first?) to the PD officials.

Not surprising to me here in 2013 was the fact that virtually all of the national news media in reporting about the (alleged) Dorner murders and manhunt pretty much ignored the big- BIG sidebar of innocent civilians being endangered by police reactions to Dorner.